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Male Tummy Tuck, Kirkland, WA

Male Tummy Tuck, Kirkland, WA

A tummy tuck is a common cosmetic procedure that many undergo in order to achieve a flatter stomach and a flattering figure. But, when you think of a tummy tuck, do you ever think of a man getting the surgery? If your answer is no, you’re not alone. Most men don’t think of undergoing cosmetic procedures in order to achieve a goal or certain aesthetic. But why not? What’s wrong with wanting to better your life or enhance your appearance?

At Northwest Face & Body, we’re here to dispel those stupid rumors about who can and cannot get a tummy tuck and explain all of the details so you can make the best decision for your life. Our providers create the leading male tummy tucks in Kirkland so you can achieve your goals and feel comfortable in your own skin. 

What Is A Male Tummy Tuck?

Look, we love that you want to work for a new, in-shape body, and we think that it’s great to take steps to improve your health. But no amount of gains can get rid of excess skin that hands around the abdomen and waist. So what do you do when you’ve achieved your weight loss goals but are still not satisfied with your appearance? A male tummy tuck is a great way to show off your hard work and attain your goals, but what exactly is it?   

A male tummy tuck, also known as a male abdominoplasty, is similar to a standard tummy tuck in that it has the same goal: eliminate excess skin and fat from around the abdomen. However, it can be done through different techniques and have different levels of skin removal.

What Is the Difference Between A Male & Female Tummy Tuck?

The difference between a male and female tummy tuck lies in the incisions and the way they are tapered to fit different body types and goals. Men’s tummy tucks are specifically tailored to fit the more muscular and wide frame that most men hold. 

A male tummy tuck has a flat incision instead of the curved one used for a woman’s softer, curvy frame. Additionally, liposuction can be used in a male tummy tuck to sculpt and define the abdomen. While it can also be used in a woman’s, it’s used differently and not usually to carve out a six-pack.

Why Undergo A Male Tummy Tuck?

Whether a male tummy tuck is worth undergoing is entirely up to you. We aren’t here to convince you that you need cosmetic surgery in order to feel good about yourself but rather to help you stay informed about the procedure so you can make the right decision. A male abdominoplasty can greatly enhance your life and give you back your sense of self. Whether you have achieved weight loss or want to tone your abdomen, the procedure provides benefits such as:

  • A sculpted, defined abdomen
  • Can create a six-pack
  • Gets rid of sagging skin around the abdomen
  • Eliminates stretch marks around the lower stomach, waist, and back
  • Can restructure the belly button
  • Can improve your confidence
  • Allows you to enjoy your body and weight loss
  • Can allow you to move more freely during a workout
  • Can improve energy levels
  • Performed by the leading tummy tuck surgeons in Kirkland 

These are just some of the benefits you can expect from a male tummy tuck. The truth is, that benefits fluctuate depending on the type of abdominoplasty you undergo and your goals of the surgery.

Types Of Male Tummy Tucks

Male tummy tuck results can range from minimal skin removal around the lower abdomen to a full skin excision across the entire abdomen, depending on your overarching goals and level of excess skin. These tummy tuck types include:

  • Mini Male Tummy Tuck: A mini male tummy tuck removes the smallest amount of skin and fat around the lower abdomen. It can help create a definition in that region, and it requires minimal rest and recovery. (Hints, the name mini.)
  • Standard Tummy Tuck: A standard tummy tuck provides a significant amount of skin removal from the lower and middle areas of the stomach. The incisions are created at the lower waistline and are usually flat across the area. The recovery is more in-depth than a mini.
  • Extended Tummy Tuck: An extended tummy tuck is often used on patients who have lost large amounts of weight and want to show off their progress. The incisions extend from the lower waistline out towards the waist and lower back. This allows the surgeon to reach many areas of the stomach, back, and waist.

Fleur-De-Lis Tummy Tuck: A fleur-de-lis tummy tuck is the most in-depth procedure type. It’s usually only used for those who have experienced extreme weight loss and need to eliminate skin across the entire abdomen, back, and waistline. The scars include a vertical one down the abdomen and a horizontal one across the entire lower waistline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Male Tummy Tuck Worth It?

Whether or not a male tummy is worth it is entirely up to you. We know that you could benefit from the procedure, as it allows you to achieve the shape and changes you want. However, the best way to know if an abdominoplasty for men in Kirkland is worth it is by talking to an experienced provider about your goals.

What Is The Recovery Time For A Male Tummy Tuck?

Your surgery’s recovery time depends on the tummy tuck type performed. A mini tummy tuck may only take a week or two of rest before you can return to a mostly normal routine. However, in-depth surgeries like an extended tummy tuck will require a much longer recovery process that will take time. The providers at Northwest Face & Body will provide in-depth instructions to help your recovery process.

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost In Kirkland?

A male tummy tuck cost in Kirkland depends on the type of surgery you undergo. At Northwest Face & Body, a standard tummy tuck starts at $7,485 but fluctuates from there. You can talk with our expert providers about pricing and pricing plans during a consultation.

Your Male Tummy Tuck At Northwest Face & Body

The most important part of any cosmetic procedure is to find the most experienced provider that makes you feel comfortable during the entire process. At Northwest Face & Body, our providers work to create incredible results for every male tummy tuck. You can expect in-depth care and genuine help during every phase of the process.