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Combo Brows Bellevue & Kirkland

Science and medicine continue to evolve and improve. These innovations lead to better results and more effective treatments. This is also true for esthetics and the techniques in which we learn to beautify and alter the body. A great example of this is microblading. The practice started in the late 20th century as a form of cosmetic tattoo meant to create realistic looking brows. Now, the techniques have evolved to look even more natural while better enhancing the brow. This newest technique is known as combo brows. The microblading artists at Northwest Face & Body provide the best combo brows Bellevue and Kirkland offers.

Summarized: What Are Combination Brows?

Combo brows, or combination brows, combine two forms of permanent makeup techniques: traditional microblading and powder brows. With traditional microblading, small hair-like strokes enhance the look and thickness of the natural brow. Powder brows use a pattern of fine dots to create a soft makeup-like look. For many, a combination of these two methods provides optimal results.

For someone with an average brow thickness and anatomy, traditional microblading techniques are used along the wider portion of the brow. The inner portions close to the nose tend to have a more noticeable hair texture than the outer brows. Therefore, traditional microblading tends to look more natural in this area.

The tail and thinner portions of the brow often have a higher concentration of hair. The powder method then provides more natural, yet, dramatic results than traditional microblading. This is the philosophy behind combination brows in Bellevue and why so many clients seek them out.


Combo brows have many benefits, especially for people who want to obtain the most natural look possible. While the exact benefits and advantages will differ for everyone, some common ones include:

Traditional vs. Powder vs. Combo Brows

It is vital to understand the different techniques used for microblading before undergoing the treatment yourself. This is because it will help you make an informed decision about which technique is right for you. It also makes it more likely that you will be happy with the results. The table below details some of the major differences between each of the techniques.




Your microblading artist may recommend one type over another based on your current brow condition, anatomy, goals, and preferences. Each has situations where it will provide the best results. While many clients are now favoring combo brows, traditional and ombré brows may work better for some people. Like how an artist changes their technique based on the project, your brow artist will alter their technique based on each patient's needs. Combo brows are the best example of this since it varies the style of microblading across the brow depending on various factors such as the texture, hair density, and skin type.

Before & After Combination Brow Microblading


Before undergoing combo brows microblading at Northwest Face & Body, you will meet with a microblading artist. At this initial appointment, you and your microblading artist will discuss the results you want, your medical history, aspects of your lifestyle, and the type of microblading you are interested in. They may also briefly examine your brows and the surrounding skin. This helps determine which technique would provide you with the best results based on your goals.

If they believe you are a good candidate for combo microblading and you favor the method, they will describe the treatment. They will also provide some preparation instructions. You will also receive a finalized price quote and can schedule your microblading session in Kirkland.


Like with all other forms of microblading, your microblading artist will instruct you to not wear makeup to your appointment. This allows for more precise application, reduces the chances of infection, and usually leads to less irritation afterward. After confirming your brows and the surrounding skin are free of makeup, they will clean and disinfect them.

Your microblading artist will then apply numbing cream and perform brow mapping according to the golden ratio. They also will customize based on your desired shape. Once properly numb, they will then begin the combo brow microblading.

This technique takes the longest because it requires precision to switch up the shape of the deposited ink. It also is designed to look incredibly natural which warrants taking more time. Generally, you can expect the treatment to take between two and three hours. The size of your brows, starting thickness and density, and the goal shape can all impact the amount of time it takes to complete your combo brows.

Healing & Aftercare

Microblading breaks the skin–and while gentler than a normal tattoo–it still requires some basic aftercare and time to heal. Your microblading artist will provide instructions, some of which may include:

Following the aftercare instructions provided by your artist is vital for a good result. Not doing so can result in ruining your results, infection, or prolonged side effects. All of these are avoidable in most situations. Though, it is important to reach out to your artist if you have concerns or questions during the healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t You Drink Caffeine Before Microblading?

One of the preparation instructions before microblading that patients often question is not drinking caffeine before microblading. Why is this? Caffeine can increase the bleeding which in turn can make it difficult for your artist to see while microblading. Additionally, it can increase your risk of bruising, which is typically a rare occurrence with microblading.

Do Combo Brows Hurt?

Topical numbing cream is applied to limit the discomfort associated with combo brows. However, some minor pain or pressure can sometimes still be felt. Generally, patients remain perfectly comfortable during their microblading procedure. The blade only punctures about 1/16 of an inch into the skin, so the pain associated is generally fairly mild.

How Do Combination Brows Compare To Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is a brow enhancement treatment that essentially perms the brows to lay one way and/or upwards. It can give the illusion of fuller brows and can help maintain a well-kempt appearance. However, unlike combination brows, and similar to a lash lift, brow lamination tends to only last about four to six weeks. It also does not add any pigment or fullness to the brows.

Therefore, if trying to find the brow treatment that best fits your needs, it is important to consider what you want to address. If you are more concerned with density, fullness, and definition, microblading may be the right choice for you. However, if you want to just shape the brows slightly and achieve a more maintenance look, then brow lamination may be the better option.

Can You Make Microblading Last Longer?

Microblading results last between two and four years based on several factors. Combo brows are often touted to last longer than traditional microblading. However, there are many biological and environmental factors that impact how long microblading results last. There is no guarantee that you can impact how long results last. Luckily, there are some ways you can promote the longest lasting results. Some tips for making microblading last longer include:

How Much Are Combination Brows?

The cost of combination brows at Northwest Face & Body starts at $475. The price may vary depending on the specifics of your procedure. Following a consultation with a Bellevue microblading artist, you will receive a finalized price quote for combo brows. 

The Best Combo Brows Microblading In Bellevue and Kirkland

Northwest Face & Body is one of the top plastic surgery practices and medical spas in the Pacific Northwest. Nestled halfway between downtown Bellevue and downtown Kirkland, its convenient location allows for our microblading artists to serve clients from the Bellevue, Kirkland, and Seattle areas. Northwest Face & Body offers the best combo brows Bellevue and Kirkland provide.

With a 30-year history and medical personnel always on-site, Northwest Face & Body is elevating the typical microblading experience. We strive to provide a comfortable, safe environment where all of your cosmetic needs and goals can be met. Whether surgical, non-surgical, or esthetic, Northwest Face & Body is here to support you.

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