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How Do Weight Fluctuations Affect Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

March 12, 2024

Everyone has experienced weight fluctuations at one time or another. If you were to keep a log of your daily weight, you would notice slight variations in the numbers on your scale. This change is normal and generally has little to no effect on a person’s appearance. If you plan to undergo or have already undergone a Brazilian Butt Lift, how will weight fluctuations affect the results?

During a BBL, the surgeon will use liposuction to remove fat from donor areas of the patient’s body. These are usually areas like the thighs, hips, waist, or abdomen–places that typically have sufficient fat. After purifying the fat cells, the surgeon will inject them into the patient’s backside. This procedure provides extra lift and firmness to the buttocks, creating volume and a curvy profile.

Natural weight fluctuations won’t affect the outcome of a BBL; however, significant weight changes can alter results. If you gain weight, the added fat cells expand, causing the area to enlarge. The fat cells will shrink if your weight decreases, possibly diminishing your original results. You can maintain your BBL results with a healthy diet and exercise routine.


Dr. Ludwig Allegra

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