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Recovery Time

2 weeks

Brazilian Butt Lift Portland | Northwest Face & Body

A curvy hourglass figure is largely considered the ideal feminine body type in today’s society. Due to various factors like athleticism, weight loss, having children, and the natural aging process, many women can lose volume in the buttocks and gain it in other areas. While not everyone is born with a curvy figure, volume loss can make them seek a fat transfer procedure. This is known as a Brazilian butt lift, or BBL. Northwest Face & Body provides the best Brazilian butt lift Portland performs.

Brazilian Butt Lift Overview

Brazilian butt lift surgery is a fat transfer procedure that uses liposuction to harvest fat from various areas of the body. The fat is then cleaned and injected into the buttocks to increase volume, roundness, and projection. The exact placement will depend on the patient’s anatomy and goals. At one point, only patients with a good amount of fat were candidates for a BBL. Now, with better liposuction technology, many thinner patients can undergo the procedure.

The surgery is a few hours long and performed under general anesthesia. Patients can choose to combine their BBL with another procedure. They must be candidates for both and can withstand an extended surgical session.

Traveling To Northwest Face & Body

Northwest Face & Body is located in Kirkland, WA, approximately a four hour drive north of Portland, Oregon. Why travel to Northwest Face & Body for your Brazilian butt lift? Northwest Face & Body has served the Pacific Northwest for over three decades. With some of the top providers of plastic surgery, injectables, and medical skincare, Northwest Face & Body is the prime location. You can meet some of the nation’s foremost experts in BBL and body contouring surgery.

The office also offers unique accommodations for out-of-town patients. For example, Northwest Face & Body works with local hotels to offer discounts to patients. The team can arrange or recommend various other necessities such as caregiving and transportation services.

Few plastic surgery offices offer concierge services to make their patients feel at home and as comfortable as possible. Northwest Face & Body always goes the extra mile to accommodate patients.

Benefits & Risks

A Brazilian butt lift procedure comes with many benefits for qualifying patients. While the main focus of the surgery is buttock augmentation, it affects the overall contours of the body. Some benefits patients may experience following BBL surgery include:

  • Larger buttocks
  • Increased buttock projection
  • Enhanced roundness or shape
  • Creation of an hourglass figure
  • Restoration of lost volume
  • Reduced fat in donor areas
  • Enhanced body contours
  • Correct asymmetry
  • Minimizes the appearance of cellulite
  • Natural looking and feeling results
  • Immediate results
  • Ability to fill out clothing as desired
  • Safe and effective
  • Performed by a top BBL surgeon with years of experience

Any surgery comes with risk. For most good candidates, there is minimal risk associated with Brazilian butt lift surgery. Regardless, patients need to understand the risks before undergoing the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will thoroughly discuss this with you before surgery.

From Top To Bottom: Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery


The first step to getting the best BBL is to schedule a consultation at Northwest Face & Body. The office offers both in-person consultations at one of our three locations or virtual consultations via FaceTime or Skype. The consultation will remain nearly the same regardless of the option you choose.

When you meet with your plastic surgeon, they will first want to know about your concerns and goals. This helps them understand your desired results. After this, they will review your medical history and relevant lifestyle aspects. Finally, they will perform a physical (or visual in the case of a virtual consultation) examination of the area. This helps them get an idea of what is possible based on your current body.

After this, your plastic surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate. They will also describe the results you can expect such as an estimation of the amount of fat possible to harvest. Before the end of the appointment, you will receive personalized pricing and financing information.


Your plastic surgeon will provide you with pre-operative instructions as well as logistical arrangements to make. Some of the preparations they may recommend include:

  • Ceasing the use of certain medications or supplements
  • Make hotel reservations
  • Arrange childcare if necessary
  • Ensure you have a caregiver
  • Obtain any necessary clearances
  • Fill your prescriptions and get any supplies needed for recovery
  • Do not eat after midnight the night before surgery
  • Wear loose clothing to surgery
  • Make sure to take an appropriate amount of time off work

Otherwise, on the day of surgery, your preparations will take place mostly in the office. The Northwest Face & Body team will run the initial tests necessary and take your vitals. Once cleared for surgery on the day of, your plastic surgeon will make markings and review the surgical plan with you.


A licensed anesthesia provider will place you under general anesthesia. Your plastic surgeon will begin liposuction in the agreed upon areas. Common liposuction areas for a BBL include the abdomen, flanks, thighs, waist, and lower back. The liposuction process may take a couple of hours to break up and harvest the necessary amount of fat.

Once your plastic surgeon finishes liposuction, they will clean the fat of blood and other bodily substances. Using a technique known as fat grafting, they will then use a liposuction cannula to inject the fat into the buttocks. This obtains the desired shape and size of the buttocks.


Portland Brazilian butt lift patients will receive customized instructions based on their procedure. Patients from out of town stay until at least one week after surgery to ensure good healing. BBL recovery instructions often include:

  • Do not sit on your buttocks for several weeks
  • Use your BBL pillow to avoid placing pressure on the buttocks
  • Wear compression garment
  • Take prescribed medications
  • Attend all post-operative appointments (can happen virtually once cleared to go home)
  • Do not partake in any strenuous exercise or activities until cleared
  • Do not smoke
  • Monitor your side effects
  • Stay hydrated

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Return Home?

Generally, your plastic surgeon will want you to stay in town for at least one week. Though, you should be prepared to stay longer or commute. Your plastic surgeon may want to continue seeing you in person to monitor your condition and healing. Most patients can return home in a week or less.

What Do BBL Scars Look Like?

Brazilian butt lift incisions consist of liposuction cannula entry points which are usually extremely small. For many patients, the incisions will heal well and not scar. However, if they do, they are small scars that are hidden well within your natural body contours. Your plastic surgeon will recommend a scar regimen called Scar Protocol to start during your recovery to promote minimal scarring.

What Is ‘Fluffing’ After A Brazilian Butt Lift?

The term “fluffing” is used to describe the period of healing that usually occurs somewhere around two months after surgery. During this “fluffing period,” the skin of the buttocks stretches to accommodate the transferred fat. This leads to the buttocks taking on a look much closer to the expected final result.

It is called “fluffing” because the buttocks should begin to look and feel softer. Much of the fat has likely created a healthy blood supply and taken permanent root in the area. This is when many patients truly become enamored with their results.

Can Your Body Reject The Fat?

No, not in the traditional sense. Since the fat comes from the patient’s own body, the body will not reject it. However, if the fat fails to create a healthy blood supply in the transferred area, the body will absorb it. This is expected to happen to an average of 10% to 30% of the fat.

Your plastic surgeon will account for this expected absorption by transferring slightly more fat than necessary. This maintains your desired size, shape, and projection while accommodating the natural healing process.

How Much Is A Portland BBL?

In Portland, the average cost of a Brazilian butt lift is $9,500. At Northwest Face & Body, the starting cost of a BBL is $4,000. This includes one area of liposuction and additional areas will incur additional costs. Still, this is significantly below the Portland average and makes coming to Northwest Face & Body more feasible.

Northwest Face & Body works with outside financing companies including Care Credit and United Medical Credit. This helps give you flexibility in scheduling your Brazilian butt lift. Gender affirming Brazilian butt lift surgery may be covered by insurance.

The Best Brazilian Butt Lift Portland Offers

Northwest Face & Body has served the plastic surgery needs of the Pacific Northwest for over three decades. Providing high quality plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Northwest Face & Body aims to help all of our patients achieve their cosmetic goals. As one of the leading and most experienced providers of BBLs, Northwest Face & Body provides the best Brazilian butt lift Portland residents can get.

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 425-576-1700. You can also reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.