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Asian Rhinoplasty Seattle

Procedure Time
3-6 hours

Recovery Time
Approx. 1 week

Procedure Time

3-6 Hours

Recovery Time

2 week

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Asian Rhinoplasty Seattle With Dr. Young

Rhinoplasty is used often and helps many patients achieve their goals for facial symmetry. It can help restructure the nasal passage, get rid of large humps, or provide a better, straighter appearance. However, traditional rhinoplasty is not designed for those of ethnic origin and does not work with their unique facial structure. This can make it difficult for Asian ethnicities to undergo a rhinoplasty suited to their features.

At Northwest Face & Body, Dr. Philip Young has worked to change that and provides Asian rhinoplasty for every patient in Seattle. He understands the need to create a rhinoplasty that can bring symmetry while maintaining your unique features.

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Understanding Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian rhinoplasty Seattle differs from traditional because rather than taking away from the noose, the goal of Asian rhinoplasty is to build up the bridge of the nose and provide a more prominent structure. This surgery also creates a slender but more pronounced nose tip to create a stunning and subtle contrast. 

Dr. Young understands beauty and facial symmetry better than most and specializes in Asian cosmetic surgeries. He understands the need for facial symmetry but will maintain the patient’s unique facial structure and beauty. 

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How Does Asian Rhinoplasty Work?

Asian rhinoplasty Seattle uses implants and the patient’s cartilage to create a beautiful structure and shape. However, Dr. Young uses a unique technique to promote the safety and longevity of the surgery. Asian rhinoplasty is a delicate procedure that requires years of experience, training, and in-depth knowledge. Dr. Young helps patients achieve their goals and creates a stunning nose shape that allows their true beauty to shine.

Asian Rhinoplasty Benefits & Risks

Because Asian rhinoplasty, Bellevue & Kirkland, often involves creating more structure in the nasal bridge and a finer nose tip, many surgeons use silicone implants in the dorsal (bridge) and the tip of the nose. However, silicone implants in the tip can lead to implant extrusion or other complications. Dr. Young has spent years dedicated to creating safe, stunning Asian rhinoplasty through various methods. 


There are many benefits to Asian rhinoplasty Seattle, which can create a stunning profile while keeping ethnic features apparent. Other benefits may include:

  • Creates a prominent tip of the nose
  • The nose tip is delicate and refined
  • Creates a nasal bridge and structure
  • Shapes the nostrils and creates a slimmer aesthetic
  • Creates symmetry in the entire face
  • Creates a nos bridge that blends seamlessly with the brows and forehead
  • Keeps your ethnicity prominent
  • Defines your profile
  • Performed by the leading Asian rhinoplasty surgeon in Seattle


Certain risks come with any surgery, but Asian rhinoplasty Seattle is a delicate surgery that a surgeon with knowledge and experience should perform due to the nature of the procedure. Dr. Young can provide safe and effective Asian rhinoplasty for every patient. Some risks can include:
  • Implant extrusion
  • Scarring
  • Difficulty healing
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Negative reaction to anesthesia

Dr. Young’s Asian Rhinoplasty Technique

Dr. Young uses specific techniques to ensure patient safety throughout the procedure. It’s commonly known that using implants for rhinoplasty can be dangerous as you risk implant extrusion. Implant extrusion occurs when the implant begins to protrude through the outside of the skin.

Safety With Asian Rhinoplasty Seattle

Dr. Young uses techniques to avoid implant extrusion and help prevent any unwanted complications. He uses an implant in the bridge of the nose, but the patient’s own cartilage for the tip is where the implant extrusion commonly occurs. By doing this, he prevents implant extrusion as the body can safely accept the cartilage.

Cartilage Nasal Implants

The nose tip is where Dr. Young will use cartilage implants during your Asian rhinoplasty Seattle. He will create a striking nose tip and lift the nose to a more delicate and pronounced location. The cartilage can be taken from the patient’s ears or ribs, depending on their preference. Using cartilage in the nose tip provides secure, safe Asian rhinoplasty that can significantly alter the nose shape.

Implants For The Nasal Bridge

For an Asian rhinoplasty Seattle, the nasal bridge requires an implant as this structure needs more support. However, Dr. Young understands the importance of safety, so he commonly uses an implant that will blend seamlessly with the patient’s nose. This preferred implant is the Medpor implant. It is made of porous polyethylene, allowing it to form the nasal bridge. 

Dr. Young can also use a silicone implant, which is far less common due to the slight risk of implant extrusion. However, the risk is extremely rare in the nasal bridge, but it is still safer to use the Medpor implant. 

Asian Rhinoplasty Revision

For those who have had an Asian rhinoplasty that used a harsher kind of implant and are now facing complications, Dr. Young can perform an Asian rhinoplasty revision. During this, he will remove the old implant and recreate the nasal structure with his safe and effective techniques. This requires a delicate hand and expertise in Asian rhinoplasty Seattle. He can create a stunning, symmetrical appearance for the nose and help you avoid any future complications from your rhinoplasty. 

Asian Rhinoplasty Seattle Steps

The first step in undergoing an Asian rhinoplasty is attending an in-depth consultation with Dr. Young. Through this consultation, Dr. Young will ensure you can undergo the surgery safely and are the right candidate for Asian rhinoplasty. After this, he will create the perfect plan for your Asian rhinoplasty to achieve your aesthetic goals.

The Procedure

Your Asian rhinoplasty procedure depends on your unique needs and facial structure. However, Dr. Young will perform your Asian rhinoplasty or revision surgery. The entire surgical process takes three to four hours, depending on the extent of your rhinoplasty.


The recovery process for Asian rhinoplasty Seattle is relatively straightforward, with the worst swelling and discomfort occurring during the first few days. Dr. Young will provide instructions to help you heal. Some instructions may include:
  • Take the first few days or a week off of work to rest
  • Rest with your head in an elevated position
  • Take medication prescribed by Dr. Young
  • Do not exercise or put pressure on your head
  • Attend the follow-up appointments with Dr. Young

The Best Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon In Seattle

Dr. Philip Young is the best Asian rhinoplasty surgeon in Seattle and is known for his ability to create breathtaking facial symmetry. Through his groundbreaking New Theory on Beauty, Dr. Young has changed the game for facial cosmetic surgery and specializes in creating beautiful noses for Asian ethnicities. At Northwest Face & Body, Dr. Young can provide your ideal Asian rhinoplasty outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does An Asian Rhinoplasty Last?

The longevity of your Asian rhinoplasty depends on the quality of the implants and the techniques used during the surgery. With an experienced and highly trained surgeon like Dr. Young, your Asian rhinoplasty can last for the rest of your life.

Is Asian Rhinoplasty Painful?

Some discomfort should be expected after your Seattle Asian rhinoplasty, but most patients report that their nose feels more sore than outright painful. Dr. Young can provide medication to ease soreness and promote rest. 

How Much Does Asian Rhinoplasty Cost In Seattle?

The cost of Asian rhinoplasty depends on the extent of techniques and implants needed and the provider you choose. At Northwest Face & Body, Dr. Young can provide a custom quote during a consultation.