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Procedure Time

2 - 5 hours

Recovery Time

2 - 3 weeks

Brazilian Butt Lift Vancouver, B.C.

A fully, round booty is one of the most common requests among plastic surgery patients. Whether they never carried much fat in their backside, or have experience volume loss for any reason, a fat transfer procedure known as a Brazilian butt lift is the best treatment for restoring and sculpting backside fullness. Brazilian butt lifts are fairly rare across the border in Vancouver, British Columbia. Luckily, Northwest Face & Body accommodates patients traveling from Canada and beyond. Northwest Face & Body provides the best Brazilian butt lift Vancouver offers.

BBL Surgery Summarized

A Brazilian butt lift surgery is a two-part procedure. First, your plastic surgeon will liposuction fat from certain areas of the body. Common liposuction areas include the abdomen, back, and hips. However, nearly any area that carries enough extra fat is a possible donor site.

After harvesting the fat and putting it through a purification process to remove the blood and other surrounding fluid, your plastic surgeon will precisely inject the fat between your skin and buttock muscles. This is known as the subcutaneous layer and is the best and safest place for fat injections in the buttocks.

Creation & History

The earliest form of the BBL was pioneered in Brazil in the 1960s. However, it would take a few more decades of refinement and the change of beauty standards for the surgery to become the highly sought after behemoth it is today. Originally, it began as a skin removal procedure to address the sagging of the buttocks. That is still a surgical procedure known as a butt lift.

 In the 1990s and early 2000s, the procedure took on a form closer to what it looks like today. However, it was a much riskier surgery back then. Today, the techniques used to reinject the fat have become safer and more precise which increases the safety of the procedure. The general risk associated with a BBL is about the same as a tummy tuck.

Benefits & Risks

All plastic surgeries come with some benefits and risks. It is important to understand both before undergoing the procedure. Additionally, your plastic surgeon will assess your individual risks based on your medical history and general health.

First, let’s look at some of the benefits of a Brazilian butt lift in Vancouver:

  • Increased upward and outward projection
  • Rounder buttocks
  • Enhance the shape of the buttocks
  • Natural looking results
  • Minimally invasive methods and techniques
  • Better proportion and balance of body contours
  • Removal of stubborn fat cells
  • Can create the coveted “S” shape
  • Minimal downtime or recovery
  • Shapelier hips
  • Correction of hip dips
  • No foreign implants or materials
  • Long lasting results
  • Combinable with a mommy makeover
  • Can aid in a transgender transition

Patients often seek surgery because of its benefits, the risks are just as important to know and understand. Some of the risks associated with a Brazilian butt lift are typical surgical risks while others are more specific to a BBL. Among the risks include:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Seroma
  • Skin necrosis
  • Fat embolism
  • Significant amount of fat does not survive the transfer
  • Asymmetry or unsatisfactory results
  • Prolonged side effects
  • Blood clot
  • Bleeding

Complications or major side effects are rare when your BBL is performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. With that said, many side effects and risks are treatable. Following your aftercare instructions and providing a comprehensive medical history will help your surgeon promote the highest grade of safety.

Reasons To Travel To Northwest Face & Body For Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lifts are rarely performed in Vancouver, BC. Thus, those who do perform them often do not specialize in BBL surgery. The surgeons at Northwest Face & Body perform Brazilian butt lift surgeries regularly using the most modern techniques.

Along with a high level of experience, the plastic surgeons and team at Northwest Face & Body have special programs in place to help patients traveling for surgery make arrangements and have peace of mind. First of all, we work with nearby hotels to offer a discount on your stay. Our team may also be able to recommend or arrange caregiving services if you need them.

Additionally, our surgeons and providers can accommodate several of your appointments virtually including your consultation and post-operative appointments after you are cleared to return home. We primarily conduct virtual appointments via Skype or Facetime. Northwest Face & Body wants to make achieving your aesthetic goals as simple and easy as possible.

Before & After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery


Whether you choose an in-person or virtual consultation, you will meet with your plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and medical history. Once they understand the results you hope to achieve, they may ask about aspects of your medical history and lifestyle. This may include the medications you take and if you smoke. From there, your surgeon may examine the potential liposuction areas and the buttocks.

If they believe the results you want are possible and that you are a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift,, they will further describe the procedure and what you can expect. If not a good candidate, they may propose other procedures or the results a BBL could yield for you. Before the end of the appointment, you will receive a personalized price quote and financing information.


After you are placed under general anesthesia, your plastic surgeon will begin harvesting excess fat from the donor areas via liposuction. This will include at least one area, but likely more. The liposuction part of the BBL surgery can take anywhere from under an hour to over two hours.

Once your plastic surgeon harvests enough fat, other substances such as blood are removed from the fat and it is reinjected into the buttocks. Your plastic surgeon will take the time to be precise both to lower the risk of the surgery and to achieve your goal results. After all the viable fat is transferred, your plastic surgeon may stitch the liposuction access points and then you will slowly begin to wake up from surgery.


For the first twenty-four hours after your BBL, you will need the care of a caregiver. This can be a trusted friend or family member. After this period, you may still need help with some tasks, but do not need round-the-clock assistance. Some of what you can expect following BBL surgery include:

  • Wear compression garments in the liposuctioned areas
  • Avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for a few days
  • Use your BBL pillow for several weeks
  • Bruising and swelling are normal
  • Walk as you can to keep blood flowing
  • Do not partake in strenuous exercise until cleared by your surgeon
  • Take between two and three weeks off work on average
  • Sleep on your stomach
  • Do not smoke during recovery

Patients can typically return to their Vancouver, B.C. home after their one week post-operative appointment. However, based on your individual healing, your surgeon may request that you stay longer. This will be discussed once your surgeon evaluates you during the consultation and pre-op appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What BMI Do I Need For A BBL?

Like with most elective surgeries, patients should have a BMI of around 30 or under. There are several exceptions to this. However, since a BBL requires the removal of fat, patients with a BMI under 25 may not be candidates. Therefore, sometimes patients have to lose or gain weight to get the results they want from a Vancouver BBL.

The plastic surgeons at Northwest Face & Body do also specialize in combination tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift surgery for some patients. This could mean that a patient has a BMI over 30, but that a large amount of their weight is due to extra skin or factors outside of their control. Individualized screening and evaluation are required to determine if you are a good candidate for a BBL, regardless of your BMI.

Are There Different Types Of Brazilian Butt Lifts?

A skinny Brazilian butt lift is when the procedure is performed with less fat than a traditional BBL. This is generally in patients who only have a small amount of fat to harvest and cannot get dramatic results with their natural fat. Sometimes, it is used to describe when a patient only wants a subtle result and thus only a small amount of fat is transferred.

Additionally, if a patient does not have enough harvestable fat for fat grafting, a dermal filler such as Sculptra can be injected to increase the volume of the buttocks. While this procedure cannot provide the dramatic results of a traditional BBL, it is a great option for thin patients who want to augment their buttocks.

Is It Safe?

Brazilian butt lifts are safe. In the last decade, there has been controversy concerning their safety. New techniques and protocols were created to make the surgery safer, including injecting the fat only in the subcutaneous layer of the buttocks. This means placing the transferred fat between the skin and muscle without going into or beyond the muscle. When this occurs is when a BBL becomes higher risk.

With these improvements, a BBL still carries roughly the same risk as a tummy tuck. Therefore, it is a surgery that requires the right patient and surgeon for the highest amount of safety and success.

How Long Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

In theory, once the fat creates a healthy blood supply, the results are permanent. Though like all the other fat on your body, it is subject to lose, if you lose a significant amount of weight, it could come off in the buttocks as well. Therefore, it is recommended that patients maintain a steady weight as much as possible after BBL surgery.

What Is The Cost Of A BBL?

The starting cost of a Brazilian butt lift at Northwest Face & Body for Vancouver residents is $4,000. This includes one area of liposuction. Additional areas will incur more costs. This also does not include travel or lodging expenses. We do work with outside financing and can offer discounts at certain local lodging locations. You can find all of our pricing on our price list.

The Best Brazilian Butt Lift Vancouver Residents At Northwest Face & Body

Northwest Face & Body has served the Pacific Northwest for over three decades. Providing high quality plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Northwest Face & Body aims to help all of our patients achieve their cosmetic goals. As one of the leading and most experienced providers of BBLs, Northwest Face & Body provides the best Brazilian butt lift Vancouver residents can get.

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 425-576-1700. You can also reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.