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Pumpkin Planing Facial Bellevue & Kirkland 

Many dread the change in season due to its adverse effects on the skin. While the change in season brings excitement for upcoming holidays and a brisk atmosphere, it can also cause skin to become parched and begin peeling. This dryness can lead to issues such as increased oil production, breakouts, and scratchy texture.

Northwest Face & Body offers a pumpkin planing facial that goes beyond the surface levels of the skin. By utilizing dermaplaning with pumpkin-infused antioxidants, patients can beat the strain that fall weather can bring and save their complexion from dehydration and acne.

What is Dermaplaning Facial?

Before breaking down the Bellevue pumpkin planing or dermaplaning fall facial, we first need to break down the critical component of the treatment: dermaplaning. Dermaplaning can be a stand-alone treatment that helps remove surface dirt, build-up, and peach fuzz from the top layer of skin. A master esthetician at Northwest Face & Body will use a specialized scalpel to softly scrape away the first layer of the skin, revealing satiny smooth layers underneath.

While dermaplaning can be done by itself when combined with the enriching ingredients the pumpkin planing facials offer, it allows the skin to fully absorb the antioxidants and serums. These ingredients provide specific advantages for protecting the skin and restoring hydration.

Main Ingredients For Pumpkin Planing

The essential ingredients in a pumpkin planing facial use a combination of enzymes, alpha, beta, and poly hydroxy acids to target every rough texture, blemish, and parched skin. Pumpkin enzymes help to exfoliate and clear away any build-up and flaky skin. Salicylic acid diminishes acne and oil. Lactic acid restores even coloring, while gluconic acid adds extra moisture and hydration. Finally, glutathione reduces wrinkles and uneven texture.

These essential ingredients can change the skin from parched, dry, and oily to an evenly balanced soft complexion.

Dermaplaning Fall Facial Treatment In Bellevue 

The master esthetician will need to prepare the skin with a pre-cleansing process to ensure that the skin has little build-up. The pre-cleansing includes two cleansing products, a daily oil, and a second serum, to help clear the skin for the treatment. Additionally, they will apply a calming toner that may tingle as it dries and leaves the skin prepped for dermaplaning.

The provider will gently lift the top layer of skin using a specialized scalpel known as a dermatome. This helps remove the unwanted texture, acne, oil, and dirt from the surface. It will also leave the skin primed for the incredible nutrients and antioxidants in the facial.

After the dermaplaning is complete, the esthetician then applies another cleanser and detoxifier to help settle the new layer of skin. Next, another nutrient toner is applied to prepare for the pumpkin mask. Once the toner dries, the pumpkin mask will be brushed onto the skin as the esthetician massages into the face until it is entirely in place. Steam is sometimes used to enhance the pumpkin enzymes’ exfoliating properties further.

Once the pumpkin mask is removed, the provider will use specific serums to restore hydration, reduce signs of aging, balance texture, and provide additional protection. The entire facial generally takes under an hour to complete, and the process is typically soothing. Some patients may feel some tingling or sensitivity. Patients should avoid harsh or direct contact with UV rays for a few days.

Pumpkin Planing Facial Results 

The results of a pumpkin planing Kirkland facial are apparent almost directly after the treatment. While the results are temporary, patients can still benefit from this preventative treatment. Benefits include:

  • Disappearance of peeling and dead skin
  • Stunning, youthful glow
  • Calm, even skin texture
  • Allows an everyday skincare routine to benefit the face better and absorb into the skin
  • Clears breakouts
  • Fights fine lines and wrinkles
  • Beneficial for skin maintenance
  • Acts as a breakout prevention treatment
  • Works on even the toughest skin textures
  • Can stimulate the production of collagen
  • Low-risk treatment
  • Little recovery or invasiveness
  • Fast facial treatment
  • Almost instant results
  • Performed by a top Bellevue master esthetician

If this is your first time undergoing a dermal planing treatment, scheduling treatments more frequently can help your skin acclimate to the process and promote additional benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Dermaplaning Safe For Sensitive Skin? What About Microneedling?

Is Dermaplaning Safe For Sensitive Skin? What About Microneedling?

Both the Kirkland dermaplaning fall facial and microneedling are generally safe for a wide range of skin types and conditions. Dermaplaning is particularly effective for addressing blemishes, rough texture, and dryness. If you’re looking for alternative or additional treatments, microneedling is another option that many patients find beneficial.

Patients with sensitive skin can converse in-depth with a master esthetician regarding their facial sensitivity and concerns. However, dermaplaning is considered a safe and effective treatment even for patients with a delicate barrier. It is a gentle exfoliator and can sometimes reduce the skin’s sensitivity by allowing a new layer of skin to absorb nutrients and hydration.

Can I Get The Pumpkin Planing Facial Frequently? 

The frequency of the treatment depends on the skin type, challenges, and overall needs. However, patients can utilize the maintenance treatment every two to four weeks, depending on their wants and the provider’s recommendation. Some patients have fast skin cell turnover, meaning they should get dermaplaning every one to two weeks. This is most often the case with new patients. However, some patients may not require frequent treatments. You can schedule another appointment when your skin begins showing signs of dehydration or oily texture.

What Are The Risks? 

Few risks or side effects can happen due to a Bellevue dermaplaning fall facial. The facial is highly specialized with little invasive technique. However, some may have the following side effects for a few days following treatment:

  • Facial redness
  • Tingling or slight burning sensation
  • Skin adjustment breakouts
  • Sensitivity to UV Rays

These risks are temporary and should clear up in a few days. Patients should take care of their skin to promote the most accurate benefits.

Is A Pumpkin Face Mask Similiar To Pumpkin Planing? 

An at-home pumpkin facemask does not contain the medical grade, high-quality ingredients that a Kirkland pumpkin planing facial entails. The master estheticians have professionally curated this in-depth skin rejuvenation to specifically en-rich and restore the skin’s natural glow. Dermaplaning is done with a specialized scalpel so it can create accurate and stunning results. While skincare is always beneficial, the pumpkin planing facial resets the skin for the fall and brings balanced skin to every patient.

How Much Does A Dermaplaning Fall Facial Cost? 

A Bellevue dermaplaning fall facial costs $249 for the entire process. This includes the dermaplaning, cleansing, serums, and toners used throughout the facial. You can visit our pricing page or price simulator app for more information.

The Top Dermaplaning Fall Facial In Bellevue & Kirkland 

Northwest Face & Body offers an incredible staff, with master estheticians who understand how crucial added nutrients and protection are for the change in weather. Dermaplaning is an incredible skin reset that can help patients regain their glow and youthful vibrance. Patients can achieve a balanced texture and smooth complexion by combining this with pumpkin enzymes, enriching serums, and deep moisture. Northwest Face & Body provides the top pumpkin planing facial in Bellevue and Kirkland.

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