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1 week

Breast Augmentation Vancouver, BC | Northwest Face & Body

The breasts are one of the areas of the body that uniquely define a feminine physique. Therefore, many feminine-identifying people seek to enhance the size, shape, and projection of the breasts. For decades, the best and most effective way to do this in most cases is by inserting breast implants. For Vancouver residents, Northwest Face & Body offers accommodations and the best breast augmentation Vancouver, BC offers.

Breast Augmentation Basics

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that places implants into the breasts. This helps increase size, enhance the shape, correct asymmetry, and make other cosmetic enhancements. Sometimes breast augmentation is considered a reconstructive procedure. For example, when recreating the breasts after mastectomy, addressing birth defects, or injuries to the breast.

There are many techniques for inserting breast implants, including through the inframammary fold, areola, underarm, and belly button. The most common incision is in the inframammary fold. Additionally, most breast implants are placed under the pectoral muscle because it has a lower complication rate and tends to look more natural.


People seeking breast augmentation have several motivations and reasons why they may want breast implants. While obviously a personal decision, many patients share experiences that lead them to seek surgery. Some of the common motivations for breast augmentation include:

  • Achieve a more feminine figure
  • Correct breast asymmetry
  • Improve overall body contours and proportions
  • Fit into bras and clothes better
  • Increase breast size due to naturally small breasts
  • Restore lost breast volume
  • Reconstruct the breasts after mastectomy or injury
  • Help alleviate gender dysphoria for transgender women and other feminine identifying people
  • Improve self-confidence

Often patients have multiple reasons they are considering breast augmentation. Dr. Allegra and the surgeons at Northwest Face & Body have extensive experience performing breast augmentation for a variety of reasons on a diverse set of patients.


Breast augmentation offers many benefits to patients. Due to different motivations, patients will often see different benefits. However, some of the advantages and benefits of breast augmentation include:

  • Larger breasts
  • More/better defined cleavage
  • Symmetrical breasts
  • More feminine figure
  • Use of 3D software to choose the ideal implants
  • Both dramatic and natural results are possible
  • Variety of surgical and implant options
  • Safe procedure
  • Viable for most healthy patients
  • Can help treat gender dysphoria
  • Quick surgery
  • Fairly easy recovery
  • Complications rare
  • Long lasting results
  • Performed by a plastic surgeon with over two decades of experience in breast surgery

Choosing The Right Breast Implants

Picking the right type of breast implant, as well as the ideal size, are vital for getting the results you want. Dr. Ludwig Allegra and his team will help you determine the best breast implants for your anatomy and needs. If you have an in-person consultation or come down for sizing, Dr. Allegra can use Vectra 3D imaging to scan your breast tissue and body. This helps visualize your results with various implant types and sizes.

Sizing is fairly straightforward after determining the type of breast implant you want. Below you can find a detailed comparison of each implant type.


Saline breast implants consist of an empty silicone shell. Once the implant is placed into the breast, Dr. Allegra then fills it with saline solution. There are a few benefits to choosing saline breast implants:

  • Can be overfilled safely to achieve the desired size (in some cases)
  • Rupture is nearly immediately evident
  • Approved for patients 18 and over
  • Require a smaller incision
  • Saline filling poses no risk to the body


The most popular choice for breast augmentation is silicone implants which many believe look and feel softer than saline implants. They come pre-filled with a silicone gel and are inserted whole. Silicone breast implants are generally more durable and last longer than saline in many cases. Some of the benefits of choosing silicone gel filled implants include:

  • Tends to have a more natural appearance and feel
  • Durable
  • Consistent results
  • Less likely to ripple or wrinkle

Gummy Bear

Gummy bear breast implants—also known as highly cohesive gel implants—are the newest generation of silicone implants. The gel is firmer and sticks to itself better than previous implants. This increases the safety of silicone implants. It makes the implant less likely to leak in the rare event of a rupture. Among the benefits of choosing gummy bear implants include:

  • Anatomical shape available for the most natural appearance
  • Mimics natural breast shape and feel
  • Thicker gel filling
  • Lower rate of capsular contracture

From Beginning To End: Vancouver Breast Augmentation

Consultation Appointment

Before undergoing Vancouver breast augmentation procedure, you will need to meet with Dr. Ludwig Allegra for a consultation. This appointment allows Dr. Allegra to determine if you are a candidate, discuss your goals, and let you get to know Dr. Allegra. This initial consultation can be done in person or virtually. If you do choose a virtual appointment, you may come for sizing or size at your pre-operative appointment.

In the consultation, you will discuss your goals, medical history, aspects of your lifestyle, and any other questions or preferences you may have. If Dr. Allegra determines you are a good candidate, you will go on to talk about your breast implant options and the surgical techniques. Before leaving the appointment, you will receive a customized price quote and financing information, if desired.


On the day of surgery, you will change and undergo basic testing before surgery. You will then meet with Dr. Allegra for surgical markings. Then a licensed anesthesia provider will place you under general anesthesia.

Dr. Allegra will then make the pre-discussed incision. After excising beneath the chest muscle, Dr. Allegra will create a pocket for the breast implant. Using a Keller funnel and the no-touch method, Dr. Allegra will insert the implant into the pocket. He may then make mild adjustments to the positioning of the implant.

Repeating this process for the other breast, Dr. Allegra will ensure symmetry and proper placement before stitching the incisions. You will then begin to slowly wake up from anesthesia and be transferred out of the operating room to a more comfortable recovery area. You will remain here until fully awake and stable, usually, this takes one to two hours.


For the first day after your breast augmentation, you will need to remain under the care and supervision of a caregiver. You will likely feel groggy and may start feeling pain as the anesthesia wears off. After the initial 24 hours, you do not need a caregiver anymore in most cases.

You will need to refrain from strenuous exercise for two weeks. Also, continue to avoid lifting or upper body exercises for about six weeks. Many breast augmentation patients can return to non-physical jobs in a week. Dr. Allegra will evaluate your condition at your post-operative appointments to clear you for work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Techniques Does Dr. Allegra Use?

Dr. Allegra and the plastic surgeons at Northwest Face & Body are skilled in all surgical techniques for breast augmentation. This includes:

Northwest Face & Body can also accommodate gender affirming breast augmentation surgeries. Our surgeons follow WPATH guidelines for all gender affirming and transgender procedures.

How Do I Know If I Need A Breast Lift With Augmentation?

The easiest way to identify if you need a breast lift with augmentation is to look at the position of your nipples. If they point downward, you may benefit from a lift. Breast implants cannot prevent breast sagging and can worsen existing sagging if not taken care of.

Dr. Allegra will examine your breasts during your consultation. This allows him to identify any breast sagging. In some cases, where sagging is not pronounced, some patients may be candidates for a specialized breast augmentation technique that helps lift the breasts. However, this is only the case in a small number of patients with breast sagging.

Is Breast Implant Rupture Common?

The rupturing of a breast implant is fairly rare. However, it does become more likely the longer you have your implants. Newer implants are much less likely than older breast implants. Additionally, if a breast implant does rupture, it is much less likely to leak or cause major health issues due to the cohesive gel.

Why Travel To Northwest Face & Body For Breast Augmentation?

Northwest Face & Body is located in Kirkland, WA, only a few hours drive from Vancouver, B.C. It has served patients from all around the Pacific Northwest for three decades. Dr. Ludwig Allegra and his team are seasoned professionals who have years of experience and expertise in breast plastic surgery.

Additionally, Northwest Face & Body accommodates patients traveling from Vancouver. We offer virtual consultations and post-operative appointments whenever possible. Our office also works with local hotels and accommodations to help streamline your visit to Washington State.

Some financing companies do work with patients from Canada. We can help you apply and answer questions as possible. You can find more information about our virtual consultations, financing, and pricing on our website.

What Can I Expect From The Scarring?

Even when inserting a filled silicone implant, the average breast augmentation scar is generally around three to four centimeters long. For saline breast implants, it may be smaller. However, the exact size of the incision and scar will depend on the size and type of implant as well as your anatomy.

Breast augmentation scars are usually within natural creases and folds of the body such as the inframammary fold or armpit. Most undergarments and clothing cover the scarring. As far as healing, this is dependent on your health and body. Northwest Face & Body does offer their proprietary scar system, Scar Protocol that helps minimize the appearance of scarring.

What Is The Cost Of Breast Augmentation With Dr. Allegra?

Breast augmentation at Northwest Face & Body starts at $4,995. Silicone implants start at $6,495. This is significantly less expensive than the average cost of breast augmentation in Vancouver which ranges between $8,400 and $9,800. To find out full pricing, visit our price list.

The Best Vancouver Breast Augmentation At Northwest Face & Body

Northwest Face & Body is a leading plastic surgery practice in Washington State. With over thirty years of serving surgical and non-surgical patients, Dr. Allegra and his team provide high quality care. Located on the shores of Lake Washington, enjoy your stay in the picturesque nature of the lakeside.

Dr. Ludwig Allegra first opened Northwest Face & Body in the 1980s. He has continued to refine his techniques and keep up to date with the latest and safest techniques. Northwest Face & Body continues to offer a welcoming and affirming environment to all patients from all around the world.

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 425-576-1700. You can also reach out online via chat, contact form, and Price Simulator.