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How Do I Know If My Breast Implants Are Making Me Sick?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

July 14, 2023

A condition known as breast implant illness is still hotly debated within the plastic and cosmetic surgery community. In short, this is a condition where a patient’s body reacts negatively to breast implants and can cause a variety of symptoms including unexplained fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, and increased anxiety and depression. The symptoms can range and typically do not present exactly the same in every patient. While many surgeons doubt the existence of breast implant illness, at Northwest Face & Body, we believe it is very real and have removed implants for patients experiencing it. So, how do I know if my breast implants are making me sick?Considering many of the symptoms of breast implant illness crossover with autoimmune disorders and other conditions, you need to rule out other causes and factors. Generally, once all other possible causes have been ruled out, or effectively treated but not lessened symptoms, it may be time to think about removing your breast implants.While breast implant illness can occur any time after getting breast implants, it generally happens within a few years of the surgery. Looking at the onset of your symptoms can give a clue as to if it may be breast implant illness. Finally, if you have concerns about breast implant illness, schedule a follow-up with your surgeon. If you cannot or feel uncomfortable returning to the same surgeon, schedule a consultation with Dr. Allegra who can discuss the possibilities of breast implant illness and give recommendations on how to proceed. To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-576-1700. You can also reach out online via Price Simulator®, chat, and contact form.


Dr. Ludwig Allegra

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