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Breast Augmentation With Lift

Breast augmentation surgery is among the most popular breast enhancements. Using breast implants, the procedure can change the size and shape of the breasts. While breast augmentation can achieve many patient’s goals, for some women, breast implants alone may not address their concerns. Breast ptosis, or breast sagging, cannot always be corrected with breast implants. Sometimes, implants can make the appearance of saggy breasts worse. What can be done in this situation? Can women with sagging breasts still get breast augmentation surgery? Luckily, the answer is yes. Often, combining a breast lift with augmentation can provide these patients with the correction and results they want. Dr. Ludwig Allegra of Northwest Face and Body offers breast augmentation with lift in Kirkland and Bellevue.

Breast Augmentation With Lift: Overview

Essentially, a breast augmentation with lift combines the placement of breast implants with a breast lift. The lift restores the youthful position of the breast and nipple and removes excess”hanging tissues”. This will result in some degree of reduction. The addition of an implant acts as a shaping “foundation” underneath the breast tissue to restore fullness and augment shape. This is particularly true in the upper pole where there is commonly a loss of fullness over time. Overall, this results in a much more youthful “perkier” appearance. One also may notice that clothing fits more comfortably and elegantly.

The surgery is commonly performed on women who have experienced volume loss due to pregnancy, nursing, weight loss, and the general affect of gravity over time. Individuals who have had significant sun exposure are also more prone to losing good support. All of these situations can contribute and alter the look of the breasts in a way that patients do not like. It also is often part of a mommy makeover surgery which primarily targets the breasts and abdomen.

Both surgeries are highly customizable and vary from patient to patient. In a consultation with Dr. Allegra, he will review all of your breast implant options and breast lift techniques.

The use of highly sophisticated imaging technology also allows for a very good simulation of the likely outcomes and helps with implant selection. He will work with you to build the plan for the best breast augmentation with lift in Kirkland.

Kirkland Breast Implant Options:

At Northwest Face and Body, we offer many types of breast implants. Each implant type can provide a wonderful result and each may offer advantages to every patient. The most basic variance in breast implants is between saline and silicone implants.


Saline breast implants encompass the most popular implants prior to the reintroduction of silicone implants in 2006. Women who received breast augmentations between 1992 and 2006 in the United States likely have saline implants. They are somewhat less expensive than silicone gel and if they leak it tends to be immediately evident. There is however a somewhat greater tenancy to leak and in most cases, there is a slow loss of volume that can amount to a small percentage loss per year.

Many women also find that they do not look or feel as natural as silicone implants. There is also a greater tendency to feel or see a rippling or scalloping effect. This type of implant may be ideal for some patients and Dr. Allegra can discuss if saline implants are the best type of breast implant for you.


Silicone breast implants are the most studied medical device in the world and are the breast implant largely preferred today. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and projections, silicone breast implants are versatile and can fit any body type. At Northwest Face and Body, we offer three main types of silicone breast implants, distinguishable by the type of silicone gel they use: standard gel, XTRA gel, and gummy bear gel implants. This roughly corresponds to soft, medium, and firm implants.

Kirkland gummy bear implants are the newest and most advanced in breast implants. They are a popular choice due to their high rate of safety and the natural results they can provide. In general, silicone breast implants now have fewer instances of rupture and overall complication rates.

Any breast implant can complement a breast lift. During your consultation with Kirkland plastic surgeon, Dr. Ludwig Allegra, he can explain the different implant options and which may work best for your anatomy and goals.

Breast Lift Techniques:

The technique that Dr. Allegra will use to perform your breast lift will depend on the degree of breast ptosis you have and your preference. Although, for more extensive breast lifts, less invasive techniques will not produce optimal results.

The least invasive option which works best for mild ptosis or sagging nipples is the crescent lift. This involves a small crescent shaped incision just above the nipple. Dr. Allegra will then reposition the nipple for a more perky and lifted look. Usually, this results in a minimal incision line and can complement a breast augmentation well.

The next type of breast lift incision is a vertical breast lift. This includes an incision circling the nipple with a vertical incision from the nipple to the infra-mammary fold. This corrects a moderate amount of breast ptosis.

Finally, one of the most common breast lift options is known as an anchor breast lift. This adds an incision in the infra-mammary fold allowing for more precise “tailoring” of the breast shape. The anchor breast lift technique treats nearly every stage of breast ptosis.

Breast Augmentation With Lift Before And After

Before Surgery

At your consultation at Northwest Face & Body, Dr. Allegra will listen and review your concerns in detail. He will then perform detailed measurements and then state of the art 3D imaging to help you best determine the potential outcome. The imaging technology allows him to closely approximate the real outcome from a lift and then the degree of augmentation that will be best for you. We will also conduct a thorough screening and evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for a breast augmentation with lift.

Once you are deemed a good candidate and schedule surgery, the nursing staff will contact you and perform a detailed review of the procedure and provide detailed preoperative instructions. Some basic preoperative testing may be required along with possible medical clearance as indicated.

Breast Lift With Augmentation Surgery

On the day of your Kirkland breast augmentation with lift, you will come to Northwest Face & Body’s Medicare certified facility. The anesthesiologist will place you under general anesthesia and continue to monitor you throughout the surgery.

Dr. Allegra will perform your breast lift with the chosen technique. He will remove excess skin and tissue to correct breast sagging and restore the nipple position promoting a more youthful result. The breast implants are placed helping to create the degree of desired fullness as Dr. Allegra performs the breast lift. This allows him to cater the breast lift to your new contours and breast size.

We will provide the initial bra that will be used for the first weeks.


Ultimately, this is a very gentle procedure with minimal blood loss resulting in minimal bruising or swelling. There is generally little discomfort.

Dr. Allegra will see you the following morning to carefully check all areas and be sure that you are recovering normally. Most sutures dissolve by themselves; however, the sutures placed around the areola are easily removed in 1 week.

Most patients are very mobile even the following day and can resume driving in 1-2 days. Depending on one’s work demands many are able to resume activities in a matter of days. Some patients may require more time off based on their job and individual healing process. Generally, you should avoid lifting anything over ten pounds and strenuous exercise for at least two weeks following surgery.

The Kirkland Breast Augmentation Experts

Dr. Allegra at Northwest Face & Body has over three decades of experience in cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentations and breast lifts. As one of Kirkland’s and Bellevue’s best cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Allegra strives for the best results using the least invasive methods. He is double board certified by The American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and The American Academy of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Ludwig Allegra at Northwest Face & Body, call us at 425-576-1700 or contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Reduce The Size Of My Nipples?

Most of the time, yes. During a routine breast surgery, Dr. Allegra can usually address the size of the nipples, if desired. This is best discussed during a consultation where Dr. Allegra can evaluate whether a nipple reduction is viable during your procedure.

What Are The Degrees Of Breast Ptosis?

There are three “degrees” or “grades” of breast sagging.

  • I: Slight sagging, the areola typically 1-2 cm lower than its youthful position but still above the projected breast crease. This grade can sometimes be treated with breast implants, or perhaps with an added “crescent” lift.
  • II: Moderate sagging, where the areola is closer to the breast crease, An implant alone will rarely achieve the ideal result and a lift is generally needed.
  • III: Moderately-severe sagging, the areola is below the infra-mammary fold.
  • IV: Severe sagging with the areola often pointing down.

Some breast conditions can exist in tandem with sagging such as asymmetry. Others can be mistaken for breast ptosis like pseudoptosis or anatomically low breasts.

Is Combining Surgeries Safe?

Combining breast augmentation and lift is perfectly safe in healthy people. Dr. Allegra will determine if you are a good candidate for combining surgeries during your consultation. It offers many benefits and can shorten the overall recovery time when compared to undergoing multiple surgeries.

What Is The Scarring Like?

The amount of scarring seen after a breast augmentation with lift depends on many factors. Firstly, the type of breast lift you underwent will determine where the scars are placed on the breasts. Secondly, your individual healing process and whether you are prone to scarring. Finally, caring for your incisions per Dr. Allegra’s instructions after surgery can promote less visible scars.

In general, breast lift with augmentation scars heal well. For examples of what to expect from scarring after breast augmentation with lift surgery, you can view before and after photos in the breast lift with augmentation photo gallery.

Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Augmentation With Lift

When is a breast augmentation with lift favored over a breast augmentation? The answer depends upon the patient’s goals and anatomy. Small amounts of breast ptosis can sometimes find adequate treatment with the right selection of breast implants. However, with higher degrees of breast sagging, only a lift will provide the best results. At a consultation with Dr. Allegra, he can evaluate if you have breast ptosis and to what degree, as well as whether you should pair a breast augmentation with a lift.