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Breast Augmentation 2023 In Bellevue & Kirkland

2023 is quickly approaching. With it will come an increase in breast augmentation surgeries and cosmetic procedures in general. Throughout the pandemic, the interest in plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures increased because people became more aware of their appearance due to more virtual correspondence.

However, since 2006, breast augmentation has grown steadily each year. In fact, it is always one of the most popular plastic surgeries performed globally each year. This is not slated to slow down. The breast augmentation market grows an average of 6% each year. Though, this is expected to rise in 2023 and the coming years. The global breast implant market is expected to grow by over 7% in the next five years.

History Of Breast Augmentation

Women throughout history have desired larger breasts. Various methods–both surgical and non-surgical–were performed to enhance the breasts. One of the more medically based procedures was injecting paraffin into the breasts. This is extremely dangerous and was quickly abandoned. Doctors then became experimenting with other materials such as sponges, wood, and even glass.

After World War II, industrial grade silicone became more popular. This eventually led to the creation of the silicone breast implant in the 1960s. (Today’s breast implants are thankfully medical grade which makes them even safer).

The first legitimate breast augmentation surgery was performed in Houston, Texas in 1962. A woman was given a modest increase in size from a B cup to a C cup. Following this, breast augmentation started to become more popular, especially among celebrities. Both silicone and saline breast implants were used until 1992 when concerns about the safety of breast implants came to the forefront. At this time, the saline breast implants market dominated and this contributes to the continued use of saline implants.

Early silicone breast implants did come with risks such as leakage and rupture. They were not as durable or strong as modern implants which posed risk to patients. However, after 14 years of studying and refining silicone breast implants, they were reapproved in North America in 2006.

The Future Of Breast Augmentation

Modern breast implants come with the lowest risk of complications of all previous implant choices. Known as gummy bear breast implants, they contain a more cohesive and firmer silicone gel which is more likely to hold together and stick to itself in the rare event of a rupture. This reduces the risk of silicone leakage and adverse effects. Many believe they also look and feel the most natural.

Beyond these safer and more modern breast implant options, breast augmentation is growing in popularity due to many factors including low weight breast implants that come with less risk of causing or worsening breast sagging. More patients are also undergoing surgery for breast cancer treatment or prevention. This has increased the rate of reconstructive breast augmentation surgeries.

Surgical innovation has also contributed to the growing number of breast augmentations. New techniques such as the transaxillary and transumbilical methods keep scars away from the breast which is an attractive option for many patients. The transaxillary method can sometimes even reduce post-operative pain and shorten recovery time.

In general, the availability of financing options, more disposable income, and some insurance plans covering reconstruction has allowed more people to access plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Prices In 2023

The exact cost of breast augmentation will depend on several factors. First, the type of breast implant you choose is the main determiner of breast augmentation price in 2023. Saline implants at Northwest Face & Body start at $4,995 and silicone breast implants start at $6,495. Breast implant size does not impact the price.

Occasionally, the technique may impact price. While most techniques are included in the starting price, if you also are having a breast lift or specialized technique, this may increase the cost. A consultation is the ideal way to get personalized and final pricing for a breast augmentation surgery in 2023.

The Best Breast Augmentation In 2023 At Northwest Face & Body

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Dr. Ludwig Allegra is an accomplished plastic surgeon who performs facial, breast, and body plastic surgery. He has performed countless breast augmentation surgeries and uses Vectra 3D imaging to help patients choose the perfect breast implants for their bodies and goals.

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