How Long Do Fillers Last In The Chin?

How Long Do Fillers Last In The Chin?
NWF Team
March 8, 2023
How Long Do Fillers Last In The Chin? | Northwest Face & Body

How Long Do Fillers Last In The Chin?

Dermal fillers have many uses. One of the lesser known filler procedures is chin filler that augments the chin for more defined and balanced facial features. However, unlike chin implants, chin fillers are not permanent. This leads to the frequently asked question, “How long do fillers last in the chin?

The answer depends on the type of filler injected and your individual biological metabolism. On average, chin filler lasts between six months and a year. For some patients, it may last over a year, and some people may need to refresh their filler every three or four months. The fillers most likely to last the longest in the chin are Restylane Defyne and Juvederm Ultra Plus.

The biological factors cannot often be changed. However, there are ways to account for them. Eating well, exercising (but not too much), and avoiding touching the area. Additionally, follow the aftercare instructions your injector gives you, as this will promote the best and longest lasting results. 

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