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In the media, it may seem like the primary plastic surgery demographic is young women in their twenties or people over fifty seeking facelifts. However, the average plastic surgery patient is a woman between 35 and 50. This is because this is when the signs of aging become most visible and women often have already had any children by or within this time range. A mommy makeover is among one of the most sought plastic surgeries in this demographic. Northwest Face & Body offers the best mommy makeover Vancouver has available.

Overview: What Is Mommy Makeover Surgery?

By definition, a mommy makeover is a body contouring surgery that combines at least one breast procedure and one body procedure. The exact combinations will vary from patient to patient. This means that the term “mommy makeover” does not refer to one specific surgery since it can look drastically different depending on the patient’s needs and goals.

While the breasts and abdomen—the two areas most affected by pregnancy and childbirth—are the main focus of a mommy makeover, it can occasionally treat other areas as well. As a combination surgery, patients need to be able to withstand a longer surgical session and multiple procedures at once. In most cases, a healthy patient with realistic expectations is a good candidate. Though, Dr. Allegra will discuss this with you during your consultation.

Changes In The Body Due To Pregnancy & Aging

Mommy makeover surgery was designed to treat the bodily changes seen following pregnancy and having children. Since every woman will see varying changes, the mommy makeover is completely customizable. Some of the changes that women see after having children include:

  • Loosened/separated abdominal muscles
  • Excess skin on the abdomen and breasts
  • Loose skin on the breasts and abdomen
  • Stubborn body fat
  • Saggier breasts
  • Loss of breast volume and fullness
  • Scarring from a C-section
  • Stretch marks
  • Changes in breast shape
  • Urinary problems
  • Dramatic change in breast size (even past the engorgement phase)

Of course, there are several other physiological changes that the body may experience such as depression, hair loss, increased sweating, and more. A mommy makeover aims to address as many cosmetic and some other issues as possible. For example, in some cases, urinary incontinence is improved with a tummy tuck. Still, correcting cosmetic changes with a mommy makeover can help a woman feel better about herself in the difficult post-partum period.

Benefits & Risks

A mommy makeover comes with many benefits. Some of the benefits and advantages patients may experience include:

  • Removal of extra skin
  • Correction of diastasis recti (loosened abdominal muscles)
  • Removal of stubborn fat pockets
  • Restoration of a youthful body contour
  • Increase in breast volume
  • Correct overly large breasts if present
  • Bring back perky breast appearance
  • Remove or disguise C-section scar
  • Address stretch marks
  • Single surgical session
  • Easier and quicker recovery than individual procedures
  • Safe and effective
  • Completely customizable
  • Performed under general anesthesia for complete comfort
  • Virtual and in-person consultations are available
  • Performed by a plastic surgeon with decades of experience

Mommy Makeover Procedures

On average, a mommy makeover consists of two to four procedures. Many surgeries are sometimes performed as part of a mommy makeover. During your consultation, Dr. Ludwig Allegra will discuss the ideal procedures for your mommy makeover that will help you see the results you want.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation via the placement of breast implants or fat transfer is a common surgery performed during a mommy makeover. It is common after having a baby and getting past the initial engorgement and/or finishing breastfeeding to lose breast volume and fullness. This can leave patients with much smaller chests than they had before and even lead to sagging. Thus, adding volume to the breasts can help enhance overall body contours and restore natural breast fullness.

Breast Lift

Due to rapid changes in breast size, weight, and hormonal changes, the skin of the breasts expands rapidly. This can eventually cause the breasts to sag due to the presence of extra skin, extra or less volume, and the quick change in breast size. A breast lift can reposition the nipple and breast tissue into a perkier position.

It is important to note that breastfeeding often is not possible or guaranteed following this. Therefore, Dr. Allegra prefers that you are done having children.

Breast Reduction

Sometimes in women who had large breasts before pregnancy, or other rare cases, the breasts can actually expand in size rapidly and dramatically. While not always unwelcome, it can cause back and neck pain as well as other uncomfortable complications. A breast reduction can alleviate these side effects in women who experience overly large breasts after having a baby.

Tummy Tuck

The abdomen arguably takes the most damage following pregnancy. Some women may notice that their skin retracts well, but with subsequent pregnancies, the skin will retract less. Extra, loose skin is one of the most common complaints following pregnancy. A tummy tuck is usually the best option for removing it.

Dr. Allegra removes the extra skin, tightens the abdominal muscles, and pulls the remaining skin taut over the repaired abdomen. If you had a C-section, the incision will mirror the C-section scar and typically remove it. Though, it is replaced with the tummy tuck scar.


It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy. Often, this fat can take a long time to come off, and some may even stubbornly stay in certain areas. These disproportionate fat pockets tend to respond well to liposuction treatment. It is best to lose a good amount of the baby weight before undergoing a mommy makeover because it is only meant to remove the smaller portions of fat that stick around.

Brazilian Butt Lift

While not traditionally part of a Vancouver mommy makeover, a Brazilian butt lift is sometimes added to the procedure. If performing extensive liposuction, your plastic surgeon can transfer it to the buttocks as part of your mommy makeover. Not all patients will be good candidates for a BBL, or for combining it with a mommy makeover. Occasionally, may undergo a Brazilian butt lift following their mommy makeover.

Thigh Lift

Like a BBL, a thigh lift is not routinely part of a mommy makeover. However, many patients interested in the procedure also want to enhance their thighs. While thigh liposuction is commonly performed during a mommy makeover, some patients may benefit more from a thigh lift which removes extra skin on the thighs to restore a more youthful appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Mommy Makeover Without Being A Mom?

Yes, the breasts and tummy are also affected by age. Thus, women do not necessarily need to actually be mothers to benefit from a mommy makeover procedure. The surgery is named as such because it is most often performed on mothers and was specifically designed to treat the damage done to the body after becoming a mother.

Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

A mommy makeover is not a weight loss procedure. While some fat may be removed, it is not usually a substantial amount. With that said, as long as you are within about ten to fifteen pounds of where you want to be, you will likely see good results.

Additionally, weight does not always have to do with excess fat and it is best to evaluate each patient individually, beyond their weight. It is not uncommon for patients to use their mommy makeover results as a motivator for further weight loss.

How Long Does A Mommy Makeover Take?

The length of the surgical session can take anywhere from two hours to upwards of seven or more hours. Ultimately, it depends on the type and number of procedures part of your Vancouver mommy makeover. Dr. Allegra can provide a more accurate estimate during your consultation and pre-operative appointments.

Why Travel To Northwest Face & Body For Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Choosing to travel to Northwest Face & Body for your mommy makeover surgery is a decision that deserves consideration. However, Northwest Face & Body caters specifically to patients traveling from Vancouver and beyond. Some of the reasons to choose Northwest face & Body for your Vancouver mommy makeover include:

  • Less than a three-hour drive from Vancouver
  • Three locations so you can pick the one that works best for you
  • Works with local lodging to offer discounted rates
  • Our team can help you arrange transportation, a caretaker, and more
  • Virtual consultations and post-ops following your one-week post-surgery appointment
  • Competitive pricing compared to plastic surgeons in Vancouver
  • Three plastic surgeons with decades of experience available for consultations

The Best Mommy Makeover Vancouver Offers

Northwest Face & Body is a leading plastic surgery practice in Washington State. With over thirty years of serving surgical and non-surgical patients, Dr. Allegra and his team provide high-quality care. Located on the shores of Lake Washington, enjoy your stay in the picturesque nature of the lakeside of Kirkland, Washington. Northwest Face & Body provides the best mommy makeover Vancouver performs.

Dr. Ludwig Allegra first opened Northwest Face & Body in the 1980s. He has continued to refine his techniques and keep up to date with the latest and safest techniques. Northwest Face & Body continues to offer a welcoming and affirming environment to all patients from all around the world.

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 425-576-1700. You can also reach out online via chat, contact form, and Price Simulator.