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What Is The Difference Between A Breast Augmentation And Breast Implants?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

July 14, 2023

Breast enhancement can refer to many different surgeries, results, and devices. Most commonly it refers to a breast augmentation surgery where Dr. Allegra enlarges the breasts. Again, there are many ways to perform a breast augmentation surgery including the use of the patient’s own fat and breast implants. Breast augmentation and breast implants are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to a boob job or breast enlargement. What is the difference between a breast augmentation and breast implants?

What Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are an FDA approved, medical device that increases the size of the breasts and can alter the shape. There are many surgeries that use breast implants. In general, breast implants are placed to create fuller breasts. Occasionally, implants may create a more shapely, or rounder breast. This can treat shape abnormalities such as tuberous breasts. Dr. Allegra also uses breast implants during breast reconstruction surgeries. For patients who underwent a mastectomy, or have deformed breasts, breast implants can reconstruct the breast for a more feminine natural look.Breast implants come in two main types: saline and silicone. Both types utilize a silicone outer shell. Saline breast implants are then inserted into the breast while empty. It is then filled with a sterile saline solution to the desired volume. Silicone breast implants come pre-filled and are filled with silicone gel. This gel mimics the look and feel of real breast tissue. In general, patients find that silicone breast implants look and feel more natural. They also are less likely to cause possible complications such as capsular contracture. The newest generation of silicone implants known as “gummy bear breast implants” offer an anatomical shape that contains more fullness towards the bottom like a natural breast. “Breast implants” refers to the implanted device itself. The surgical procedure can differ depending on the patient, their goals, and needs. At a consultation with Dr. Ludwig Allegra, he will use Vectra 3D imaging to help you choose the best breast implants based on your preferences and goals.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgery that uses breast implants to make the breasts bigger and create all around fuller breasts. The goals of breast augmentation will vary based on the individual patient and their anatomy. Some patients may be satisfied with the shape of their breasts and want to use breast implants for larger breasts. Other patients may want rounder and fuller breasts. And, even further, some patients may want more cleavage and projected breasts.Breasts implants are the most common way that Dr. Allegra performs breast augmentation. They can create a variety of shapes and sizes and offer the most consistent results of all breast augmentation methods. During a traditional breast augmentation, Dr. Allegra will make an incision in the inframammary fold, around the areola, in the armpit, or in the belly button. Through the incisions, Dr. Allegra will then place breast implants. Breast implants are not the only breast augmentation technique, however. Fat transfer to breasts consists of using liposuction to remove fat from donor areas such as the abdomen. The fat is then purified and injected into the breasts. This usually results in a more modest augmentation, but is also common among women wanting to fill in divots after a breast biopsy.Other methods of breast augmentation that do not use breast implants are usually performed simultaneously with a breast lift. For example, auto breast augmentation involves removing unnecessary skin and tissue. Your plastic surgeon will then carefully rearrange the tissues for a full, perky breast.

Difference Between Breast Implants And Breast Augmentation

All in all, the difference between breast augmentation and breast implants is that breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that enlarges the breasts. Breast implants are the medical implant that can achieve larger breasts. Breast augmentation does not have to use breast implants and breast augmentation is not the only surgery that utilizes breast implants.To learn more about breast augmentation or breast implants, call us at 425-576-1700. You can also connect with us online using chat, contact form, or our Price Simulator™ app.


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