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Dimple Creation, Bellevue & Kirkland

Procedure Time
3-6 Hours

Recovery Time
2 week

Procedure Time

3-6 Hours

Recovery Time

2 week

Have you ever wanted those perfect, adorable dimples that subtly show when you smile or smirk? We all see dimples as a natural sign of beauty, laughter, and genuine connection, but only thirty to forty percent of the population are born with natural dimples. While achieving natural dimples may seem impossible, many cosmetic surgeons are starting to perform dimple creation surgery for those who want a signature, beautiful smile. 

At Northwest Face & Body, Dr. Philip Young creates beautiful dimples for every patient through advanced, precise techniques. His outstanding experience and deep knowledge of facial beauty sets him apart and make him one of the top dimple surgeons in Bellevue and Kirkland.

Dimple Creation Before & After Photos

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What Is Dimple Creation?

Dimple creation surgery Kirkland is an outpatient procedure that creates dimples in the cheeks when you smile. Dimples are a highly sought-after physical attribute that is only present in about thirty to forty percent of the population. 

Throughout history, dimples have been seen as a standout, stunning mark of beauty. Women and men enjoy a smile with dimples that create a soft, beautiful appearance. In truth, a dimple results from a muscular split in the cheek muscles. The cheek muscle, known as the zygomaticus major, sometimes splits under the muscle, creating the indentation when we smile. The split muscles create a hammock effect in the cheek, where the dimple sits. To get a similar indentation, Dr. Young uses a specialized incision technique to create beautiful dimples. 

Where Do Dimples Come From?

All dimples are inherited genetically and result from muscle or tissue structure differences. However, cheek dimples form when the cheek muscle is split in half, with a lower portion dipping in the middle. DImples are more noticeable when you smile due to the muscles contracting and increasing skin tension, making the hammock-like structure more apparent.

Some people only have one dimple on one side of the face rather than two. For those who want two dimples, Dr. Young can create a dimple that looks like the natural one you already have. While dimples are a genetic muscle difference, Dr. Young can create natural-looking dimples for every patient. 

Benefits Of Dimple Creation

Dimples are sought after for the beauty and distinct features they bring to the face. Dimples highlight the smile and add more depth to the facial structure. Dimple creation Kirkland is a quick procedure that gives patients a small but stunning facial enhancement. Some benefits of dimple creation include:

  • Creates natural-looking dimples
  • Highlights and accentuates the cheeks
  • Adds structure and contour to the face
  • Provides a distinct sign of beauty
  • An advanced technique that looks natural
  • Quick and effective surgery
  • Option for local or general anesthesia
  • Easy recovery
  • Performed by a top facial surgeon in Bellevue and Kirkland

Candidates For Dimple Creation

Truthfully, almost anyone is a candidate for dimple creation, as it is a matter of personal preference. If you always want adorable dimples when you smile, Dr. Young can create natural, beautiful dimples in your cheeks. Whether you desire deeper, larger dimples or smaller, more subtle ones, Dr. Young can help you achieve your dimple creation Bellevue dreams through incredible technique and precision.

Dr. Young’s Dimple Creation

Dr. Young has a unique understanding of facial beauty that provides in-depth insight into the standard of beauty. He published five medical journals on facial anatomy and the correlation between facial structure and position and how it impacts beauty. These journals are now known as The New Beauty Theory and have changed the way many look at cosmetic surgery. 

Through this, Dr. Young has created outstanding dimple creations in Kirkland that work with each patient’s unique facial structure. For dimple creation, Dr. Young’s understanding of the smile, facial dimensions, and indentation styles allows him to create the ideal dimples that are suited to each patient.

Dimple Shapes & Sizes

Dr. Young tailors the dimple size and shape to each patient’s facial anatomy and preference. Ideally, the smile dimples between the corners of the mouth to three centimeters before the earlobe. Depending on your facial structure and where your smile sits, the size of the dimple can be altered to fit your facial size. 

Patients can choose either square, circle, or rectangle for the dimple shape. Depending on the shape of your face and where your smile sits, a different shape may suit you better. However, it’s also based on your preference and what you want.

Selecting The Dimple

For your dimple creation, Kirkland, Dr. Young will show you what each dimple would look like during a consultation. By using a unique tool to create an indentation in the cheek, Dr. Young can show you what every dimple shape would look like on your cheek. He will also show you various sizes and help you find which size works best for your facial structure. 

Dr. Young’s Dimple Creation Technique

Dr.  Young uses a precise technique to create natural, stunning dimples for every patient. Dr. Young can put you under local or general anesthesia during your dimple creation Bellevue, depending on your preference. For cheek dimples, Dr. Young creates a four-point mark in the cheek and uses a needle to thread the skin tighter, going inside and outside the skin. 

The incision is hidden inside the cheek, and the skin is tightened, creating an indention in the muscle. The results of this surgery create beautiful, natural dimples for an adorable smile.

The Leading Dimple Creation Surgery In Bellevue And Kirkland

Dr. Philip Young is a double-board certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial cosmetic surgery. His advanced methods and outstanding work create beautiful results for every patient. He uses his in-depth beauty knowledge to tailor his surgeries to every patient and provide results that work with their facial structure. Dr. Young creates dimples that suit every face size and shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Dimple Creation Recovery Like?

The recovery for dimple creation Kirkland is generally minimal and requires little downtime. However, there will be some initial swelling for the first few days following the surgery. The swelling should subside after a few days. Additionally, the dimples may be visible without smiling for a few weeks before they settle into place.

How Long Does Dimple Creation Last?

Dimple creation is considered a permanent surgery, but the results can change with age or weight fluctuation. Gravity and changes in weight can reduce the significance of the dimples, but that can also happen to people with natural dimples. However, the surgery lasts a lifetime for many patients and provides them with excellent benefits.

How Much Does A Dimple Creation Surgery Cost In Kirkland?

Dimple creation surgery in Kirkland depends on your provider and any other surgeries you receive. However, with Dr. Young at Northwest Face & Body, dimple creations start at $3,000. Dr. Young can provide you with a custom quote during a consultation.