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Asian Rhinoplasty, Bellevue & Kirkland

Procedure Time
3-6 hours

Recovery Time
Approx. 1 week

Procedure Time

3-6 Hours

Recovery Time

2 week

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Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the more popular cosmetic procedures that many people undergo. It’s popular worldwide, as the nose is one of the central focal points of the face. However, most rhinoplasty is not for Asian ethnicities as it reduces the structure of the nasal bridge and cartilage. For many Asian ethnicities, building up the bridge of the nose and creating a slender tip is the ideal goal.

Dr. Philip Young understands beauty and unique facial structures better than most. As an award-winning facial plastic surgeon with many years of experience and publications on Asian rhinoplasty, he understands the importance of maintaining your beautiful ethnicity while enhancing the nose. Through advanced techniques, precision, and years of research, Dr. Young provides the best Asian rhinoplasty in Bellevue & Kirkland. 

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What Is Asian Rhinoplasty?

When we think of rhinoplasty, we often think of reducing large noses, removing unwanted lumps, or narrowing a broad nasal bridge. This is common for many patients, as it’s typically for Caucasians or other ethnicities to have wide nasal bridges. However, traditional rhinoplasty excludes the unique facial features of many Asian ethnicities, as their facial structure can pose different cosmetic challenges. 

Asian rhinoplasty, Kirkland, has a different goal: to build up the bridge of the nose and create a slender tip without decreasing the natural beauty of Asian features. Dr. Young takes measured and careful steps to ensure a stunning nose for every Asian patient. 

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What Does Asian Rhinoplasty Do?

With Dr. Young, Asian rhinoplasty, Kirkland, maintains the integrity of your ethnic features while providing a slender and structured nose. There are a few ways an ethnic nose job can help enhance your features and provide a structured nose. The reason Asian rhinoplasty can be a challenge is that the procedure actually adds to the nose rather than reduces the nasal structure.

What Are The Benefits?

Asian rhinoplasty opens the door for those of Asian ethnicity to undergo a transformative surgery that maintains their natural beauty. Dr. Young is uniquely qualified to perform this rhinoplasty style, as he is dedicated to keeping your natural beauty and ethnicity apparent. Some benefits include:
  • A more prominent nasal bridge
  • A refined nose tip
  • A striking facial profile
  • Provides natural symmetry with the eyes, brows, cheekbones, and jaw
  • A slender, well-defined nose tip
  • Subtle, increased prominence of the tip of the nose
  • Slimmer nostrils
  • Maintain your ethnicity with a flattering nose
  • Performed by the top Asian rhinoplasty surgeon

Asian Rhinoplasty Safety

The reason Asian rhinoplasty is so uncommon is due to the use of implants in the nasal structure. In other countries, many have implants inserted into their nose to create a prominent and refined profile, but these are sometimes considered unsafe as extrusion can occur. If you’re wondering what that means, don’t worry; you aren’t alone. 

Implant extrusion occurs when the body rejects or doesn’t form to an implant, and the implant begins to extrude out of the skin. While this is rare because the nose tip is full of sensitive tissue and cartilage, the risks are slightly higher with a rhinoplasty implant. However, Dr. Young uses advanced techniques to avoid this implant extrusion and create timeless, elegant rhinoplasty for Asian ethnicities.

Dr. Young’s Asian Rhinoplasty Techniques

Because Asian rhinoplasty, Bellevue & Kirkland, often involves creating more structure in the nasal bridge and a finer nose tip, many surgeons use silicone implants in the dorsal (bridge) and the tip of the nose. However, silicone implants in the tip can lead to implant extrusion or other complications. Dr. Young has spent years dedicated to creating safe, stunning Asian rhinoplasty through various methods. 

Natural Cartridge Implants

Because the risk of implant extrusion is prominently due to the tip of the nose, Dr. Young often grafts cartilage from other areas for the nose tip. He can take cartilage from the ears or rip it to provide a safe, effective nose-top implant. This method alone significantly reduces the risk of implant extrusion, as the body accepts and forms the patient’s own cartilage.

Nasal Bridge Implants

The nasal bridge does not reject implants like the nasal tip. For this reason, Dr. Young has two options for nasal bridge implants that will create a seamless harmony between the nose, brows, and eyes. These options include:

  • Silicone: Silicone can help create a striking bridge of the nose but is the less preferred choice due to the slight risk of implant extrusion.
  • Medpor: Medpor is made from porous polyethylene and is a much better option for a nasal bridge implant. Dr. Young prefers Medpor implants as the body is more likely to incorporate them into the facial structure, and they can act as another part of the nasal bridge.

Dr. Young uses a combination of natural cartilage for the tip of the nose and Medpor implants for the bridge to create low-risk and highly effective Asian rhinoplasty. This method significantly decreases the risk of implant extrusion and helps patients achieve their goals safely.

Asian Rhinoplasty Implant Revision

Dr. Young can also reconstruct and correct nasal bridge and tip implants. Through a delicate process, Dr. Young can remove your old implant and reconstruct the nasal bridge and tip for a more refined and harmonious look. Dr. Young has performed successful Asian rhinoplasty revisions for thousands of patients and works to create a symmetrical nose for every patient. 

Asian Rhinoplasty Process

Your Asian rhinoplasty Kirkland process will begin with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Young. During this consultation, he will ensure you can safely undergo the procedure. Additionally, he will look at your facial structure and discuss your goals and overall needs. He will also examine your nose and see which method works best for your needs. 

Procedure Process

An Asian rhinoplasty, Kirkland, takes three to four hours, depending on the type of implant or reconstruction you need. It may take longer if you are undergoing a revision surgery and the old implants must be removed. Dr. Young will walk you through your unique surgery during a consultation.

Asian Rhinoplasty Recovery

The recovery process can take a few weeks, depending on the extent of your procedure. The worst swelling, bruising, and discomfort will be within the first few days, and Dr. Young will provide medication and instructions to promote smooth and proper healing.

The Top Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Bellevue & Kirkland

Dr. Philip Young is a double-board certified cosmetic surgeon known for his incredible facial surgery and renowned Theory on Beauty. He uses his in-depth understanding of facial anatomy to guide him during every surgery. Through advanced techniques and decades of experience, Dr. Young can provide the best Asian rhinoplasty for every patient. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Risks?

With any surgery, there are risks, but with Dr. Young’s advanced methods, these are significantly reduced. Some risks may include:

  • Implant extrusion (very low risk)
  • Improper healing
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Reaction to anestesia

Is Asian Rhinoplasty Permanent?

Undergoing Asian rhinoplasty with implants or reduction is considered a permanent surgery. Dr. Young can help you achieve your ideal facial symmetry without compromising your unique beauty and roots.  This surgery can change your life and provide permanent, outstanding results.

How Much Does Asian Rhinoplasty Cost In Kirkland?

The price of Asian rhinoplasty depends on the type of surgery you require or if it’s a revision. Dr. Young will be able to provide a custom quote during a consultation. The starting price of Asian rhinoplasty Kirkland is $6000.