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Do I Have to Keep Wearing This?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

July 14, 2023

Finding an Alternative to Your CPAP Device

For those of you who know what a CPAP device is, the odds are you either know someone that uses one, or you, yourself use a CPAP device. A CPAP, orcontinuous positive air pressure machine, is a device that is often used for the treatment of sleep apnea – a condition characterized by a blockage in a person’s airway during sleep. The device consists of an air mask that takes up a good majority of the face when worn, and is connected to a tube in a machine that sits near your bed.You may have seen one on television, and if you now know what a CPAP is, you’re either glad that you don’t require one or are currently dreaming of an alternative. Well, this blog is for the latter and for those who may find themselves fighting problems with sleep apnea in the future.

Why People Don’t Like CPAP Devices

Sleep apnea can be a frightening condition at times, especially for your partner who lies there anxiously waiting for your breath to return. People suffering from the sleeping disorder often use the CPAP machine to keep their airways open so that they breathe easier throughout the night. However, using a CPAP device as treatment for your sleep apnea can be loud and embarrassing. This leads to major non-compliance issues because patients try to avoid the device, and don’t wear it as often as they should. Some have even experienced ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems from the machine, such as nasal congestion and earaches.Some of those who use the device see it as unsightly, uncomfortable, and even not worth using. Luckily, there are alternatives.

CPAP Alternatives in Seattle

Surgically Treating Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is caused by an obstruction in the airway, and surgery eliminates the blockage to help keep your airway open as you sleep. Makes sense right? The first step to sleep apnea surgery is for your ENT specialist to identify the exact location of the obstruction, which can range from the nasal vestibule to the trachea. The obstruction can then be treated based on its location [Read more about these specific treatments here]. This approach is one cpap alternative in Seattle.


Somnoplasty uses a revolutionary Somnus Device – nothing like the CPAP device – that treats sleep apnea using focused radiofrequency energy. The device is inserted into the soft palate tissue at three different sites, each taking just about two minutes to treat (a far more appealing option than the lifetime commitment that comes with a CPAP device). The treated tissue is heated by the energy, creating a sub-mucosal legion which is absorbed naturally by your body in about a month’s time. This process leads to a reduction of the obstructive tissue that caused your sleep apnea. Somnoplasty has had excellent results with a success rate of at least 95 percent.For more information on effectively treating your sleeping disorders, click the button below to speak with one of our board-certified ENT physicians in Kirkland. Northwest Face and Body offers SOMNOFIX™, a program that works to generate a treatment plan just for you.


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