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Deep Plane Facelift Bellevue

Procedure Time
3-6 Hours

Recovery Time
2 week

Procedure Time

3-6 Hours

Recovery Time

2 week

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Deep Plane Facelift With Dr. Young, Bellevue

Our faces are essential to our physical appearance and affect our feelings. Age is a factor that can take a toll on our appearance as well as our mental health. A facelift is a well-known, popular cosmetic procedure that many undergo to lift their face and restore youthful vibrancy to their appearance.

One facelift, the deep plane facelift, is a transformative surgery that reaches a deeper layer of the muscle and tissue to create stunning results. However, Dr. Philip Young is a renowned facial plastic surgeon whose advanced techniques set him apart from many other cosmetic surgeons in his field. Dr. Young has joined our Northwest Face & Body team to help patients achieve their ideal facelift without added risk.

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What Is A Deep Plane Facelift?

A deep plane facelift, Kirkland, is a cosmetic surgery that reaches more profound levels of the tissue and muscle to provide added lift and longevity. With the proper technique and care, a deep plane facelift can be incredibly effective and help you attain a rejuvenated appearance. 

Dr. Young’s Deep Plane Facelift

Dr. Young’s deep place facelift uses a drastically different technique from the traditional deep plane facelift. His outstanding knowledge of facial structures and standard beauty has led him to create beautiful techniques customizable to patients’ goals, challenges, and facial anatomy. 

While the traditional deep plane facelift can be ideal, it can also pose a small risk of nerve damage and does not always create the desired results. Dr. Young uses a different method that helps him provide a revolutionary deep-plane facelift for every patient.

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Deep Plane Facelift Techniques

In the traditional deep plane facelift, Kirkland works by going underneath the connective layer of muscle and tissue, known as the SMAS layer. This layer begins in our neck and connects all the way through the face. However, the nerves also enter the face at the same level as the SMAS, so there is a slightly more significant risk of nerve damage to the facial structure. While the risk is low, Dr. Young has found a more efficient method that provides added benefits with lower risk. 

To understand Dr. Young’s outstanding, advanced techniques, we must first look at the facial structure and how facelifts interact with the tissue to rejuvenate the face. 

The Facial Structure & Deep Plane Facelifts

Our faces have an underlying network of tissue and muscle that holds and lifts the face. Another aspect of our facial structure is the platysma, which begins in the collarbone and reaches the lower half of the jaw. These layers combine to create the superficial musculoaponeurotic system or the SMAS system. During a standard deep plane facelift, the cosmetic surgeon goes under this layer and pulls the SMAS system from underneath, creating a tighter, lifted appearance. 

Dr. Young lifts the SMAS layer from the top instead of going underneath it. By doing so, he avoids the area where the nerves enter the SMAS layer and still creates a tight, lighted look. When doing a traditional deep plane facelift, the SMAS layer must be pulled from the top, regardless of whether it goes underneath the tissue and muscle. Dr. Young creates stunning results by entering and pulling the SMAS layer through the top rather than underneath.

Benefits Of A Deep Plane Facelift

There are many benefits to Dr. Young’s deep plane facelift Bellevue, including outstanding lift and restructuring of the muscles. Some benefits include:

  • Creates a natural, rejuvenated appearance
  • Avoid the risk of a tight, wind-blown appearance
  • Can help create a better facial contour and symmetry
  • Avoid the risk of nerve damage
  • Provides a smooth, sleek appearance to the skin
  • Customizable based on patient preference
  • Quicker, easier recovery than other deep plane facelifts
  • Less trauma to the tissue
  • Effective and dramatic results
  • Performed by the leading deep plane surgeon in Kirkland

Customizable Deep Plane Facelift

Dr. Young offers a customizable approach to a deep-plane facelift that relies on the patient’s preferences and goals. His specialized techniques allow Dr. Young to create in-depth, personal facelifts tailored to each goal and overall need. Below, we’ve listed the various options for Dr. Young’s deep plane facelift Kirkland.

Superficial Deep Plane

The superficial, deep-plane facelift is designed for those who only want minimal lift and facial rejuvenation. The incision is made near the jaw and lower ear lobe, allowing Dr. Young to lift the face only to the mid-face region. He uses the superficial incision when patients need a minimal amount of lifting or facial tightening done. Only about 5% of patients choose this method, but it’s perfect for those who want a comprehensive surgery that doesn’t reach as deep. 

Medium Deep Plane Facelift

The medium level of Dr. Young’s deep plane facelift, Kirkland, is best for patients who want a decent lift and facial tightening. The incision site is located in the mid-cheek region, allowing Dr. Young to reach the middle levels of the face and pull them tight from there. The middle-level facelift provides a great lift and facial rejuvenation. 

Only 10% of patients undergo the middle facelift, as most typically seek a more prominent result. However, it can be ideal for patients who want to find the middle ground between full rejuvenation and subtle correction.

Full Deep Plane Facelift

The full deep plane facelift with Dr. Young creates the most complete lift and facial rejuvenation for every patient. This incision is located near the nasolabial fold or “frown lines” and allows Dr. Young to reach the entirety of the lower and middle region of the face. Over 85% of patients choose the complete deep plane facelift, which can transform the face and provide dramatic results. 

Dr. Young’s full, deep-plane facelift offers complete facial rejuvenation and helps patients achieve their goals.

The Leading Deep Plane Facelift In Kirkland

Dr. Philip Young is a double-board certified cosmetic surgeon who trained at Lifestyle Lift and performed over 1300 facelifts during his residency. He is also the author of The New Theory of Beauty, which has revolutionized the world of facial cosmetic surgery. At Northwest Face & Body, Dr. Young creates stunning results from deep-plane facelifts for every patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is Deep Plane Facelift Recovery?

Recovery from Dr. Young’s deep plane facelift is faster than a traditional deep-plane facelift, Kirkland. Dr. Young will provide you with a list of instructions to help promote proper healing. Overall, healing can last one to two weeks, but takes a few months for the entire facelift to settle. 

How Long Does A Deep Plane Facelift Last?

Depending on your genetics and lifestyle, a deep plane facelift with Dr. Young can last ten to fifteen years. However, the longevity of a deep plane facelift depends on the patient and how well they take care of themselves.

How Much Does A Deep Plane Facelift Cost In Kirkland?

The price of a deep plane facelift in Kirkland depends on the depth of the procedure and the provider you choose. At Northwest Face & Body, the price depends on how much of your face you get done. Fat transfer to one area starts at $.

However, at Northwest Face & Body, a deep plane facelift starts at $13,995 but Dr. Young can provide you with a custom quote during a consultation.