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Does A Brow Lift Cause Headaches?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

November 30, 2023
Brow Lift FAQs: Addressing Post-Surgery Headaches

A brow lift is a rejuvenating procedure that allows patients to regain the structure of their eyebrows. While a brow lift has many outstanding aesthetic benefits, some patients worry that the procedure could cause headaches. 

While the first initial days after surgery may come with some discomfort and headaches, this should fade. The headaches are generally mild, and your provider should prescribe medication to help you manage them. You may also have numbness or tingling around your scalp that should subside as you heal. 

A brow lift does not cause permanent headaches and can relieve tension for those suffering migraines. Some studies have shown that repositioning the brows can relieve pressure on the nerves and tissue that can sometimes cause migraines. However, how often this works is not entirely known, but there is no evidence that a brow lift causes permanent headaches. A brow lift is a rejuvenating surgery that helps patients restore their facial youth.  

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