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Seattle Minimally Invasive Body Sculpting & Liposuction

Perhaps you’re unsatisfied with your body and have tried a multitude of exercises, potions, and pills to make it more streamlined, firm, and stellar. Despite your many efforts, you can’t seem to get rid of that abdomen that protrudes, or those thighs that house fat. For the body you desire, it’s time to consider body sculpting and liposuction at Kirkland’s Northwest Face & Body.  Dr. Allegra offers the best liposuction Bellevue and Kirkland offers.

At Northwest Face & Body, Dr. Ludwig Allegra and his team of medical professionals offer an extremely safe and effective way to reshape many areas of the body. Dr. Allegra has over two decades and over 6,000 cases of experience. If you have tried diet and exercise to improve the look of your body, but have not achieved the results you desire, then you may wish to consider liposuction from the accomplished and skilled hands of Dr. Allegra.

Understanding Liposuction

Liposuction entails using suction to remove fat from particular areas of the body. Places such as the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, hips even neck can collect fat. Many individuals find it increasingly difficult to remove or dissolve fat in these areas with diet and exercise. Therefore, liposuction serves as a viable alternative for fat removal.

Liposuction, also referred to as lipoplasty, is not generally considered a weight loss procedure. For overweight individuals, exercise and a more healthful diet may decrease weight. Additionally, you may find that procedures such as gastric bypass surgery may prove more beneficial for the removal of fat than liposuction.

At our Seattle area liposuction facility, we have various methods available.  Laser-assisted, power-assisted, and more methods, offer patients stellar results. Regardless of the methods we use, all liposuction methods are safe, effective, and done under local anesthesia.

History of Liposuction

The first known use of suction for fat removal was performed by Charles Dujarier, a French surgeon back in the 1920s. The father and son team of Italian physicians, Giorgio and Arpad Fischer are credited with the development of modern liposuction. In 1974, the two created an instrument called a cannula, a hollow and blunt surgical instrument that created tunnels between major blood vessels of the body while extracting fat deposits. By 1980, liposuction gained popularity in the United States.

Lipo /Body Sculpting Frequently Asked Questions

How popular is lipo/body sculpting?

Liposuction is one of the most sought-after and popular cosmetic procedures due to its versatility and success rates. Generally, a one-time procedure, liposuction can target unwanted fat and remove it from the body leaving the patient with a completely streamlined and customized total body transformation. Dr. Allegra gets rid of unsightly and unattractive bulges of fat from the stomach, arms, thighs, back, hips, and other areas of the body where fat collected.

What areas can Dr. Allegra treat with liposuction?

Dr. Allegra can treat a number of areas on the body, with liposuction. Some of those areas include:

  • Thighs (both inner and outer thighs)
  • Abdomen
  • Waistline
  • Hips (love handles or muffin top)
  • Arms
  • Neck and jawline
  • Back (above and below the bra)
  • Asymmetrical breasts and breast tissue by the armpits

What will happen during my consultation with Dr. Allegra?

Your liposuction consultation with Dr. Allegra is an opportunity to discuss all aspects of your proposed surgery.  During this time, you will discuss your goals and desires. Feel free to share which body parts you find most problematic when it comes to slimming, toning, and getting rid of fat. It is also important to provide Dr. Allegra your complete medical history, making him aware of any previous surgeries and allergies you may have. Dr. Allegra will evaluate your health history as well as share any risk factors. Additionally, he will take photos of you before the proposed surgery and discuss in detail, his methods and techniques. Dr. Allegra will also discuss the proposed outcome of your liposuction and address any concerns or issues you share. Your consultation is a great way for us to come to know you, as well as for you to come to know us. Whether you have excitement, apprehension, or anxiety, it’s important that we address it all, ensuring a successful outcome.

Although liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, will I lose weight anyway?

Liposuction is indeed not a weight loss procedure, but there have been reports of patients losing up to five pounds after a treatment. Liposuction offers effective and efficient treatment of fat that cannot compare to other cosmetic procedures. Even compared to some weight loss surgeries, they cannot target precise areas of fat on the body or offer the patient a smoother and more contoured body shape.  Even though you will not lose a significant amount of weight, you will have a more toned and stellar body after a liposuction procedure.

How can I prepare for my liposuction procedure?

Dr. Allegra recommends taking time to prepare for your liposuction procedure, ensuring successful healing and recovery. For the days and weeks leading up to your liposuction surgery, it is imperative that you follow the instructions and directives of Dr. Allegra. He may ask you to remove certain medications from your routine, as they may pose a risk to your recovery and healing.  Additionally, pick out loose and comfortable clothing that you will wear on the day of surgery. Dr. Allegra will bandage you tightly and does not recommend wearing tight clothes in addition to your tight bandages.

Next, designate a trusted friend or family member to drive you to the surgery and assist you as you recover and heal from your procedure. You may wish to clean your home beforehand, as you will not be able to, post- procedure. Try to organize your home for your healing and recovery. Place all needed supplements, medications, and other items on your nightstand. Lower plates and cups for eating and drinking in accessible areas, as opposed to the high shelves they may be in your cabinets. Locate blankets and pillows for your comfort and place them in an area that will be more accessible, as you will need ease in getting them after your liposuction treatment. Your healing and recovery will depend upon you, so, make all necessary adjustments to home and lifestyle that will incorporate time for rest and relaxation.

What will happen on the day of my liposuction procedure?

On the day of your liposuction procedure, the patient will be asked to eat a meal. Dr. Allegra will take time to answer any questions that were not asked during the consultation. Next, you’ll be asked to pose for “before photos” or photos pre-surgery. Afterward, you will be offered a sedative, ensuring your comfort and relaxation during the procedure. You will then be escorted to the operating suite. A heating device will be applied to the areas that will not receive liposuction, allowing for additional relaxation and comfort. Next, the areas receiving liposuction will be locally anesthetized. Dr. Allegra will then begin the procedure. Dr. Allegra is thorough and detail-oriented when he sculpts.  He concentrates on getting the area as thin, smooth, and symmetrical as possible. After the procedure is complete and she has evaluated the areas and stands pleased with the liposuction performed, you will be bandaged. A compression garment will also be placed on you for ultimate healing and recovery. After discussing the procedure with Dr. Allegra and a recovery plan, the patient will be driven home by a trusted individual.

What kind of pain can I expect after my procedure?

During the days following your liposuction procedure, the amount of pain you will experience will depend on the kind of anesthesia used. Many patients report soreness. Many times, that soreness can become intense. Patients may also experience some tenderness in the treated areas. Thankfully, the discomfort gradually subsides over the next month or so. For any discomfort that feels abnormal, contact our facility immediately so that Dr. Allegra can examine you and address your pain.

What is my recovery time after my liposuction treatment?

According to Dr. Allegra, most individuals who have liposuction will return to work and their exercise regimen after three days.  She does however note that there may not be a desire to return to exercise within that time frame. Two weeks may be ideal for a full return to daily activities.

Will my liposuction procedure be permanent?

Once Dr. Allegra removes fat cells from the body, it’s permanent. After your liposuction treatment, it may take several months to see permanent results. This is due to your body adjusting to its new shape and the loss of fat cells. Some patients report seeing a vast improvement in their bodies immediately.  If you gain weight after liposuction treatment, the areas treated with lipo will retain a more streamlined shape, than they would, without having been treated with liposuction at all. Dr. Allegra will always recommend adopting a healthier lifestyle that incorporates both a healthful diet and exercise or physical activity, to maintain a healthy weight and optimum wellness.

Am I a good candidate for liposuction/body sculpting?

Viable candidates for liposuction/body sculpting include:

  • Persons who do not smoke
  • Individuals within approximately 30% of their ideal weight
  • Persons with good muscle tone and have firm as well as elastic skin
  • People who are committed to the procedure as well as the recovery and healing
  • Persons who have tried to dissolve excess fat deposits with exercise and diet, and have seen no results.

Are there any differences between liposuction in the abdomen and a “tummy tuck”?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a major surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia. It also involves liposuction and excision for fat removal, as well as a large excision of skin. For many patients, abdominal liposuction can provide equivalent or better results than the traditional “tummy tuck”. This is due to lipo being safer and garnering less scarring afterward. Given such, abdominal liposuction is now more sought-after than traditional “tummy tucks”.

What are the costs associated with my liposuction/body sculpting procedure?

The cost of your liposuction procedure depends upon the area being treated as well as how large the area is. Dr. Allegra will provide you with a specific cost of your procedure during your consultation. To get a good idea of the starting price, try our Price Simulator™.

When will I see the results of my surgery?

According to Dr. Allegra, most liposuction procedures will have an end result visible after four months, although many patients report seeing results after two weeks. For special occasions, it is important to plan ahead and schedule your surgery, allowing time for healing, recovery, and optimum results.

Why choose Dr. Allegra and Northwest Face & Body for my liposuction procedure?

At Kirkland’s Northwest Face & Body, our primary focus is on your wellness and health. We also focus on the quality of each procedure performed. We also have more experience and skill than most facilities. As a devoted and dedicated team of medical professionals, we offer the care, compassion, and tenacity needed for effective liposuction procedures that are long-lasting and exceed the expectations of our patients. We strive to be the medical professionals you can count on, for a successful outcome.

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