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We have collected a variety of reviews from patients at Northwest Face. To submit your own review, please email us.

  • Julie Voss, MD

    I’m about 3-4 weeks out from inner & outer thighs, abdomen and flanks (“the menopause muffin top”). I can see results already. Just amazing what can be done through the very small incisions and local anesthesia. I have definitely been sore & bruised, but nothing that Tylenol couldn’t handle. Dr. Voss and the nurses in the procedure room were all very experienced and reassuring. I did a lot of research before choosing Dr. Voss and especially liked her thorough consult before the surgery and availability afterwards. I felt the most comfortable with her. I should have done this years ago.

    (name withheld by request)
  • Sunil Ummat, MD

    Thanks for your help + great work on me this year  :)

    (name withheld by request)
  • Ludwig Allegra, MD

    I am pleased to recommend, without reservation, the superb and necessary medical services performed by NW Face and its medical innovator and leader, Dr. Ludwig Allegra.

    Over the past several years, he has performed needed medical services for me, most recently a Tongue Somnoplasty at his office in Kirkland, Washington.

    Dr. Allegra is recognized for his qualifications and impeccable credentials in the field of medicine that alleviates the difficulties of snoring and sleep apnea. Not only do these problems create medical issues, but personal relationship challenges as well.

    I have learned that Dr. Allegra performs medical procedures that have made my life both medically and personally more enriching and rewarding.

    I make this recommendation from personal experience and would urge you to have a consultation with Dr. Allegra should either of these medical issues be interfering with your desired quality of life.

    Yours in Good Health,
    Mike Siegel (Nationally Syndicated Talk Host)
  • Sunil Ummat, MD

    For years I have had severe daily debilitating sinus allergy headaches that put me into a sleeping coma. It was hard to work and I was useless when I got home from work. My dad had sinus surgery that landed him in the hospital for 2 years with an infection. He came away with diminished mental capacity.
    After that I could not just go to any doctor.

    My GP doctor in Bellevue suggested a CT scan. While at the imaging center, a patient recommended NWFace. She said they fixed her after 6 previous sinus surgeries and multiple procedures by other doctors. I was sold.

    Dr. Ummat and I viewed my CT scan and we agreed on surgery. Steve did my prick test and I was diagnosed with 11 major allergies: grasses, molds, mites, etc. Dr. Ummat did sinus surgery on May 8th 2012 to correct a severe deviated septum and 4 other sinus restrictions. The pressure is off of my brain and I can breathe easier now with clear clean sinuses. I have much less severe and less frequent headaches. We expect to do shots for allergies in the near future.

    Everyone involved from the front desk to the allergy tech Steve, including the nurse and anesthesiologist have been very professional and kind to me.
    Dr. Ummat has shown kindness and professional concern for my problems. I sure appreciate the quality work they do. It is worth the extra price to get a qualified specialist doctor team to do the job right the first time.
    Thanks very much everyone!

    Renton/Maple Valley
  • Julie Voss, MD

    I've been a client of nwface for a few years, I have been going to Julie Voss for a few different proceedures over this time and am so thrilled with the outcomes of everything I have seen her for, which sayes alot because I am very much a perfectionist.
    I am a Spokane resident and choose to drive over here two to three times a year rather than to try and find a doctor in spokane. I've seen a couple doctors in spokane prior to comming to nwface however and never went back- enough said. Julie is calm, cool, and collected always never frazeled and in a hurry which i so appreciate. I will continue to see Julie since people never realize i have, they just wonder why i look so young for my age- this is the best endorsement for sure.

    Also Dr. Allegra is amazing and Gary Beerman is great too, but Julie is my favorite person by far. Thank you Julie you are so talented at this never retire! ;)

    Suss G
  • Julie Voss, MD

    I had inner and outer thigh tumescent liposuction just before Christmas. I had been thinking about what to do with my saddle bag thighs for years and I finally felt safe in Dr. Voss’ expert hands.
    Three and a half months later and I am thrilled with the results. Those big bulges just below my panty line are gone! I can wear sweat pants/yoga pants in public without being so self conscience. My jeans fit better and I fell better about myself.
    The recovery was a bit painful at times (I am a whimp!) but it soon passed and I resumed normal activities in no time at all. Really glad that I did this for myself!!

    Kathy M
  • Sunil Ummat, MD

    I don't expect you'll remember me; it's been a few years since I had an appointment with you. You performed sinsus reconstructive surgery on me in July 2008 to repair my deviated septum and open my upper sinusesl which had been completely clogged for year and prone to chronic infections. I was unable to breathe through my right side and could only sleep on one isde to ensure I breathed through the night. Something as basic as breathing consumed my thoughts, energy, and patience. My day revolved around medication, blowing my nose, and mouth-breathing. I had been miserable for almost ten years and was, admittedly, desparate when I came to you.

    Since my surgery, I have been living a new life. I breathe clear and free, so much so that I don't even think about it any more. I know what it feels like to breathe normally now, something I couldn't even remember before surgery. I sleep easily facing however I want, and I almost never get sinus infections any more (allergy-related swelling permitting). You truly changed my life. I am a new, much happier person because of you.
    And I felt you deserved to know that.

    Thank you.

    Jonathan Arrowsmith
  • Stella Herrera,

    I wanted to send a message to Stella and thank her soooo much for doing my filler at the client appreciation event. I have been wanting to have my tear trough deformity corrected for some time but was extremely nervous due to some of the stories I had heard of regarding improper technique. Stella put me at ease and I decided to proceed. She did an amazing job! I look well rested and 5 years younger. She is truly an artist and the only person I would trust to do this. It looks better every day and I'm grateful every time I look in the mirror. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Julie Voss, MD,

    Dear Dr. Voss,

    So I had a bridal shower here on Saturday afternoon for 40 people! Yikes!

    That night, I went out with the young bride and her friends for the bachelorette party (yes, scary).  I was blatantly hit on by a (very cute) 26-year-old guy.  All of the ladies noticed. ;-)  I thought maybe he was humoring the old lady, but I think he was serious.  Not sure if you want this as a testimonial on your web site, but I thought you’d get a laugh.

    You are a genius. 


    (name withheld by request)
  • Julie Voss, MD,

    Dear Dr. Voss,

    – I wanted to thank you and your staff for the great effort you put into my procedure at Northwest Face.  I was amazed at the surgical rooms, the level of professionalism, the care your surgical nurses displayed, as well as your expertise in my Tumescent procedure.  You are a skilled doctor and use a canula much like an artist would use a paint brush! My results not only turned out wonderful they exceeded my expectations.  The after care provided and your personal phone calls were very supportive. I would highly recommend your services to friends and family and I would certainly return again myself.

    (name withheld by request)

  • ENT,

    Dear NWFace,

    John had tongue surgery on the 22nd and they expected quite a few weeks before his snoring got better, but she wanted to let everyone know that he is breathing and sleeping so well!!  Fantastic success!!  Thank you to the whole Northwest Face team!!!

  • Ludwig Allegra, MD

    Dear Arlene,

    My daughter, -- , went through the Nasal Plasty/Sinus surgery with Dr. Allegra last Friday. I wanted to spotlight a couple of things I really liked about the service.
    Dr.  Allegra did a great job in explaining the procedure and putting my daughter at ease.
    Your facility is very nice, warm, and welcoming which took the hospital-like intimidation factor out.
    The front desk staff provides excellent customer service.
    The nursing staff is great. I want to single out Tara Branford (sorry if I spelled it wrong) for her excellent customer service skill/attitude. She explained everything very well and was very patient with all the questions we had. Plus she followed up on Saturday as she promised.

    Thank you,
    Shawn Awan
  • Shane Keck

    Dear Shane,

    you are one of a kind!

    Thank you so much for the doxy and everything you did for XXXX on our visit with you

  • Michelle Batson, AuD

    Dear Dr. Batson,

    It's been a week since I spoke with you and I am constantly amazed at how noisy the world really is.

    Thank you so much for giving me a great deal of very helpful information. Thank you also for making it possible to actually use the hearing aids I purchased two years ago. I have been able to use them comfortably and effectively for 8-10 hours at a time in stead of 1-2 hours.

    In fact, I am so happy with the results of my visit that I gave your name to my sister whose husband is not wearing his $7000 hearing aids.

    Your explanation of the function of hearing and how the brain operates helped to clarify a number of things the I have had difficulty understanding. Thank you again for your time, your concern and your expertise. I will certainly be in touch with you when I need to replace my current equipment.

    You mentioned a device that might work for keeping track of my father. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name. If you could get me that information I would appreciate it.

  • Dr. Shah, December 2010

    I have had a septoplasty with Dr. Shah in February, 2010. The entire experience has been excellent. Everyone in the office from the front desk staff to medical assistants and the doctor himself was personal, on time, courteous and supportive. The procedure was seamless, anesthesiologist did a great job explaining the mix of drugs used and was really funny, which helped me relax. Dr. Shah came to see me before procedure to address any concerns I had. The nursing staff was amazing as well. Afterwards, Dr. Shah personally came after hours from the clinic in Bellevue on a Saturday afternoon to make sure I have enough pain killers to get me thru the weekend. The follow up appointment was swift and recovery minimal. I had the procedure on Friday and was on work by Monday. I would highly recommend Dr. Shah and his team. And do not be deterred by his youthful looks, he has obtained great education and is an expert at what he does; and the most importantly he truly cares about his patients.


  • Dr. Batson

    Hi Michelle:

    I've just finished my second week of radiation/chemo treatments for the tonsil and neck cancers. So far I'm feeling pretty good. I'm getting a sunburn from one of the chemicals, but nothing I can't handle.

    I wanted to thank you and Dr Shah for discovering the cancer so very early. I remember you saying that it would negligent for you NOT recommending that I get and MRI for my left ear. I respect and am thankful for you professionalism!

    The same for Dr Shah. He is an excellent physician and was responsible for a quick biopsy. He also helped Annie and I recover cruise and air fares.

    Many thanks to both of you!

    And Happy Holidays!!!


  • Dr. Voss

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I came to Northwest Face a couple of years ago to see if something could be done about the condition of three fingertips. I used to work with solvents, and my fingers eventually looked and felt as if they had a burn that wouldn't heal. Thanks to the treatment recommended by Dr. Voss, they have recovered fully. The dermatologist I saw before visiting Dr. Voss said I would just have to live with the condition. I am very grateful for the treatment, support and optimism I received at Northwest Face. Thank you.


  • Dr. Ummat

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing to share the positive experiences I have had with my doctor and the professional staff at Northwest Face in Seattle.

    For at least ten years I was not able to breathe very well. This chronic problem grew worse to the point I was unable to sleep during the night for more than an hour or two without waking, as I found myself gasping for breath.

    I fortunately found Dr Sunil Ummat at Northwest Face who listened as I explained my symptoms. He ordered a CT scan so he could assess my problems more clearly. At my next visit, Dr Ummat pointed out on the CT scan the horrendous blockages in my sinuses that showed why I was unable to breathe. The scan also indicated that infection was probably present.

    Dr Ummat performed the surgery on my sinuses and has been treating the infection. I am happy to say I can once again breathe well! The surgical staff was very competent and made me feel comfortable prior to and after the surgery.

    I have also found the technical and front office staff to be consistently efficient and courteous.

    I highly recommend Northwest Face and especially Dr Ummat!


  • Stella Herrera


    This note is for Stella, just want to thank you again for the work you did with me last week, I am so pleased. Am keeping up with the TNS moisture care,

    Thanks Again, Be WELL!

  • Dr. Batson, March '10 - Re the WOW

    Hi, Michelle,

    My ear canals are somewhat sore right now (I just now got a chance to take some aspirin), but I wanted to tell you that the sound quality of these hearing aids is amazing. The sound through my regular hearing aids is somewhat flat, one-dimensional, or slightly "canned" by comparison. The sound in these is much fuller, with layers or shading, and my voice is very recognizably my real voice. If you think about how hair dyes were when they first came out--sort of flat and all one tone as compared to how they are now, with multiple tones within the color, that's sort of the difference between my old hearing aids and these new ones. It's funny that I couldn't remember what my voice was supposed to sound like when you used to ask me if it sounded right, but I recognized it immediately as "right" with these hearing aids.

  • Dr. Ummat

    Dr. Ummat:

    If I were in Seattle I would call or stop by to say this, but it’s a little harder to do from Saigon. I want to thank you for the excellent service and surgery. I can hardly feel or see the scar at this point. The latter is probably due to the fact that there are so many folds in my neck already. But really, the surgery was amazingly untraumatic – no pain swallowing or sleeping on that side etc.

    Thanks again for the expeditious handling of the whole thing.

    Best regards,

  • Gary Beerman

    My name is -- . I’m not sure you remember me, but I saw you for the first time approximately three weeks ago. While not a new customer, it was my first opportunity to meet you. You might remember me because I’d had ibuprofen the night before and was quite a bleeder. Yikes, not the best thing to be remembered for. :)

    When I came in for my third ever Dysport treatment in January, I discussed with you the challenge I’ve had with my outer brow. It appeared to be impervious to Botox and Dysport. You were very generous with your time and discussed Dysport at length, and considered every aspect of my facial features and muscles prior to treating me. You also expressed concern about the potential for a ‘Dr. Spok’ effect if not done correctly. You asked me to follow up with you, post-treatment, and encouraged me not to tolerate any aspect of the treatment that didn’t suit me (though it was unlikely I’d experience any). You also asked me to follow up with you once it had taken effect.

    I’m thrilled to say that your work was absolutely perfect. Within two days, the majority of the injections had taken effect and provided me with a very natural look that allows me my full range of facial expressions. I earn my living as a public speaker, and this was very important to me. It took an addition 5 days for the remaining injections to take effect and they, too, helped to create an entirely natural look.

    I really want to thank you for taking the time to discuss the various approaches we could take to address my concerns. The result is a lovely, fresh look that truly reflects who I am.

    Thank you so much,

  • Gary Beerman

    Dynasport is a miracle worker. I am so happy with the results and having you work on me was a great experience!

  • Dr. Allegra

    My sincere Thanks to Dr. Allegra. I was havinng swelling in my left cheek. Between his busy Friday surgeries. He had me come in and I was able to go to work for the holidays. His kindness, and resolving my issue especially on a weekend was so very gracious. My Heartfelt Thanks. My working trip as a flight attendant to Maui went well due to Dr. Allegra. My Thanks. Please let him know,

  • Shane Keck and Christoper


    Yesterday I was seen by Chris then Shane then as a team, and their teamwork was very good.
    Overall, you folks have a very professional and friendly staff and I’m appreciative. 

  • Dr. Julie Voss

    Dear Dr. Voss,

    Thank you for helping  --  That was very kind of you!. 

  • Dr. Ludwig Allegra

    Dear Dr. Allegra,

    I want to thank you once again for opening the door to the prison cell I've been languishing in for 25 years. I have my life back because of your competent skills, as well as your extraordinary generosity.

    Thank you sincerely,

  • Shane Keck, PA-C

    Just FYI: I just had the greatest conversation with a new patient regarding your talks to school age children! She made appointments for her 18-year-old daughter that is obsessed with tanning booths and herself for the VISIA. She said you were amazing, very dynamic and gave lots of valuable information. She is a parent on the PTSA that allows funds for informational speakers and thought you were one of the best this year! :)

  • Northwest Face team

    Dr. Julie, Arlene and Ludwig,

    I would like to take this moment to personally thank you for support our Flavors of Seattle culinary gala and American Liver Foundation's mission. Thanks to your generosity we are able to move forward in our cause to educate, advocate and support doctors, patients and our community in the battle to fight liver disease. I hope you enjoyed the evening and the wonderful food and wine! Thank you.

    On a separate note, I would like to tell you what a great experience I have had with my service at NW Face. Beginning with Stephanie. She is so warm, concerned and personable and just does everything possible to make me feel comfortable during my treatments. It has been a great match- she answers all my questions and has really educated me on my skin and how to best care for it. Not to mention her outgoing personality put me right at ease-I have recommended NW Face and Stephanie to all my friends. Thank you and Stephanie for everything.

    I will be updating our website soon with results and pictures from the gala but in the interim, please enjoy the attached photo.

    Many thanks,

    Molly Scott Community Events Manager

  • Gary Beerman

    Hi Gary!
    Sorry it has been so long since we have communicated. I have been wanting to let you know that K. is doing very well. The treatments you gave her worked beautifully and she confidently wears whatever she wants now. She is finishing her senior year in high school and trying to choose a college. She continues to work at the animal hospital while also being very involved in the school drama program.

    Thank you for everything you did for her and for me also. You helped me help my daughter and I will always thank you for that.

    I hope everything is going well for you and your family.
    Thank you again.

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