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Procedure Time

30 mins

Recovery Time

24 hours of modified routine

Brow Tinting Bellevue & Kirkland

Defining the eyebrows with makeup or other means often means darkening them to help them pop against the skin more. Regardless of skin tone or hair color, darkening or creating a thicker effect can result in more prominent eyebrows that enhance overall facial features. While makeup can do this, it requires daily application and can be time consuming. Treatments such as brow tinting now offer semi-permanent brow darkening. Northwest Face & Body provides the best brow tinting Bellevue and Kirkland.

Everything To Know About Brow Tinting

Brow tinting is the process of using semi-permanent dye to darken the eyebrows. Usually, it creates a look similar to the look of brows following makeup application, meaning that it looks natural, yet makes the brows pop. Some clients may want a more dramatic look which is also possible with brow tinting.

The entire process usually takes less than a half hour. Brow tinting is possible on almost any hair color and skin type. The tint will be perfectly applied to match your brow shape and is temporary. This means that if you choose to change the shape of your brows later, your tint will match. You also have the opportunity to choose a different tint shade with each appointment.

Tint Materials & Options

While you may occasionally hear of people using hair dye for their brows, this is not what is applied professionally. The hair of the brows and the skin of the face is much more sensitive and fragile than the skin and hair of the scalp. Also, due to the proximity to the eyes, gentler, often vegetable-based dyes are preferred for brow tinting in Bellevue.

Many brow and lash tints contain an ingredient called para-phenylenediamine (PPD). This is a somewhat common allergen. If you have a history of allergic reactions or this is your first time getting your brows tinted, your master esthetician may recommend a patch test first. Otherwise, the exact ingredients vary between brands, manufacturers, and even colors.

As far as color options, tints are ranging from darker blonde shades to black. Your master esthetician will examine your natural color and based on your goals help you choose the right shade for your brow tinting service.


Brow tints offer many benefits for both men and women wanting to enhance their eyebrow appearance. Among some of the advantages and benefits include:

Fuller, thicker looking brows

Darker brows

Appearance of brow makeup

Less time needed to apply makeup

Few risks

Natural brows unlikely to be damaged

No pain during or after treatment

Available to all hair colors and types

Immediate difference

Customizable and changeable at every appointment

Works well with a lash lift and tint

Brow Tint vs. Henna

Another common option for brow tinting is henna. Henna is a type of temporary body dye most commonly seen throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. It can be used as a brow tint. So, how does henna differ from a traditional brow tint? The table below compares the two to help you determine which may be the better option for you.

Brow Tint

Only tints the eyebrow hair

Results tend to last 2-4 weeks

Does not shape brows (but can be combined with a wax which does)

Works on all skin types

Not as effective on gray hair

Does not fill in gaps

Sometimes contains allergens or materials that are potentially irritating

Patch test recommended


Tints the hair and underlying skin

Results can last 6-8 weeks

Can shape the brows

Recommended for gray hair

Some skin types (like oily skin) may not see results last as long

Can fill in gaps in thinner brows

Derived from natural sources, though allergic reaction is possible

May be better for sensitive skin

Patch test recommended

While we do not offer henna brows at Northwest Face & Body, if our master estheticians believe that henna would better serve your goals, they may recommend it for you. Though, it is always a good idea to try out both to see which you prefer.

Before & After Brow Tinting


If you are interested in a brow tint, you will first come to Northwest Face & Body for a consultation. Your master esthetician will want to get a good understanding of your goals and may ask questions about your medical history and lifestyle. This can affect the tint’s efficacy as well as put you at a higher risk for irritation depending on certain conditions. Overall, most people are good candidates for a brow tint.

Following this discussion, if your master esthetician believes you are a good candidate, they will explain the procedure and your options. You will also receive a finalized price quote and preparation instructions. Your master esthetician may also administer a patch test to have you monitor before coming back for your brow tint.

The Tinting Process

Your master esthetician will begin your brow tint by cleansing the eyebrows and surrounding skin. While you should come to the appointment without makeup on or around the brows, this step removes environmental debris and built-up makeup. Following this, they will mix the dye based on your chosen color and lightly apply the tint to the eyebrows.

Once all of the hairs are fully coated, the tint sits for about five to ten minutes. After this, using a dry cotton pad or swab, they will gently remove the tint and may cleanse the eyebrows again. At this point, your tint is completed and you can continue on with your day.

A brow tint does not hurt and usually does not take longer than thirty minutes to complete. You will notice an immediate difference in the coloration of your brows.

Caring For Your Brows

To maintain your tinted brows, be mindful of the products and makeup you use. Oil-based products and cosmetics can break down the tint faster. Applying makeup is okay, but can sometimes cause the tint to fade faster.

The majority of the aftercare takes place the day of and following your Bellevue brow tint. Do not let your face get wet. Therefore, you will need to avoid sweating, showering (baths are okay), saunas, or similar environments. Usually, after 48 hours, you can return to your entire routine without worrying about compromising your tint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Can You Tint My Eyebrows?

For most people, eyebrow tints can be refreshed every four to six weeks. To protect your hair, you may want to let the tint completely fade and then wait an extra week or so. This prevents damage from over tinting or dyeing which damages the eyebrows.

However, everyone’s hair growth cycles are different. Therefore, some may notice they need to refresh their tint after two weeks, while others may go as long as eight weeks.

Should Your Eyebrows Match Your Natural Hair Color?

According to today’s beauty standards, no. Your eyebrows should be just a hair darker than the hair on your head. Typically, this is achieved by filling in the brows with makeup. Brow makeup is also commonly made to be slightly darker to make the brows pop against the skin.

This is why so many people love tinting. It creates this look without the need to put on brow makeup every day. Also, it can achieve dramatic results without the unnatural appearance using makeup strikingly darker than your natural hair color could result in.

Does It Work For Sparse Eyebrows?

Yes, a tint takes advantage of every brow hair you do have to great more prominent eyebrows. You may still need to supplement with makeup occasionally. Also, it sometimes does not last as long for those with sparse eyebrows. Microblading may be a better options for those with sparse brows.

Can Eyebrow Tinting Make You Look Younger?

Yes, aging can cause thinner, less defined brows. Eyebrow tinting can also keep them looking dark, longer than your hair does. With nicely darkened brows, it may also draw attention away from the lower face and neck which tend to sag with age. Fully gray or white brows may not take as well to tinting, but eyebrow tinting still offers anti-aging options.

How Much Is A Brow Tint At Northwest Face & Body?

The cost of an eyebrow tint and wax with a master esthetician at Northwest Face & Body is $99. The wax can help shape your brows into your ideal shape following the tint. To see more about our pricing and financing options, visit our price list and the Price Simulator app.

Get Picture Perfect Brows With The Best Eyebrow Tint In Bellevue & Kirkland

Northwest Face & Body features a proud 30 year history of serving patients in the Bellevue and Kirkland areas. Nestled on the shores of Lake Washington and centrally located, the picturesque office combines a serene and relaxing experience with medicine based treatments and procedures. Providing top-of-the-line plastic surgery, cosmetic injections, medical grade skincare, and esthetics, Northwest Face & Body offers the best brow tint Bellevue and Kirkland provide.

Our master estheticians have years of experience performing brow services, including eyebrow tinting. Having obtained their masters in esthetics, they have also have undergone medical training that allows them to perform treatments such as deeper chemical peels and RF microneedling. Along with these more clinic procedures, they also perform traditional esthetics and bring a higher degree of safety and professionalism to every treatment.

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