Can Kybella Define Jawline?

Can Kybella Define Jawline?
Alisan Keesee
March 28, 2022
Can Kybella Define Jawline? | Northwest Face & Body

Kybella--an injectable form of deoxycholic acid--is a non-surgical way to dissolve small amounts of fat. It is primarily used to treat the appearance of a double chin. Along with reducing a double chin, Kybella can improve the profile of the face and promote a slimmer appearance. When patients learn of these benefits they often wonder, “Can Kybella define jawline?”The simple answer is yes, if you have the right anatomy. An undefined jawline can have many causes, one of which includes submental fullness. When injected with Kybella, over time, the injections dissolve the fat for a more defined and proportional chin appearance. When this fullness is addressed, this may reveal the true projection and contours of your chin. The chin largely affects the jawline and so when the fullness recedes, the jawline may look more defined. If you have both submental fullness and a recessed chin, you may benefit from Kybella injections in addition to chin augmentation with either fillers or an implant. This can dramatically improve and define the appearance of the jawline. Ultimately, your injector or plastic surgeon at Northwest Face & Body can determine the best treatment route given your anatomy and goals.To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-576-1700. You may also reach out online via Price Simulator®, chat, or contact form.

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