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2703, 2018

Spring Forward with CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing at NW Face & Body

As we start to thaw from the throes of winter here in Seattle, you may notice that your skin is looking worse for wear. Along with dry, flaking, and uncomfortable skin, the cold weather can make for a dull complexion that further emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, at NW [...]

603, 2018

Do I Have a Sinus Infection?

It has been a hard year to stay healthy here in the Pacific Northwest. From stuffy noses to sore throats, it is easy to dismiss our symptoms as “just a cold.” Yet, all too many of us know that the common cold can quickly escalate into something more—a sinus infection. [...]

2702, 2018

What Can a Brow Lift at Northwest Face & Body Do for You?

Have you noticed that your eyebrows have changed shape? You are not alone. As we age, our once nicely arched brows slowly descend downwards, eventually appearing flat or even droopy. For the right candidate, a brow lift at Northwest Face & Body can greatly help! Our team of cosmetic surgeons [...]

2301, 2018

Say Goodbye to Lax Skin with ThermiTight®

Many of our patients here at Northwest Face & Body come to us with complaints about loose, lax, and sagging skin. Until we introduced ThermiTight® to our practice, the only way to achieve truly tighter and more lifted skin was through surgical procedures like a facelift. Fortunately, with ThermiTight, we [...]

911, 2017

What Can Be Done About Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet are a perfectly natural part of aging. So many men and women come to Northwest Face & Body bothered by the appearance of these spindly fine lines that form at the eyes’ outer corners. Our very own Dr. Allegra discussed crow’s feet in an online editorial for Zwivel, [...]

2209, 2017

Breastfeeding After Anesthesia: What You Should Know

A common question we get from women at Northwest Face & Body is: "when is it okay to breastfeed after anesthesia?" When new mothers undergo a surgical procedure there are often a number of questions and concerns we try to address to help them feel safe and comfortable throughout the [...]


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