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Monsplasty Bellevue & Kirkland | Mons Pubis Lift

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Monsplasty Bellevue & Kirkland | Mons Pubis Lift

Throughout our lifetimes, the body changes in many ways. Regardless of sex or race, factors such as pregnancy, aging, and weight changes will cause the body to consistently look different. There is nothing wrong with these changes and they are a completely normal part of life. However, this does not stop them from possibly being distressing to the patient or otherwise affecting their quality of life. Dr. Ludwig Allegra at Northwest Face & Body performs the best mons pubis surgery Bellevue and Kirkland offer.

What Is A Monsplasty?

A monsplasty—also sometimes referred to as a mons pubis lift—is a surgery that reduces the size of the mons pubis. The mons pubis is the mound that sits in front of the pubic bone and is the hair-bearing part of the upper vulva. A mons pubis surgery can achieve several possible goals depending on the patient’s anatomy: remove excess skin, remove fat, and lift the mons pubis area.

The surgery is highly customizable and aims to improve a patient’s body contours totally. This may involve performing other procedures such as tummy tuck, additional liposuction, or a thigh lift—as a few examples—to obtain the best possible final result.

Weight Loss after Mommy Makeover

Causes Of An Enlarged Pubic Mound

The mons pubis may become enlarged for many reasons. Most are completely normal and benign causes of the enlargement:

  • Pregnancy/childbirth
  • Significant weight gain or loss
  • High levels of estrogen
  • Development of sagging skin due to age

The pubic mound naturally enlarges during puberty. Therefore, in some cases, a woman may genetically have a larger pubic mound. The pubic bone may also jut forward more which can cause the fat tissue to look more prominent. Regardless of the exact cause, the treatment recommendations usually remain the same.

Benefits & Risks Of Mons Pubis Surgery

Undergoing a pubic lift comes with benefits and risks. For good surgical candidates, the benefits will outweigh the risks. A monsplasty procedure is a fairly low risk for the average person, but understanding the possible complications and your risk level allows you to make the best and most informed decision for your treatment.

Benefits may include:

  • Less prominent mons pubis area, especially in tight clothing like yoga pants and leggings
  • Smoother contour between the abdomen and pubic area
  • Removes extra skin
  • Reduces puffiness of the mons pubis
  • Addresses excess fat on the mons pubis
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Relatively short and easy recovery for most
  • Minimal side effects
  • Quick surgery; usually takes one to two hours
  • Can be combined with a tummy tuck or similar procedures
  • Long lasting, if not permanent, results
  • Possible to perform under local anesthesia in some cases
  • Few risks overall
  • Performed by a cosmetic surgeon with over three decades of experience

Risks may include

  • Infection
  • Prolonged swelling and bruising or other side effects
  • Pain
  • Asymmetry
  • Visible or raised scarring
  • Continued enlargement or puffiness
  • Recurrence (more common when subsequent pregnancies occur or where hormonal issues may be contributing)
  • Anesthesia complications

Overall, a monsplasty is a safe and low risk procedure for the average patient. During a consultation, Dr. Allegra will evaluate your medical history, medications, anatomy, and goals to determine your personal risks.

Mons Pubis Lift Surgical Techniques

A mons pubis surgery can look very different depending on the patient and the severity of the enlargement or sagging. It can range from a quick procedure under local anesthesia to a more formal surgical procedure involving general anesthesia.

For patients who have only a slight enlargement of the pubic area, Dr. Allegra may recommend liposuction. This is ideal for patients who have good skin quality and only a small amount of excess fat. Mons pubis liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia. The liposuction is done in-office and generally takes less than an hour.

Using small incisions located in the natural folds or creases near the mons pubis, Dr. Allegra will use a liposuction cannula to gently remove fat. He may also use a skin tightening device such as J plasma to promote optimal skin tightening. This uses the same incisions.


A monsplasty is a more formal surgical procedure. It usually utilizes a combination of liposuction and skin removal. This will remove both excess skin and fat. The monsplasty technique first uses liposuction and then a small skin incision. The incision is usually located in the area where the stomach and pubic meet—a similar placement to a tummy tuck surgery. Though, a mons pubis surgery incision is much smaller than a tummy tuck incision.

Dr. Allegra will remove a small amount of skin and then lift the remaining portion of the mons pubis to create a smoother contour and correct sagging. It is performed under general anesthesia and takes around one to two hours.

Possible Non-Surgical Options

While rare, some patients may qualify for a non-surgical mons pubis lift. This treats mild skin laxity problems and can help dissolve small portions of fat. The most common technique used involves radiofrequency treatments underneath and on top of the skin to address excess fat and skin. J plasma and radiofrequency microneedling are among the commonly used non-surgical procedures.


How Painful Is A Monsplasty?

A monsplasty—regardless of surgical technique—generally is not too painful. Patients should not feel any pain during the surgery. Some post-operative pain is expected and normal. Dr. Allegra will provide patients with a prescription for pain medication to help them manage during recovery. Patients generally only need prescription pain medication for a few days and can use over-the-counter options for the remainder of their recovery. Many patients opt not to use prescription pain medication because they find the pain tolerable and manageable.

Does A Tummy Tuck Lift The Mons Pubis?

No, a tummy tuck by itself does not lift the mons pubis. While it uses a similar incision location, a tummy tuck involves tightening the abdominal skin downward. In comparison, a mons pubis surgery requires lifting the skin upward. However, patients can undergo a tummy tuck and monsplasty at the same time, and often through the same incision.

Many patients who would benefit from either a tummy tuck or mons pubis lift would greatly benefit from the other surgery as well. Combining them allows patients to recover from both procedures at the same time while also being able to enjoy their results sooner.

Can Men & People Assigned Male At Birth Get A Mons Pubis Lift?

Yes, the mons pubis refers generally to the mound above the gentials and roughly covering the pubic mound. While it tends to be more prominent in women, men can experience mons pubis enlargement or sagging as well. The possible surgical techniques remain the same.

Is A Monsplasty Covered By Insurance?

Unfortunately, a monsplasty or any mons pubis surgery is not covered by insurance. The procedure is considered elective and cosmetic. There may be some rare exceptions such as in the case of gender affirming surgery, or if the sagging is affecting proper functioning of the extremities. Even still, in these cases, a monsplasty may not be the best option.

How Much Is A Mons Pubis Lift In Bellevue, WA?

A mons pubis lift starts at $3,500. The cost may be affected by factors such as the type of technique needed, complexity of the procedure, and any combination of procedures with a monsplasty. Patients do have financing options through Care Credit, United Medical Credit, and Alphaeon. A final cost estimate is provided at the consultation appointment. Patients can also learn more about financing options at this point.

The Best Mons Pubis Surgery Bellevue & Kirkland

A mons pubis lift can help restore confidence in your body and address changes due to pregnancy and aging. Dr. Ludwig Allegra at Northwest Face & Body is a tedious and fastidious surgeon who takes the time to review every detail. He aims to help patients understand their procedure, the results it can provide, and the surgical techniques he plans to use. Dr. Ludwig Allegra performs the best monsplasty Bellevue and Kirkland have access to.

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