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The dermatology line at NW Face & Body in Kirkland offers expert skincare regimes for all ages, skin types, and conditions. Paired with our aesthetic experts’ personal recommendations, our private label products can be used to create a precise daily routine that meets your specific needs.


Oil-Free Moisturizer

Designed to treat acne-prone skin, our oil-free moisturizer helps you achieve the perfect amount of hydration and balance your oil production. This moisturizer leaves your skin feeling soft without all of the oily residue.*

Papaya Mint Polish

This daily enzyme scrub is an invigorating yet gentle exfoliate that works to smooth and detoxify your skin.*

Micro Buff Cream

Get the power of 3 active ingredients in one effective solution: The vitamin-A derivative helps clear and protect the skin, while the melatonin blocker works to even and lighten it, and the topical anti-inflammatory helps keep the skin healthy.*

Glycolic Gel

Improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles while evening out your skin’s pigmentation with this low pH formulation. The lightly textured, cellular micro-exfoliate helps to unclog your pores, enhancing your skin’s clarity and smoothness.*

Lipid Drops

Using the skin’s own structural components of living cells, these drops restore your skin by replenishing the ceramides and sphingolipids found deep within your dermis, making it baby-soft to the touch.*

Ultra Firming Eye

Made of a multi-peptide blend, this serum supports capillaries around the eye, helps tighten contours, increases skin firmness and elasticity, and minimizes puffiness, all of which works to reduce the visibility of dark circles.*

Salicylic Face and Body Wash

Incredibly effective at removing debris and makeup, this non-prescription medical skincare product balances your skin’s pH in order to promote healthy, clear skin. Its unique formula allows it to double as a core part of your preventative skin care regime.*

Replenishing Sun Block SPF 36

This unique formula combines titanium dioxide with botanicals to yield a sun block that prevent collagen depletion, enabling your skin to successfully fight the signs of environmental aging.*

Acne Spot Treatment

Designed for quick relief of redness and swollen blemishes, this therapeutic acne serum combats acne-causing irritations while also acting to prevent post-acne scarring.*

5% BP Face and Body Wash

Let the healing and soothing qualities of burdock and fennel extract unclog your pores, decrease oils, and cleanse your skin to the core. 5% BP Face and Body Wash minimizes breakouts and evens out your skin’s tone.*

5% BP Lotion

This gentle tea tree treatment provides you with a blend of benzoyl peroxide and natural botanicals to sooth and clear blemishes and surface oils from your skin for an acne-free complexion.*

Dual Action Toner

Dissolve and remove unwanted oil with this exfoliating micro-peel. This alcohol-free formula contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to help reduce the size of pores. It is highly effective for dry skin conditions.*

AHA Clarifier

By lessening dead skin build-up, this cellular treatment absorbs excess oils to help clear your pores of debris. Prevent acne-causing breakouts and reveal your true vibrant glow beneath.*

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