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Innovative 3D Imaging For Better Breast Enhancement



When considering a breast augmentation, it isn’t always easy to communicate exactly what you want from the procedure. You know your body better than anyone and it is difficult to describe your goals without a visual aid. In many circumstances, a visual aid is not possible to show you and your Kirkland plastic surgeon exactly what you want. But, at Northwest Face and Body, we utilize Vectra 3D imaging technology that allows you to accurately see what your implants will look like and how they will compliment your specific body.

What Is Vectra 3D Imaging?

Vectra 3D imaging is technology that scans your body and creates a 3D image of your body. With this 3D image, you and Dr. Allegra can simulate the look of different types and sizes of breast implants. It is also interactive and movable, so you can view the current and future look your breasts from multiple angles and even overlaid on top of one another.

Without this technology, other methods would allow you to try on implants under your clothes, but with Vectra 3D imaging, you can get a comprehensive view of what your enhanced breasts will look like before committing to surgery.

How Does It Work?

Vectra 3D imaging captures a 3D image of your body in just 3.5 milliseconds, which means you won’t have to stand still long for Vectra to get an accurate image. Once it is finished generating the image, you will have a photo of your breasts with accurate measurements and proportions.

At this point, Dr. Allegra will place landmarks on the image and select your desired type and manufacturer of breast implants. You can continue to try out different sizes, types, and manufacturers to find the breast implants that provide your desired results.

How Does Vectra 3D Imaging In Kirkland Benefit My Consultation?

Vectra 3D imaging benefits your breast surgery consultation in Kirkland by allowing you to see a visual and interactive manifestation of your breast augmentation results before undergoing surgery. Beyond this, Vectra 3D imaging helps you:

  • Gain confidence in your procedure
  • Become educated on your procedure and breast implants
  • Understand what to expect from your Kirkland breast surgery
  • Choose your type and size of implants

How Vectra 3D Imaging Helps Us:

While Vectra helps you see your results and better understand your breast augmentation surgery, it also provides Dr. Allegra with a guide for surgery. Vectra helps him better understand your goals and create a surgery plan that will provide you with the best outcome.

With the use of Vectra 3D imaging, you can feel confident that Dr. Allegra will fully understand your visions and desires for your breast surgery in Kirkland.

Will My Surgery Results Look The Same As The Image?

Yes, eventually. The final results from any breast procedure take a few months to fully show. Immediately out of the operating room, your breasts may not look exactly like the image created with Vectra, but within a few months and with proper care, your breasts should settle into their final position that you saw during your consultation with Vectra 3D imaging.

Can It Account For Multiple Procedures?

Vectra 3D imaging easily accounts for if you are receiving multiple procedures, such as a breast augmentation and lift. With just a few clicks, Dr. Allegra can easily show you the final results of both procedures.

During your consultation, Dr. Allegra may recommend another procedure in addition to your breast augmentation or lift. This can also be simulated on Vectra so you can make an informed decision about which surgical procedures you want to combine.

Can It Simulate All Breast Procedures?

Yes, whether you are coming to Northwest Face and Body for a breast augmentation, reduction, lift, or reconstruction, Vectra 3D imaging can provide you with a visualization of your results.

What About Breast Asymmetry?

Most women have some natural asymmetry to their breasts. Even if not noticeable, Vectra 3D imaging accounts for this when creating its 3D image and showing your final results. This state-of-the-art technology may also recommend other procedures based upon the measurements taken during the imaging process. These precise measurements provide you with the most accurate images of your future results so that you can make an informed decision based upon your body and goals.

Breast Consultation In Kirkland

During your breast surgery consultation at Northwest Face and Body with Dr. Allegra, he will listen to your goals for the procedure, discuss your medical history, and determine if you are a good candidate for your desired breast surgery. He will then lead you to the Vectra 3D imaging machine where you will stand for mere seconds while it takes detailed pictures and measurements.

Once finished, Dr. Allegra will utilize Vectra to provide recommendations for the size of the breast implant based upon your bodily proportions, however, you are free to view the results of any size implant. Dr. Allegra will guide you through your implant choices and show them to you, using Vectra’s various features so you can see your future results from every angle and in comparison to your current breasts.

To schedule a consultation for breast surgery with Dr. Allegra at Northwest Face and Body, call us at (425) 576-1700. You can also connect with us online via chat, our Price Simulator™ app, or our contact us page.