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Tirzepatide Weight Loss Program, Bellevue

With weight loss medication rising in popularity and demand, many people have started looking for the most effective options. Although many variants of weight loss prescriptions exist, Tirzepatide is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after medications. This is due to the efficiency of the treatment and reduction of the side effects. 


At Northwest Face & Body, the providers understand the gravity of weight loss and the detriment obesity can pose to one’s health and quality of life. Through research, dedication, and practice, the providers have formed one of the highest quality Tirzepatide weight loss programs that can be curated to fit each patient’s needs.

Tirzepatide Explained

With the first-generation weight loss medication, like semaglutide, patients saw a steady decrease in their weight over time. This is because semaglutide works with one hormone that responds to food consumption. While these medications are effective weight loss solutions, the second generation has raised the bar with its composition and hormone interaction. 


Tirzepatide is a second-generation weight loss drug that interacts with two hormones that control brain function in response to eating habits. The scientific breakdown of this medication is extensive, so here is what patients need to know. First, two primary hormones, the GLP-1, and GIP hormone receptors, interact with our food as we eat. They send notes to the brain, telling the body when it’s full and when to continue eating. 

Tirzepatide mimics these hormone receptors and tells the brain that the stomach is full much faster. This allows patients to decrease their food intake and feel satisfied quickly. Second, Tirzepatide interferes with the amount of stomach acid produced, which slows digestion. This keeps the patient feeling sated for extended periods of time. 

Finally, it encourages healthy insulin and blood glucose levels for patients. This is an excellent aid for those with type 2 diabetes but can also prevent heart disease or significant complications for other patients.

Tirzepatide Or Semaglutide?

Tirzepatide weight loss patients wonder if one medication is better. Although many aspects are personalized to the patient, like genetics and medical history, early studies have seen a significant increase in weight loss for Tirzepatide patients. Because Tirzepatide is a dual hormone-receptor substitute, it can reach more areas of the system and help treat the underlying weight gain issues. Additionally, the side effects of Tirzepatide are less frequent and often mild. Tirzepatide seems to work at a higher capacity and has more significant results. 


However, semaglutide is still a highly successful weight loss medication that benefits many patients and provides incredible results. The Northwest Face & Body providers can help patients find the best treatment option.

Benefits & Side Effects

There are astonishing benefits that come with tirzepatide injections in our weight loss program.  Though a healthy lifestyle benefits everyone, many struggle to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. And in the age of crash diets and extreme workouts, finding the right balance that prevents constant weight fluctuation can be challenging. Tirzepatide weight loss patients experience many benefits such as:

  • Considerable loss of weight (sometimes over 15%)
  • Reduction of hunger and binge eating
  • Less desire to snack throughout the day
  • Can boost metabolism function
  • Aids people with weight gain conditions to lose weight
  • Reduces lapses in dedication for patients, creating a healthy lifestyle
  • Easily administered injections
  • Reduced severity and longevity of side-effects
  • Personally curated diet and workout programs
  • Meant for effective, long-term use
  • Self-administered injection
  • Consistent, monthly follow-up appointments with a Northwest Face & Body provider to ensure patient’s success

The side effects of Tirzepatide treatment are often mild and highly temporary. However, there are some possible side effects, including:

  • Heartburn
  • Stomach queasiness
  • Fluctuation in the stool when going to the bathroom
  • Fatigue
  • Itching or redness at the injection location

There are always risks when beginning a new medication. However, the risks of Tirzepatide injections are highly uncommon. Patients may experience a severe allergic reaction to the medication, lips, tongue, and throat swelling, or infection. It can also increase the chances of kidney complications. The providers ensure every Tirzepatide weight loss patient can safely begin the program.

Bellevue Tirzepatide Weight Loss Details

There are three steps in the Tirzepatide weight loss program at Northwest Face & Body: consultation, personalized treatment, and monthly check-in appointments. The consultation will help the provider determine if the patient can safely begin the treatment and provide insights on the best plan for them. Once cleared to begin the program, patients will begin their Tirzepatide injections and receive generalized nutrition and workout plans. After the program’s first month, patients will begin their monthly check-ins with their provider, who can adjust the dose and plan based on their physical reaction and success.

Tirzepatide Consultation Expectations

The consultation Tirzepatide for weight loss Bellevue patients can be attended in person or over a video call. Before the Northwest Face & Body provider begins the program, they will require detailed information on the patient’s medical history, past and recent medication, family medical history, and prior weight loss techniques. They will use this information to ensure the patient can safely begin the medication.

Another reason for the consultation is so the provider can understand the patient’s struggle with weight loss and specific needs. That way, they can find the best options for dosage, diet, and exercise that will promote the best results.

Tirzepatide Injections

Tirzepatide injections are self-administered weekly in a different area of the body. Patients will attend an in-person or virtual visit so the provider can walk them through the injection process. Self-injections can make some patients nervous, but after thorough instructions and demonstration, patients will have nothing to worry about. The injections should be rotated thighs, upper arms, and stomach weekly. However, trusted Tirzepatide injection providers at Northwest Face & Body can always administer the weekly injection if the patient chooses. 

Bellevue Tirzepatide Lifestyle Program

The nutritional and exercise program is suited to help the patient experience the best results from tirzepatide. Depending on their daily routine and nutrition, certain patients may need to make more changes than others. The weight loss providers at Northwest Face & Body recommended beginning with minor changes and working up to substantial ones. Some diet recommendations may include:

  • Increase intake of healthy fats (olive oil, walnuts, almonds, or pecans)
  • Decrease intake of saturated fats (butter, fatty red meat)
  • Add fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes to daily meals
  • Lower dairy intake and avoid high-fat dairy (cheese)
  • Decrease red meat consumption
  • Add lean protein like poultry or fish

Exercise should be something you enjoy, not another task to check off the list. Additionally, if a patient is not used to regular exercise, they will start off slow to promote healthy change. Taking the stairs, going for walks, and moving your body is an excellent starting point. Dancing or cleaning the house can burn calories without you even realizing it.

Expending more calories than you are consuming will help you steadily lose weight and change your life. Adding weight training or higher-intensity workouts can benefit the Tirzepatide medication and promote sustainable body weight as you grow through the program.

Follow-Up Appointments

One of the best ways to promote patient success is through dedicated care and progress updates. The Northwest Face & Body provider will hold monthly check-ins that allow them to customize the tirzepatide dosage based on the patient’s progress and response to the medication. Doctors and providers are on call 24/7, going above and beyond prescribing a medication. They are always available to help and guide patients through their weight loss journey.

Bellevue Tirzepatide Cost

Northwest Face & Body offers two different options for Tirzepatide weight loss medication. 


  • Tirzepatide weight loss program – $750 a month for the consultation, medication, supplies, monthly check-ins, diet and exercise program, and 24/7 access to on-call doctors. 
  • Name Brand weight loss program – Tirzepatide is a generic version of the medication, so patients who want the name brand will have to go through a pharmacy of their choosing once they receive the prescription. This program is $199 (not including the price of the medication) but still includes the consultation, monthly check-ins, diet and exercise program, and 24/7 access to on-call doctors.   

The Leading Tirzepatide Provider For Weight Loss In Bellevue

Northwest Face & Body is a prestigious plastic surgery center and medical spa in Lake Washington. Close to Bellevue, the center delivers every patient’s leading Tirzeaptide weight loss program.

Experienced providers can help patients achieve their goals and transform their lives with both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

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