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How To Reduce Masseter Muscle Without Botox?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

December 12, 2023
Reduce Masseter Muscle Without Botox

The masseter muscle is one of the largest muscles in the face. There are two masseters on each side of the face and they serve the important role of aiding jaw movement including chewing. It is surprisingly strong and active. The masseter also frequently grows and reduces in size based on how much movement occurs. Most people will have normal sized masseters, but others can experience overgrown masseters which make the face look square, more masculine, and sometimes asymmetrical.

Botox Bellevue is often considered one of the most effective options for treating an overgrown masseter and slimming the face. With strategic and consistent injections into the masseter muscle, the muscle can weaken back to its original size. But, can you reduce the masseter muscle without Botox?

Causes Of An Overgrown Masseter

To understand the potential treatments for large masseter muscles, you need to understand the reasons why it can happen.

  • Overuse: People who frequently chew gum or similar foods may inadvertently strengthen their masseter muscle more than they wanted.
  • Teeth Grinding: Involuntary teeth grinding is a fairly common condition that most often occurs during sleep. This causes the masseter to become overworked without you even noticing it. Teeth grinding can also cause tooth pain and sometimes is comorbid with TMJ.
  • TMJ Disorders: TMJ is a class of disorders that often includes issues such as jaw locking and clicking. It can cause pain and issues with jaw movement.
  • Genetics: Some people simply have a larger masseter muscle than others.

While there are other possible conditions that may cause a larger masseter, these are the most common. Your provider may want to know about other aspects of your health to help find the ideal treatment for you.

Treatment Options Other Than Botox Bellevue

If an enlarged masseter is due to a habit like gum chewing, reducing how much you do the activity will usually reduce the size of the muscle over time. For teeth grinding or clenching, dentists can provide guards that help prevent it, but they are not always effective at preventing an overgrown masseter because they are designed to protect your teeth. But, it can still help reduce the full range of movement.

Botox is also a treatment for TMJ. Therefore, if a patient also presents with TMJ, your provider may recommend Botox injections because it can address both concerns. If naturally large or if someone likes the appearance (men often like enlarged masseters because it can look more manly), a filler can be used to balance out the other facial features around the masseters.


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