Vectra3D Imaging

Vectra3D Imaging

Innovative 3D Imaging for Better Breast Enhancement
Cosmetic breast enhancement is one of the most popular  aesthetic procedures that we perform. The overall outcome and satisfaction rate is very high. However, one of the biggest reservations patients have when considering cosmetic breast surgery is the uncertainty of not seeing the results before committing. With Vectra3D Imaging at Kirkland’s Northwest Face & Body, we help make that decision a whole lot easier—allowing you to see a realistic rendering of your own unique results before a single incision is made.
See Your Breast Enhancement Results before Your Surgery with Vectra
Vectra is a revolutionary 3D imaging system that we use at Northwest Face & Body to provide our patients with a complete, ultra-high resolution 3D image of their simulated breast enhancement results. Rather than just trying out different implant sizers underneath your clothing, you will actually be able to see your results with Vectra’s Breast Sculptor® technology.
Vectra has a quick image capture time of just 3.5 milliseconds, so you don’t have to worry about standing still for a long stretch while the system scans your body. We can also adjust the height for an accurate scan of each individual patient who chooses to use Vectra. Once the image has been captured, we will work together to customize your procedure based on your preferences as Vectra provides you with a visual simulation of your results. You can even see the differences between choosing silicone or saline breast implants as well as the manufacturer.
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See your 3D results at any angle, a side-by-side before and after comparison, or with the simulated results superimposed over your current breasts. Vectra’s Breast Sculptor has all the necessary viewing tools you need to make a comfortable and informed decision for your breast augmentation surgery.
Why We Offer Vectra in Kirkland
With Vectra at Northwest Face & Body, you and Dr. Allegra will benefit from an improved understanding of not only your personal goals, but also what you can expect from your surgery. The added visual element of Vectra’s realistic simulations has helped women feel more comfortable heading into their breast enhancement surgery.
It is important to remember that Vectra is a 3D simulation and that your final results will take some time once your breast surgery is complete. Dr. Allegra at Northwest Face & Body is highly  experienced in providing patients with their best possible outcome while ensuring their safety throughout the entire process.
To find out more about Vectra3D imaging for your breast enhancement surgery, please give our office a call to schedule your consultation at Northwest Face & Body in Kirkland.

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