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The earliest signs of aging usually manifest in wrinkles that form during facial movements and expressions. For example, lifting your brows may cause horizontal lines across your forehead. Relaxing the brow makes these wrinkles disappear, but over time, they will become deeper and more visible until they are permanent. One of the top ways that patients treat these types of wrinkles (known as dynamic wrinkles) is with neuromodulator injections. One neuromodulator option is Dysport. Northwest Face & Body offers the best Dysport Bellevue and Kirkland provides.

Overview: What Is Dysport?

Dysport is a neuromodulator injection that relaxes dynamic wrinkles and may prevent future wrinkle formation. Comparable to BOTOX, Dysport is also made of Botulinum toxin A and features only subtle formula differences from BOTOX. Otherwise, the two procedures may look nearly identical with injections performed in a clinical environment.

As a whole, neuromodulator injections are among the most performed cosmetic procedures in the world. Millions of injections are performed every year in the United States alone. Men, women, and adults of nearly every age undergo injections to look younger and improve the look of their faces.

How Neuromodulators Work

Botulinum toxin A–the main ingredient in all neuromodulators–is derived from the neurotoxin that causes botulism. In its infective form, the toxin causes paralyzation. Neuromodulators take advantage of this by injecting small, concentrated forms of Botulinum toxin A into selected muscles.

When injected into the muscles, it prevents them from making unnecessary and involuntary movements. Patients can still show expression and use the muscles, but the range of motion and micro-movements are generally limited.

Neuromodulator technology also has many medical uses. For example, it can treat many muscle spasm disorders, limb spasticity, cervical dystonia, prevent migraines, and reduce sweating from hyperhidrosis. While BOTOX is more frequently used for medical treatments, Dysport also can treat many of the same ailments and concerns.

Dysport vs. BOTOX

The differences between BOTOX and Dysport are largely minute differences in formulation. The products function in the same way and both utilize Botulinum toxin A. Some patients will see better results with one over the other. Our injectors may recommend trying both to find which one works best for you. The table below details some of the differences between BOTOX and Dysport.


  • Made by Galderma
  • FDA approved in 2009
  • May show results as quickly as 10 days
  • Spreads more
  • FDA approved to treat glabellar lines
  • Generally more cost effective


  • Made by Allergan
  • FDA approved for cosmetic use in 2002
  • Full results in 14 days
  • Spread more concentrated
  • More overall FDA approvals
  • Tends to be more expensive

In addition to the many differences between BOTOX and Dysport, there are also many similarities. Both products last around two to six months, though individual patients may find that one lasts longer than another. Both options can treat many of the same areas and concerns such as frown lines and forehead lines. The injections themselves are also largely the same and can take place in as little as ten or fifteen minutes.

Ultimately, the choice between BOTOX and Dysport comes down to the patient’s choice. Each can provide fantastic results with a non-invasive procedure. Your injector will discuss the differences, similarities, and which one may benefit you best during your consultation.


Dysport comes with many benefits and advantages. As one of the most popular cosmetic treatments globally, neuromodulators are widely considered one of the most beneficial and least invasive cosmetic procedures. Among some of the benefits of Dysport in Bellevue include:

  • Lessens the appearance of wrinkles
  • May prevent wrinkles long term
  • Safe and effective
  • Can treat multiple areas of the face at once
  • May benefit in the treatment of migraines, hyperhidrosis, and TMJ
  • Good at treating larger muscles due to a bigger spread
  • Nearly painless treatment
  • Treatment can take less than 15 minutes
  • Versatile procedure
  • More cost effective than similar treatments
  • Provides better results for some patients
  • Easy to combine with other injections such as dermal fillers

Before And After Dysport Injections In Bellevue


At a Dysport consultation at Northwest Face & Body, you will meet with one of our injectors to discuss your concerns, goals for treatment, and medical history. First, they will want to know the areas you are concerned about. This will allow them to determine if Dysport is the right treatment, or if another type of treatment may provide you better results.

Next, they will want to know your goals for treatment. Again, this allows your injector to evaluate the best treatment. It also may impact the amount of Dysport units you need. Finally, they will perform a brief exam of the area and ask about any relevant medical history. This promotes the safest and best possible treatment.

Once your injector determines you are a good candidate for Bellevue Dysport injections, they may perform the injections during the same appointment. If not, you can then schedule your appointment.


Before administering the injections, your injector will disinfect the treatment areas with an alcohol wipe. They will then offer numbing cream. This does add time to your appointment and most patients do not feel too much discomfort. After this, your injector will begin Dysport injections. Typically, this takes anywhere from five to fifteen minutes.

As mentioned, patients tend to remain fairly comfortable during their injections. Your injector may also ask you to make certain expressions such as raising your eyebrows or scowling. This lets them inject in the best possible place based on your anatomy.

Aftercare & Results

When they finish your injections, they will provide aftercare instructions. Some of these instructions may include:

  • Avoid strenuous exercise for about 24 hours
  • Limit sun exposure
  • Do not touch the treated areas
  • Avoid bending or laying down for a few hours after the injections
  • Do not visit saunas immediately after
  • Take Tylenol for any post injection soreness

The effects Dysport injections will take between ten and fourteen days to become finalized. If this your first time getting Dysport injections, your injector may want to see you about two weeks after the procedure to gauge the results and inject more units of Dysport if necessary. You may start to see results sooner than two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Dysport Last?

Dysport tends to last between two and six months. This varies largely on the individual patient and how quickly their body breaks down the Dysport. Generally, patients need between two and four Dysport treatments per year to see lasting results.

Various factors can contribute to how long Dysport lasts for you. For example, a patient’s metabolism and lifestyle contribute to Dysport’s longevity in their body. If you have a fast metabolism or work out multiple hours every day, you may need to refresh your Dysport more often. Additionally, some people who regularly use Dysport may develop a tolerance to it. In these situations, the patient may find better results from another neuromodulator option.

Where Can You Use Dysport?

Dysport can safely be used nearly anywhere you use BOTOX on the face. Areas that patients can benefit from BOTOX include:

  • Glabella
  • Forehead
  • Brows
  • Jaw
  • Crow’s feet (Corner of the eyes)
  • Bunny lines (Nose)
  • Chin
  • Neck

Is Dysport Safe?

Dysport is widely considered to be safe. It comes with few risks and is performed millions of times every year. Since the results are temporary and the substance harmless in the doses administered.

Can It Cause Headaches?

Dysport can sometimes cause headaches after treatment. They are generally temporary and will go away within a few hours to days. These headaches should also not be overly painful or unbearable. Patients can take Tylenol to treat any headaches following Dysport injections at Northwest Face & Body.

Neuromodulators as a whole are sometimes used to prevent and reduce the frequency of chronic migraines. Chronic migraine sufferers may undergo neuromodulator injections as part of their treatment.

How Much Is Dysport?

Dysport in Bellevue at Northwest Face & Body starts at $219 for 60 units and $299 for 90 units. The final cost of your Dysport injections depends on how many units you need and the number of injection sites. Your injector can provide a more accurate estimate after a consultation.

Northwest Face & Body does work with Aspire, Galderma’s rewards program that can save you money if you are a loyal Dysport user. We also work with three outside financing companies including Care Credit, Alpheon, and United Medical.

The Best Dysport Injections In Bellevue And Kirkland At Northwest Face & Body

Northwest Face & Body is a premier plastic surgery center and clinic in Kirkland, WA. Providing the best surgical and non-surgical treatments available, Northwest Face & Body is the top destination for injectable products in the Pacific Northwest. With years of experience with neuromodulators including Dysport, our injectors provide the best Dysport Bellevue and Kirkland offers.

Dr. Ludwig Allegra oversees our injectors and performs many injections himself. He has decades of experience performing cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, as well as thousands of injections. He has used Dysport for over a decade and provides patients with his amazing expertise and skill.

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