Whatever your aesthetic goals, we offer the finest, safest options

All of us at Northwest Face & Body are here to provide information, solutions and the most compassionate care possible. A consultation with Dr. Allegra, Dr. Voss or one of our highly trained staff will help you define your cosmetic goals. The surgeons' skill combined with the latest technology allows us to offer our patients the latest, most advanced, and effective treatment for the most natural results possible.

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Where good looks and good health go hand-in-hand

We are proud to offer an extensive range of services by a variety of specialists who work together to achieve your overall goals – be they medical and/or cosmetic.

Some of the most popular cosmetic services we offer include Cosmetic Skin Enhancement, Liposuction of the neck/chin and body, Facial Plastics, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Tummy Tucks, Body Sculpting, Cosmetic Fillers, Sclerotherapy (thread-sized vein removal), Hair Removal and Laser Wrinkle Removal.

Surgical procedures are done right in our own clinic

Northwest Face & Body is one of the few clinics to have our own fully accredited Operating Rooms and our own dedicated Anesthesiologist, Dr. Brundrige. Our OR team consists of our own nurses, supported by our own circulators and scrub techs. Northwest Face & Body has many people to support you through your surgery.

  • Body Sculpting & Contouring in Kirkland | NW Face & Body

    Body sculpting and body contouring is the art of changing a person's silhouette in those instances where diet and exercise cannot help any more. Generally speaking, Northwest Face's doctors can assist you in instances where you are fighting genetics: diet and exercise resistant fat pockets (not for general weight loss). We provide a range of body sculpting services. True Tumescent Liposuction (which is not to be confused with either traditional liposuction or with imitations) is genuine body contouring. NW Face & Body Center offer a variety of body sculpting procedures in Kirkland.

  • Breast Augmentation, Lift & Reduction Kirkland | NW Face

    Many changes may take place affecting the breasts based on genetic factors, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and simply time. This may affect the shape, volume, and potential droopiness of the tissue. At NW Face and Body Center we offer a variety of breast surgeries such as breast augmentation and breast reduction.

    Dr. Allegra offers multiple breast surgery options for restoration or enhancement of the breasts. The basic procedures include:

  • Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Kirkland WA | NW Face & Body

    "Facial plastics" refers to procedures done on the face - be they Facelifts, Rhinoplasties (nose surgery), Blepharoplasties (eyelid surgery), Laser Resurfacing or Endoscopic Brow Lifts.

    All our procedures are done in NWFace's own Medicare-approved Operating Rooms in Kirkland & Seattle: unlike most other cosmetic clinics, we have our own Anesthesiologist and OR staff to ensure that you are taken care of in the best fashion possible.

    Please feel free to read more about the procedures we offer in these pages.

  • Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments Kirkland | NW Face & Body

    Advances in skin enhancements and non-surgical cosmetic treatments provide a wide variety of aesthetic and cosmetic services that are nothing short of miraculous.

    In times past, many aesthetic improvements could only be achieved by surgical means. Now, significant enhancements are available on an out-patient, cost-effective basis. There is little or no downtime and, often, immediate results.

    All our staff work under the direct supervision of Dr. Julie Voss. Dr. Voss is supported by a team of highly trained Certified Physician Assistants (PA-Cs), Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs) and Registered Nurses (RNs). Both she and her staff train extensively and are doing research on the newest products and procedures; anything that will not stand a scientific inquiry will not be offered by us. Our group is rounded out by a team of licensed aestheticians and extensively trained medical technicians who are constantly supervised by a qualified specialty physician who is on location.

    Learn about the latest, state-of-the art non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can help you achieve the most wonderful results:

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