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Procedure Time

4 hrs

Recovery Time

5-7 days

Hair Transplant In Bellevue & Kirkland

Put in the simplest terms possible, hair transplant surgery takes hair from donor areas and transplants it into areas of lost or thinning hair. Usually, the donor hair comes from the back and lower sides of the head. This is because these hairs tend to be resistant to DHT.

Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is a hormone made from testosterone that is present in both men and women. Though, it is present in higher levels in men, accounting for why more men suffer from baldness and genetic hair loss. This hormone is largely responsible for male and female pattern baldness. In most men, the hair along the back and sides of the head is mostly resistant to this hormone. This makes these hairs the ideal candidates for transplantation into the areas of loss.

There are two types of hair transplant surgeries. The first is known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and the second is follicular unit extraction (FUE). Both procedures typically offer good results and are options for people experiencing hair loss.

In general, many plastic surgeons and patients largely prefer the non-invasive methods of FUE over FUT. Historically, FUT was the only successful, surgical option for hair restoration. Modern technology has changed that and brought a new and improved hair restoration method known as FUE.

The FUE method harvest donor units one at a time, using an automated device. Your provider will then carefully transfer them into still active hair follicles. This technique has grown more popular among hair transplant surgeons and patients alike. The procedure does require shaving at least the donor area, but sometimes the entire head.

Dr. Allegra or your provider will likely recommend FUE over the FUT method. This is because the procedure is overall less invasive, provides good results, and does not come with the elevated risks of the FUT method. FUE hair transplant also has some advantages like:

  • No linear scar; risk of scarring is overall lower in most patients
  • Shorter recovery and less downtime
  • Better at harvesting thin hair
  • No stitches
  • Better for patients who prefer to have short hair
  • Evidence of the surgery less obvious
  • Hair can sometimes be harvested from areas other than the scalp
  • Minimal downtime and recivert

The Best Hair Transplant In Bellevue & Kirkland At Northwest Face & Body

Dr. Ludwig Allegra and other providers at Northwest Face & Body perform surgical and non-surgical hair restoration techniques. If you need to or prefer to go the surgical route, an FUE hair transplant is likely the best option. Performed precisely and carefully, the providers at Northwest Face & Body hope to give you fuller, thicker hair back that will last for several years.

Centrally located minutes away from both downtown Bellevue and downtown Kirkland, Northwest Face & Body is easily accessible from the entire Eastside. Additionally, we are just a few minutes from the 520 floating bridge, which allows us to easily serve Seattle-based patients as well. We aim to provide a seamless process from your consultation to your post-operative appointments.

Our providers offer many options for consultations, including in-person and virtual options. To schedule a consultation, call Northwest Face & Body at 425-576-1700 or contact us online via Price Simulator®, chat or our contact form.