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Does A Brow Lift Cause Headaches?

Brow Lift FAQs: Addressing Post-Surgery Headaches

A brow lift is a rejuvenating procedure that allows patients to regain the structure of their eyebrows. While a brow lift has many outstanding aesthetic benefits, some patients worry that the procedure could cause headaches.  While the first initial days after surgery may come with some discomfort and headaches, this should fade. The headaches are […]

How to Increase Breast Sensitivity: Safe and Effective Strategies

How to Increase Breast Sensitivity

How to Increase Breast Sensitivity After any breast surgery, it is normal to feel numbness or a loss of sensation. This is normal in the surgical area after any type of surgery. Of course, breast sensation is often a concern for patients who want to maintain breast sensitivity. In nearly all cases, patients will see […]

Healing and Progress: Observations at 7 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck Bellevue—especially when compared to other cosmetic surgeries—can come with an intense recovery period. Thankfully, after three to four weeks, patients begin to return to most of their normal activities. However, they will still need to wear their compression garments and refrain from any strenuous activity. Usually, by eight weeks, patients can return […]

Which is More Popular? Global Trends in Ozempic Vs. Mounjaro For Weight Loss

The public often scrutinizes popular weight loss medications and offers judgment for those who take them. However, these semaglutide weight loss medications provide incredible benefits for those who struggle to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Both medicines are gaining popularity globally and have specific differences and benefits that can work for different patients.    […]

What Size Breasts Qualify For A Reduction?

What Size Breasts Qualify For A Reduction

A breast reduction can be a life-changing procedure that brings relief to many patients. It can relieve back pain and create a newfound sense of confidence and comfort. However, many unanswered questions exist, especially what size breasts qualify for a reduction.   Most cosmetic surgeons do not require breast size qualifications for a patient to […]