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Encompassing the bottom third of the face, the chin is an important part of facial anatomy. Patients often notice when their chin projects too much or carries extra fat, but a recessed chin can be more subtle. For example, a patient may come in wanting jaw filler and leave with chin filler because the chin impacts the sharpness of the jawline. Therefore, the chin can impact facial appearance in more ways than patients expect. The injectors at Northwest Face & Body offer the best chin filler Bellevue and Kirkland provide.

Overview: What Is Chin Filler?

Chin filler, also referred to as non-surgical chin augmentation, is a procedure that uses dermal fillers to add projection to the chin. The treatment can also address many cosmetic concerns and alter the shape of the chin. It is a non-surgical alternative to a silicone chin implant.

Traditionally used to fill in lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers also function as a way to add natural feeling volume to the face. Other similar procedures include cheek fillerjawline filler, and nose filler. All of these treatments use fillers to add or restore volume to features of the face.


The best way to determine if you are a candidate for a Bellevue chin filler procedure is to consult with an experienced injector. After a conversation and physical examination, they can determine the procedures most appropriate for you and your goals.

In general, a good candidate for chin filler is healthy, non-smoking, and have clear goals for their face. Dermal fillers come with few risks and therefore is a safe procedure for most people.

Patients prone to scarring, with certain major medical conditions, or better treated with other procedures may not be a candidate for non-surgical chin enhancement. As mentioned, the best way to determine candidacy is to consult with an injector at Northwest Face & Body.

What Can Chin Filler Do?

Bellevue chin filler can achieve many cosmetic effects. It can dramatically increase projection as well as fill in small chin dimples. Among the results non-surgical chin filler can provide include:

  • Make the chin bigger
  • Increase the projection of a recessed chin
  • Alter the shape of the chin
  • Improve overall facial contours
  • Fill in wrinkles
  • Address a dimple or cleft chin
  • Create a more chiseled chin
  • Define the jawline
  • Improve facial symmetry

Fillers are malleable and your injector can often massage them into place following injections. This provides a customized procedure that molds your chin filler to your natural anatomy. Results can range from incredibly subtle to dramatic. Our injectors will personalize your treatment to the results you want.

Chin Filler vs. Chin Implant

Dermal fillers for the chin mimics the results of a well known facial plastic surgery known as chin augmentation. Surgical chin augmentation involves the placement of an implant to permanently change the shape and size of the chin. Which procedure is better?

Whether the surgical or non-surgical route is best for you will largely depend on your goals and anatomy. As an injector and Bellevue plastic surgeon, Dr. Ludwig Allegra can provide insight on which procedure will provide the best result.

It is not uncommon for patients to try chin filler first to try out the look of an augmented chin before committing to an implant. Patients who continually undergo filler injections may also eventually opt for a chin implant. However, for patients correcting a dimple, an implant is likely unnecessary. The table below can provide some more insight into the two procedures.

Chin Filler

  • Uses temporary dermal fillers
  • Quick procedure
  • Little to no downtime
  • Nearly no recovery
  • Non-invasive
  • Little no risk of scarring
  • Best for minor concerns and corrections
  • Small limitation on the amount of projection achievable
  • No general anesthesia necessary
  • Lower initial cost
  • Temporary results
  • Larger candidate pool

Chin Implant

  • Places a permanent silicone implant
  • Surgical procedure
  • Local or general anesthesia required
  • Downtime and recovery necessary, though minimal
  • Can achieve more dramatic results
  • Implants customizable to each patient’s anatomy
  • Depending on goals, may be more cost effective in the long run
  • Permanent results
  • Better for larger concerns with the chin and jaw area
  • Smaller pool of candidates

Chin Filler Before And After

Consultation With An Injector

At a consultation for chin filler at Northwest Face & Body, your injector will determine if you are a candidate for the procedure. First, they will ask you about your concerns with your appearance and goals for treatment. They will then inquire about the medications you take and any medical conditions you have. Finally, they will examine your chin and surrounding structures to conclude if you are a good candidate.

If your injector believes chin filler will benefit you, they can often perform the injections the same day as your consultation. You and your injector can then discuss the filler options for your non-surgical chin augmentation.

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation Procedure

To begin your Bellevue chin filler procedure, your injector will use an alcohol wipe to cleanse the injection sites. This reduces the small risk of infection and removes debris from the skin. If you prefer, they will spread a numbing gel on the injection sites to ease discomfort during the procedure. Also, many hyaluronic acid filler formulas have lidocaine which reduces pain as well.

Using a needle or thin cannula, your injector will then inject the filler. They will precisely inject to promote a symmetrical and desirable outcome. Based on the specificities of your procedure, there may be multiple injection sites.

You can expect the injections to take around fifteen to thirty minutes. If you have undergone chin filler at Northwest Face & Body before, the procedure may take less time. For a combined consultation and injection appointment, we schedule an hour to ensure you have enough time to get all your questions answered.

Recovery And Aftercare

The chin–due to its position at the bottom of the face–is slightly more prone to swelling than other areas of the face. Therefore, your immediate results may look larger than the final results a few weeks after. Other side effects can include bruising, itchiness, redness, and general discomfort. These side effects should not interfere majorly with your daily life and subside within two weeks.

Following the procedure, you can return to work and most daily activities. You should avoid exercise for at least twenty four hours and careful of strenuous activities for a few days. These activities can worsen side effects. Other instructions your injector may give you can include:

  • Sleep on your back if possible
  • Avoid ibuprofen and aspirin for a few days
  • Do not touch or massage the chin unless instructed
  • Avoid sun exposure and intense heat (such as saunas)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Chin Filler Last?

The amount of time you can enjoy the results of your chin filler will depend on many factors. Firstly, fillers vary in thickness. Thicker fillers such as Juvederm Voluma tend to last longer than thinner fillers like Restylane L. Generally, you can expect chin filler to last anywhere from six months to two years.

The length of time results last also depends on the type and amount of filler you receive. Hyaluronic acid fillers tend to not last as long as Radiesse and Sculptra. However, these are not commonly used for chin augmentation.

What Filler Is Best For The Chin?

For chin and jaw filler, thicker fillers are preferred since results need to look and feel more like natural bone structure. Therefore, Juvederm Voluma and Restylane Lyft are popular choices. These are by no means the only choices. Our injectors will help you choose the best filler for your procedure.

How Does Chin Augmentation Improve The Jawline?

Adding projection to the chin can elongate the jaw which can create a more defined and slimmer jawline. For people happy with the wideness of their jaw and who want a sharper jawline, chin filler may allow them to achieve this. Jaw filler is another non-surgical option for enhancing the jawline. Some patients may opt for both procedures depending on their goals.

When Will I See Results?

Due to swelling and the settling of the filler, it takes around two weeks for patients to see their final results. If you smoke, tend to swell excessively, or have a condition that suppresses the immune system, it may take longer. Most patients will see results in two weeks. Your injector is happy to answer any questions and monitor your progress.

Are There Any Risks?

It is important to remember that chin filler is a medical procedure. Non-surgical chin augmentation with filler carries the same risk as other injections. Major complications or reactions to chin filler is rare and unlikely when following the directions of your injector. This is also why it is important to tell your injector your full medical history to ensure you have a low risk of any complications.

The possible risks of chin filler are infection, prolonged swelling or pain, and an unsatisfactory result. All of these are easily managed at home or briefly in our office. More major risks are unlikely.

Get A Stronger Chin With The Best Chin Filler In Bellevue And Kirkland

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