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Master Esthetician

Josie grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington where she developed a passion for healthy living and exercise. This led her to study Exercise Science at Eastern Washington University. During this first stage of her education, Josie fell in love with skincare and esthetics. She found skin health and science fascinating. Josie loved how esthetics both beautified and improved the health of the skin.

Pursuing further education to become a certified esthetician at the Euro Institute of Skin Care. Following this, Josie received her master’s in esthetics from Washington Laser Institute. She is excited to bring her skills and knowledge to Northwest Face & Body.

As a master esthetician, Josie is eager to begin her career educating patients about skin health and skincare procedures. In addition to her work as a master esthetician, Josie is a medical assistant who assists with clinic work. She is excited to further explore this part of her education through learning as much about the surgical process as possible.

When the weather is nice, Josie enjoys going on walks with her dog, hiking, and exploring the city. If it’s cold and rainy, she prefers to stay inside and read or paint.

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