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Procedure Time

2-4 hrs

Recovery Time

1-2 weeks

Fat Transfer To The Breasts Bellevue & Kirkland

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures around the world. Traditionally, a breast implant is used to increase breast size and alter the shape or projection of the breasts, if desired. However, new technology now offers patients the chance to increase breast size without the use of an implant. The procedure, fat transfer to the breasts, uses the patient’s own fat to augment the breasts. Northwest Face & Body provides the best fat breast augmentation Bellevue and Kirkland offers.

Fat transfer to the breasts works by taking fat from one part of the body and injecting it into the breasts. In the weeks and months following surgery, the transferred fat will begin to create a blood supply and take root in the breasts. During this process, it is expected that some of the fat will not survive. To account for this, slightly more fat than necessary to achieve your goal results is transferred to give you the best chance of seeing optimal results.

Once attached, the fat will act just like other fat cells in the body. Dramatic weight gain and loss can affect this fat just like other fat in the body. This means that fat transfer to the breasts feels the most natural of any breast augmentation option because it is natural tissue from the body. Though, due to this, it is less predictable and subject to more major changes.

Possible Lipo Areas

The fat transferred into your breasts during the procedure comes from your own body. There is no foreign body or fat placed during the procedure. This almost negates the possibility of breast implant complications such as capsular contraction, rejection, breast implant illness, and more. To use your own fat though, Dr. Allegra must harvest it via a liposuction procedure. He can take the fat from almost anywhere that carries some extra fat.

Possible areas for fat harvesting include:

  • Upper and/or lower abdomen
  • Waist
  • Buttocks
  • Chin
  • Inner and/or outer thighs
  • Hips
  • Upper and/or lower back

Breast Implants vs. Breast Fat Transfer

Beyond the obvious difference of the implanted material, breast implants and fat transfer to the breast have many other differences that patients should weigh when picking their ideal breast augmentation method. Some of the notable differences include:

  • Fat transfer can only achieve a moderate increase in breast size, often one to two cup sizes
  • Breast implants requires an incision, while fat transfer involves, at most, only a tiny incision for the fat cannula
  • Implants offer a more predictable outcome, fat is much less predictable
  • Augmentation with traditional implants comes with more overall risk
  • Fat transfer usually takes more surgical time
  • Only breasts addressed during implant augmentation
  • Fat transfer tends to feel and look the most natural
  • Breast implant surgery is performed more often
  • Fat transfer ideal for addressing small divots or slight asymmetry

There are many more nuanced differences that you can discuss with your Bellevue plastic surgeon at Northwest Face & Body. The right breast augmentation method for you will depend on the size you want to be, your anatomy, and medical history.

The Top Fat Breast Augmentation In Bellevue And Kirkland

Fat transfer to the breasts is a precise surgery that requires a surgeon experienced in liposuction and fat transfer procedures. The plastic surgeons at Northwest Face & Body have decades of experience performing fat transfer surgery as well as various breast surgeries. As experts in breast augmentation, they will thoroughly discuss your options with you. Your surgeon may also use Vectra 3D imaging to provide a visual representation of your unique results based on your options.

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