What Fillers Are Used In The Temples?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra
Dr. Ludwig Allegra
March 8, 2023
What Fillers Are Used In The Temples? | Northwest Face & Body

What Fillers Are Used In The Temples?

Temple filler is a procedure that consists of dermal filler injections into the temples. Not only can this address age-related volume loss, but it can also help lift the corner of the eyes and create a heart-shaped face. When considering the procedure, patients often ask, “What fillers are used in the temples?”

In most cases, hyaluronic acid fillers are utilized for temple filler. This includes options such as Restylane and Juvederm. Though, in some cases, semi-permanent fillers such as Sculptra and Radiesse are used. These fillers may be favored in patients with extreme facial thinning due to age or illnesses that cause facial thinning.

When it comes to hyaluronic acid fillers, thicker fillers are often preferred because the filler needs more filler on average to see the desired results. Juvederm Voluma and Restylane Lyft are two hyaluronic acid options frequently used in temples. Occasionally, an injector may recommend another filler depending on the patient’s anatomy and goals.

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Dr. Ludwig Allegra
Dr. Ludwig Allegra
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