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Large, protruding ears can affect the self-esteem of anyone, at any age. Women with protruding ears may lack the confidence they need in social gatherings. Children with large ears may experience teasing at school. Men with projecting ears may turn down opportunities to date or interact with others in public. For the large ears that you have, you may consider surgical options with a trusted Bellevue otoplasty surgeon. At Kirkland’s Northwest Face & Body, Dr. Ludwig A. Allegra performs otoplasty surgery, while helping to remove the stigmas attached to enormous ears, that hinder confidence and self-esteem. Northwest Face & Body provides the best otoplasty Bellevue and Kirkland offers.

Otoplasty, often referred to as ear pinning, is a surgical technique that reshapes a person’s ears and places them closer to the head. Dr. Allegra a board-certified cosmetic surgeon has the tenacity, skillset, and diligence to help restore the natural balance and symmetry to your ears while making them proportionate to your head and face.  While adults do undergo ear pinning surgery in adulthood, it is common for children as well as adolescents to have effective and successful otoplasty surgeries. At Kirkland’s Northwest Face & Body, we provide a complete and comprehensive otoplasty surgery to residents in a safe and comfortable medical environment. Dr. Allegra treats each ear pinning candidate with the respect, care, and compassion they need and deserve, regardless of age or gender.

What Causes Large Ears?

Protruding or prominent ears are generally caused by cartilage that is misshaped in the ear, causing the ear to stick out.  Although there may be various reasons for this, generally, ears that stick out are due to a fold that is missing, which helps to bring the ear closer to the side of the head.  Ears that stick out more than two centimeters (2 cm) from the side of the head are considered to be prominent or protruding. Additional causes for misshapen ears include:

  • If the top or middle portion of an ear is large or protrudes, it may be due to an underdeveloped antihelical fold that may be compressed or undefined. Given such, this can make the ears curve forward, causing them to project and move away from the head.
  • Individuals who have the middle portion of the ear protruding may be effected by a tremendously deep or oddly shaped concha.
  • Persons with lower ears that protrude may have their earlobes to blame. Protruding lower ears due to misshaped earlobes may cause ears to stick out a considerable distance from the head.  In this instance, a doctor may remove tissue within the earlobe, giving the patient better-formed and shaped ears.

Benefits of Otoplasty

Otoplasty, or often referred to as ear pinning or ear shaping surgery, is a surgical procedure used to improve and correct the position of the ears, thus giving the patient a more proportionate look. Most commonly performed on children, many adult individuals can benefit from ear pinning surgery. Some of the benefits include:

  • Otoplasty can correct an array of structural problems. Ear pinning surgery is largely elective that can help with oversized ears. During this procedure, Dr. Allegra removes excess cartilage and skin, and the ears are pinned back and reshaped.  Otoplasty is perfect for individuals with folded, misshaped, cupped, or overly large ears.

Otoplasty Benefits For Children

  • Patients can regain self-assurance and confidence. Although the ears are not considered one of the most prominent features on the head, they are very noticeable. Individuals with large ears can draw unwanted attention to themselves. An individual with imbalanced, prominent excessively large ears, can become a target of teasing, bullying, or prejudices. As a result, those large ears can lead to diminished self-confidence. With otoplasty surgery, balance can be brought to the face and head, leading to a more poised and even more assertive individual.
  • Otoplasty can restore normalcy. It can help a person feel normal, especially children. Generally, men and women may not experience teasing from peers. For children, however, the issue may hinder learning, and bring a real sense of doubt, sadness, and even stress in public and amongst peers.

Benefits Of Ear Pinning For Adults

  • Ear pinning surgery can help to reshape the earlobe. The lobe is an aspect of the ear that can show wear and tear over time, especially among women, who wear heavy earrings or ear decorations. Because of the extra weight of certain jewelry, the earlobes can stretch or even tear. Enlarged lobes can also cause soft tissues to become displaced. Thankfully, otoplasty can correct these conditions and more. During the procedure, the top layer of the skin that surrounds any rip or hole can be removed, allowing the surgeon to reposition the remaining tissues for a more aesthetically pleasing and natural look.
  • Otoplasty can obtain improved marketability. For many adults opting to have otoplasty surgery, appearance is paramount. In the realms of professional marketability, an ear pinning surgery can help in reaching new heights! It’s a given that people are now becoming ever-increasingly aware and mindful about how they look. An ear pinning surgery can provide you with the self-assurance you need while speaking and interacting with others!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for otoplasty?

For healthy persons seeking to improve their appearance with smaller and more proportionate ears, otoplasty may benefit. The procedure is a successful one, for children, pre-teens, teens, and adults.  Ear reshaping surgery can also help to lessen the emotional and psychological stresses that having large ears can bring. So, if you are in stellar health, a non-smoker, and have healthy ears, then otoplasty may benefit you tremendously!

What is the ideal age for otoplasty surgery?

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that should be performed on persons with fully grown ears. For many individuals, this age is around four.  There are many benefits to having the surgery at an early age; the avoidance of bullying and teasing about the ears in school is one advantage among many.

What does my otoplasty surgery consultation include?

During your consultation at Northwest Face & Body, we will begin by discussing your goals and objectives for your ear pinning surgery. Next, we will then take measurements of your ears, marking their size and shape. You will sit with Dr. Allegra and share with him your likes and dislikes about your ears.  Next, we will discuss the otoplasty procedure in detail. Northwest Face & Body will ensure you leave fully informed about what will happen on the day of your surgery and what you can expect. We will then move forward with providing detail about each surgical incision made during your particular surgery, as no two ear pinning surgeries are the same. We will also discuss recovery time, cost, and what to expect after your otoplasty surgery.

For individuals who wish to wear earrings, earpieces, or apparatuses, it may prove beneficial to bring them to your consultation, or at least a picture of them. Doing such will provide Dr. Allegra an opportunity to discuss when you can resume wearing them. He will discuss the weight of your earpieces and decorations and provide sound advice about when you can wear them again, post-surgery.

What happens during the ear pinning surgery?

During your ear pinning surgery at our Seattle area medical offices, our team of board-certified physicians will use local anesthesia with sedatives for adults and general anesthesia for children.

Your surgery will take between one to two hours and will involve small incisions behind and within the natural folds and contour of your ear. To reduce the projection of the ears, Dr. Allegra will remove small slivers of cartilage for proper symmetry and balance. Once Dr. Allegra approves the new position of your ears and achieves balance, he will close the incisions with fine sutures or stitches. This type of sutures promotes minimal scarring during recovery. This technique results in the ears sitting closer to the sides of your head.

Where will my otoplasty be performed?

Your ear pinning surgery will be performed in a safe, secure, and private surgical suite. Dr. Allegra will ensure that your wellness is taken care of and all safety measures are implemented.

Will there be pain afterward?

After otoplasty surgery, you may experience some throbbing or shooting pain. Dr. Allegra can prescribe medications to help keep it at bay. Dr. Allegra will also offer additional directives that ensure a successful recovery and healing. It’s important to follow all instructions and take all prescribed medications.

Will there be any scars on my ears?

Although incisions are made during the otoplasty surgery, those scars are hidden and virtually undetectable.

What can I expect during the recovery phase of my ear pinning surgery?

Patients can expect a recovery time of about a week after your ear pinning surgery. It is common to have some aching pain after surgery. Usually, patients can manage with prescribed medication and by following the instructions of Dr. Allegra. Some patients report experiencing swelling, numbness, and redness after the surgery. Dr. Allegra can help you manage these side effects. You will also have bandages applied after your otoplasty surgery that are lightweight and will function more like a headband. Dr. Allegra will remove these a few days after your surgery.  If you received stitches, he will remove them within about a week. For patients who received the dissolvable stitches or absorbable sutures, they will begin to dissolve on their own, in due time. For any problems, issues, or concerns during your recovery, contact our Kirkland offices immediately so that we can examine you and make the necessary adjustments.

When will I be able to return to work, or when will my child be able to return to school after the surgery?

Patients often return to work and school within five to seven days after their Eastside ear pinning surgery procedure.

When can I return to the gym or when can my child return to sports or extra-curricular activities after otoplasty surgery?

Generally, it is advised that for individuals who participate in contact sports, intense physical activities, and strenuous programs, a two-month waiting period is generally advised. Dr. Allegra can provide specific instructions and recommendations for you about returning to your sports or any other physical activity.

When can I wear my earrings again after my otoplasty surgery?

After your ear pinning surgery, it is best to wait a few months to wear earrings and earpieces. Dr. Allegra will provide you with specific directives about when you can wear your earrings, ear decorations, and apparatuses post-surgery.

Can I clean my ears with cotton swabs after my surgery and during my recovery?

It is never recommended to insert cotton swabs and other items into the ear to clean the inside of them, whether an ear pinning surgery is in your future or not. Therefore, it is advisable that you never insert anything in your ear as you prepare or recover from your otoplasty surgery. Doing so may hurt your eardrum or rupture your inner ear.  Dr. Allegra will provide you with specific details about the care and cleaning of your newly positioned ears as well as how to maintain their health and wellness.

Why should I choose Northwest Face & Body for my otoplasty surgery?

Northwest Face & Body is a facility renowned for respectable, safe, secure, and private cosmetic procedures and body enhancements. We have provided an array of procedures to residents in Kirkland and the greater Seattle area for years.  Furthermore, we pride ourselves on offering patients the care, understanding, compassion, and information they need and deserve.

Dr. Ludwig Allegra is not only a board-certified cosmetic surgeon but one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeons in Seattle, Kirkland & Bellevue. He brings over three decades of experience, skill, and cosmetic surgery successes, treating patients for the medical ailments and concerns they have. In a safe, secure, private, and non-judgmental environment, you will receive a level of care and treatment, that will exceed your expectations, not simply meet them. Dr. Allegra will work to ensure otoplasty results that you will love for years to come.

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