Is Kybella Only For The Chin?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra
Dr. Ludwig Allegra
March 8, 2023
Is Kybella Only For The Chin? | Northwest Face & Body

Is Kybella Only For The Chin?

Kybella is an injectable form of deoxycholic acid that over time can break down small pockets of fat. Currently, it is FDA approved for use on submental (under the chin) fat, this is where it is most frequently used. However, knowing that other similar small pockets exist around the body, patients often ask, “Is Kybella only for the chin?”

There are trials and studies underway to determine Kybella’s safety and efficacy in areas such as the jowls, underarm, inner thighs, flanks, and other areas. While the only FDA approval is only for submental fat, it is likely that Kybella is safe to use in other areas. In fact, it is frequently used off label in the bra roll area.

The majority of Kybella injections at Northwest Face & Body are for under the chin. However, as the FDA continues its trials, more areas may become available for treatment with time. Our injectors frequently perform Kybella injections and are familiar with the techniques to garner the best results.

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Dr. Ludwig Allegra
Dr. Ludwig Allegra
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