What Does BOTOX In The Masseter Do?

What Does BOTOX In The Masseter Do?
NWF Team
March 8, 2023
What Does BOTOX In The Masseter Do? | Northwest Face & Body

What Does BOTOX In The Masseter Do?

Most people are familiar with Botox in the forehead and other parts of the face to address wrinkles. However, Botox has other cosmetic uses, including in the masseter. Considering the area does not wrinkle and Botox cannot treat sagging skin, patients often ask, “What does Botox in the masseter do?”

When Botox is injected into the masseter muscle, it can slim the face temporarily. The masseter muscle is responsible for moving the jaw upward and can become overdeveloped. This can create an overly square jaw. Even for those where the masseter is not part of the reason why the jaw is undefined, Botox can still slim the jaw.

With continued and consistent treatment, it can begin to weaken the masseter muscle so that the results last longer. It can also make more permanent alterations. Movement of the masseter muscle is not hindered after the initial healing period.

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