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Procedure Time

1 hour

Recovery Time

5-7 days

The Latest In Skin Rejuvenation

Recently developed techniques, especially fractional laser resurfacing, are revolutionizing skin rejuvenation and giving patients options they didn’t have even a few years ago. The oldest technique (dating back to the time of Cleopatra) is the chemical peel, which treats wrinkles, pre-cancerous growths, discoloration, or sun damage. One of the newest techniques is called fractional resurfacing, or simply, FX laser resurfacing. Facial wrinkles often form in specific areas, such as near the eyes or around the mouth. A laser can be precisely directed so that only these specific areas are targeted at exactly the right depth.

Your Active FX Treatment

During an FX procedure, the laser light helps accomplish the following:

  • Smoothes out lines, wrinkles and scars*
  • Removed brown spots and other irregularities*
  • Improves the skin’s tone and texture*
  • Tightens the skin*
  • Stimulates formation of new underlying collagen*

With this treatment, a fraction of the skin’s surface is treated by the laser, leaving tiny areas of untouched skin. This makes the healing process much faster and enables you to get back to normal activities sooner. The Active FX laser works to stimulate the formation of new and healthy skin and collagen. Your skin will not only look healthier, but the new skin will be healthier.*

If you have a busy lifestyle or cannot be away from work for a long time but still want noticeable results, this procedure may be right for you. At Northwest Face & Body the Active FX laser procedure is an outpatient treatment that is easily tolerated; it is so gentle that you can go home minutes after the procedure. With a washing and moisturizing regimen, your damaged skin is replaced by healthier skin within three to five days.

The results of laser treatment are long term and can, with proper sun protection, persist for many years. Most patients continue to see appearance improvements three to five months after the procedure.*

Dealing With Multiple Skin Problems

Dr. Ludwig Allegra at Northwest Face & Body are qualified physicians in the art of skin rejuvenation, and offer more than 35 years of experience working with the very latest and most sophisticated equipment. If you are trying to address skin problems such as wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, or splotchy skin, you may want to take advantage of one of the newer methods of skin resurfacing like the FX laser resurfacing procedure.

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*Individual results may vary