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Operating Room Nurse

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Position Summary:Do you truly believe that treating every individual as a VIP is the right way to go? Our medical team is looking for a full-time Operating Room RN that fits our mission and unique environment of our hard working, fast growing plastic surgery practice & ambulatory surgery center. Every member of our team plays a crucial role in fulfilling our promise to our patients. From receptionist to nurse, from administrator to surgeon, patients can (and do) rely on our ability to meet their needs reliably, together as a team. If you are a dynamic person that thrives in a learning environment and takes pride in your work and customer service, we'd like to hear from you.Experience in plastic surgery and the operating room is not required for this job, we are dedicated to education and we will teach you the skills you need to succeed at this position.Primary Job Functions:
  1. Supervises, directs, and provides patient care in an individual operating room.
  2. Ensures proper techniques and practices are used according to accepted standards of practice.
  3. Supervises other personnel in the Operating Room (OR) and directs or assists as necessary.
  4. Immediately reports any unusual occurrences to the Surgeon or Anesthesia provider, documents appropriately in the patient record, and completes incident reports if indicated.
  5. Performs scrub duties as necessary
  6. Maintains counts on sponges, sharps, and instruments as necessary
  7. Performs all circulating duties with efficiency and speed.
  8. Prepares OR for each patient
  9. Has all supplies and equipment in OR and provides to team as necessary
  10. Opens all sterile packs and supplies according to aseptic technique
  11. Reviews surgeon’s preference cards for desired medications and verifies same with surgeon
  12. Performs patient identification verification according to established policies and procedures
  13. Positions patient and adjusts table to proper position
  14. Ensures patient safety and comfort with safety devices and appropriate positioning aides
  15. Performs or supervises surgical preps
  16. Assists surgeons, anesthetists, and other personnel as needed to ensure good patient care
  17. Ensures all medications are administered and charted according to established policies and procedures
  18. Monitors, records, and communicates patient condition as appropriate
  19. Evaluates patient responses to treatments and interventions
  20. Follows Anesthesia Order Record and Physician Order Record
  21. Follows Verbal Order policies and procedures
  22. Takes vital signs according to established policies and procedures
  23. Provides age and culturally appropriate care
  24. Reacts rapidly to signs of negative physical changes, calling for assistance when necessary
  25. Communicates patient information verbally to anesthesia personnel, surgeons, and Surgery Center team members
  26. Promptly reports adverse events and medication errors
  27. Cares for specimens and maintains Pathology Log
  28. Cares for implants and maintains Implant Log
  29. Maintains records of procedures and reports any unusual occurrences
  30. Provides orderly progression of schedule and notifies Surgeon of any delays
  31. Assists with transfer of patients from OR table to RR stretcher
  32. Accompanies patient to RR and reports on patient condition and any special happenings to ensure continuity of care
  33. Follows Standard Precautions, using personal protective equipment as required
  34. Provides for continuity of individual patient care
  35. As time allows, reviews patient record to facilitate knowledge of patient, condition, and needs
  36. Performs Patient Verification Audit prior to surgery
  37. Institutes Time Out procedure in OR prior to every surgery
  38. Assists in control and maintenance of supplies and equipment
  39. Assists or directs stocking supplies in OR at conclusion of surgery day
  40. Records needed supplies in Supply Book for re-ordering
  41. Manages implant stock
  42. Breaks down, or assists in break down, of sterile field at conclusion of surgery
  43. Removes and disposes of contaminated and used items in appropriate receptacles
  44. Disposes of sharps in appropriate container according to established policies and procedures
  45. Performs cleaning, or assists in cleaning, of the OR according to established policies and procedures
  46. Ensures contaminated instruments are moistened prior to sending to Decontamination Room
  47. Assists in control of traffic and personnel to ensure proper control of infection and asepsis
  48. Assumes accountability and responsibility for own work performance and those under immediate supervision
  49. Observes assigned work schedule and hours
  50. Performs competently in new situations
  51. Maintains good rapport with fellow team members, physicians, and anesthesia personnel
  52. Performs duties in a professional and pleasant manner
  53. Follows Surgery Center dress code regarding clothing, jewelry, artificial nails, and hair coverage
Secondary Job Functions:
  1. Assists in orientation and training of new personnel
  2. Assists in OR staff development and education
  3. Assists in evaluation of all OR activities, nursing care given, and of personnel and techniques
  4. Performs duties in Recovery Room (RR) and Admission as scheduled
  5. Assists in narcotic inventory and record keeping as requested
  6. Reviews and updates surgeon’s preference cards as needed
  7. May be required to perform other related duties for which qualified
Requirements Of Position:
  1. Working hours prior to 0700 and after 1700 depending on needs of the Company
  2. Must be able to withstand:
  3. Unpleasant smells, sounds, and sites
  4. Working in rooms with wide temperature variations
  5. Frequent hand washing
  6. Knowledge that breaks and lunch periods are variable in timing
  7. Ability to perform work that may require frequent standing, bending, reaching, squatting, kneeling, moving, and lifting of patients and/or equipment up to 50lbs.
  8. Requires using an assistive device or physical assistance for any lifting over 35lbs.
Other Skills and Abilities:
  1. Knowledge of Scope of Practice
  2. Knowledge of Patient Rights
  3. Knowledge of the Surgery Center fire and safety regulations, electrical hazards, disaster plans, and infection
  4. Control policies
  5. Knowledge of HIPAA
  6. Knowledge and understanding of the Surgery Center policies and procedures and their application
  1. High school or GED graduate required
  2. Active Registered Nurse License
  3. Current BLS required
  4. Current ACLS required
  5. Current PALS preferred
  6. If applicable, current standing with all company training, certifications, and/or Washington State licensing requirements

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