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Procedure Time

1 hour

Recovery Time

5-7 days

Microblading Touch-Up Bellevue & Kirkland

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that involves depositing pigment below the skin using either a single blade or a device similar to a tattoo machine. This process boosts the density of the brows, can reshape the brows, and enhance overall facial appearance. After the initial application of your new brows, your brow artist will likely recommend a touch-up appointment. Northwest Face & Body provides the best microblading touch-up Bellevue and Kirkland offers.

Overview: Microblading Touch-Up

A microblading touch-up is a follow-up appointment to enhance the results of an initial microblading treatment. It generally occurs about four to six weeks after the first appointment. It will follow a similar process to the first treatment and use the same equipment. A touch-up does not go over every single hair stroke. It will only address areas that did not heal optimally or which need some extra color.

Touch-ups are recommended for all forms of microblading including traditional, powder brows, and combo brows. Your brow artist can discuss what maintaining microbladed eyebrows entails during the consultation. People often feel less pain during the touch-up and have a quicker healing period. However, this will vary from patient to patient.

Why It’s Needed

When considering the process of microblading, many people wonder why a touch-up is necessary. Traditional tattoos rarely need touch-ups. Why do microbladed eyebrows?

There are a few reasons why microblading needs at least one initial touch-up. Microblading ink is different from tattoo ink. It is more susceptible to your skin and the environment because it is semi-permanent. Also, the strokes or application technique is much smaller than most tattoos. This means it sometimes needs a touch-up to be more precise.

Additionally, if any asymmetry occurs, it is much more noticeable than with something at a large scale that is purely aesthetic. Microblading is meant to look completely realistic. To achieve this, touch-ups are necessary. It allows your brow artist to fill in any gaps, solidify the shape, and correct any asymmetry or imperfections.

The healing process is often what causes this asymmetry or minor imperfections to arise. The touch-up usually causes a less intense healing response which helps the immediate results.


A microblading touch-up offers many benefits. Many brow artistry clinics and salons require a touch-up due to the advantages and better results it provides. Among the benefits of a microblading touch-up include:

  • Boosted, bolder color
  • More even results
  • Can create a 3D effect
  • Make all the strokes and details sharper and more precise
  • Color correct, if necessary (if the initial color was too light)
  • Helps the results last longer
  • Does not take as long
  • Reduced healing time
  • Make the eyebrows more symmetrical
  • Less chance of unwanted color changes
  • Better overall results

From The First Session & Beyond

Initial Microblading Appointment

The first microblading session will involve the primary microblading treatment. The shape and density of your new brows are outlined and filled in. This appointment takes between two and three hours for most people, regardless of the microblading method used.

Most of the time, a single blade made up of multiple smaller blades to mimic the look of hair is used for microblading. Occasionally, a more traditional motorized tattoo machine may be used. Generally, the single blade technique is the most common. You should not feel much discomfort or pain because numbing cream is applied.

At the end of your appointment, you will receive aftercare instructions and look at the immediate results. In some cases, you may schedule your touch-up appointment at this time.

Healing Process

Following the appointment, it may seem like your brows are too dark. This is because the pigment is expected to fade and your microblading artist deposits extra pigment to account for this. It also is part of the natural healing process. You may also experience scabbing, peeling, irritation, and rarely, bruising or swelling.

Over the next four to six weeks, you will notice coloration changes in the brows. This is normal. By the time you are fully healed, the pigment may look uneven. Sometimes the hair strokes around the outer portion of the brow or in the inner portion may not take as well. You may also experience patchiness or unevenness due to how the pigment healed. This is why an initial microblading touch-up is necessary. It allows your microblading artist to put the finishing touches on.

Microblading Touch-Up

At first, the touch-up will look similar to the main session. Your microblading artist will clean and disinfect the brows before applying numbing cream. However, the actual microblading touch-up usually takes an hour or less. This is because your brow artist does not need to go over the hair strokes which have healed perfectly.

The touch-up will clean up any imperfections and give you the brows of your dreams. Since you are not undergoing another full microblading procedure, your healing process and aftercare will not be as long or intensive as with the first session. You can expect the brows to be fully healed in about a week. Though, this will vary depending on each patient and the exact parameters of your microblading touch-up in Bellevue.

Future Touch-Ups

If you want to maintain your results for longer than about two years, you will need to get ongoing touch-ups. For most people, yearly touch-ups will suffice. You can also undergo a microblading touch-up if you want to change the shape or coloration of your microbladed brows. This can be done at any point as long as the brows are fully healed and the results are achievable without fading.

Your microblading brow artist will provide more information about how often you should undergo touch-ups based upon your skin type, the specifics of your brows, and other factors. Certain people such as swimmers or athletes may need more frequent touch-ups due to water and sweat in the brows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Brows Scab After A Touch-Up?

Maybe, though it is not guaranteed like after the initial treatment. Most people do not notice major scabbing after a touch-up and some may not experience it at all.

How Long Should You Wait To Touch-Up Microblading?

On average, clients have a microblading touch-up four to six weeks after their initial appointment. However, if you experience slower healing, sometimes it can be as long as eight to twelve weeks between microblading and a touch-up. Generally, this is discussed during a consultation and monitored by your microblading artist.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Microbladed Brows Touched Up?

Technically, a touch-up is not necessary. However, many salons and clinics make them mandatory since they improve the look and quality of the results tenfold. In addition to creating better results, a microblading touch-up in Bellevue also:

  • Helps results last longer
  • Solidifies the color
  • Improves sharpness of results
  • Provides better symmetry if needed

If you are truly happy with your brows and do not believe you need a touch-up, that is great. However, you may not enjoy the results for as long as you would if you undergo a touch-up. Our microblading artists highly recommend a touch-up appointment, even if you are totally happy with the look of your healed brows.

Is There Downtime After A Touch-Up?

Yes, though it is not as long as with the first treatment. You will need to be careful about not getting the brows wet or touching them. Though, a touch-up tends to fully heal within a week or so. Therefore, the downtime and aftercare following a microblading touch-up are minimal.

How Much Does A Microblading Touch-Up Cost?

The cost of a microblading touch-up at Northwest Face & Body is $175. This may vary depending on the size of your brows and the specifics of the treatment. Northwest Face & Body does offer outside financing through companies such as Care Credit. You can find more pricing and financing information on our price list.

Precise Microblading Touch-Ups At Northwest Face & Body

Northwest Face & Body is a leading plastic surgery practice and medical spa located on the shores of Lake Washington. With the top microblading artists in Washington, Northwest Face & Body provides medical grade, high level microblading techniques including traditional, powder, and combo brows.

Our microblading artists are skilled in all techniques and work to customize each treatment to create your perfect brows. This includes coloration, shape, and brow symmetry. To learn more and schedule a free consultation, call us at 425-576-1700. You can also reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.