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Permanent Makeup For Eyebrows Bellevue & Kirkland

Permanent makeup treatments are becoming more popular as more and more people want to look their best at all times. The most sought after permanent makeup treatment is microblading which involves using methods similar to tattooing to enhance the shape, volume, and overall appearance of the eyebrows. Northwest Face & Body now offers the best permanent makeup for the eyebrows Bellevue and Kirkland provides.

Understanding Permanent Makeup For Eyebrows

Permanent makeup for the eyebrows refers to the most common technique for cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. A semi-permanent brow enhancement, it is a type of tattoo that can enhance the shape, thickness, and overall appearance of the eyebrows. Also known as permanent makeup, it differs from other types of permanent makeup because it uses a basic hair-like stroke. It looks natural, but the hair strokes may be slightly thicker than your natural brow hairs.

This was the first permanent makeup technique used and remains the most popular. It also tends to be the most cost effective and recommended for beginners. The traditional method can match any hair type, color, skin type, or brow thickness. Your permanent makeup artist can discuss the various techniques and which may best suit you and your goals.

Semi-Permanent vs. Permanent

If permanent makeup is a form of tattooing, why is it semi-permanent? There are several reasons why it was designed to be semi-permanent instead of permanent. On average, permanent makeup lasts around two to three years. Whereas, a traditional tattoo lasts the rest of your life.

The first reason why permanent makeup is semi-permanent is that when traditional tattoo ink fades, it can sometimes appear an unnatural color such as blue, green, or yellow. The pigments used for permanent makeup are specifically designed not to fade this way and to hold the color as they fade. This avoids an unnatural result and helps you keep your brows looking their best for as long as possible.

Secondly, eyebrow trends change. You may not want to keep the exact shape you have forever. Instead of having to go through an arduous removal and re-application process, permanent makeup fades so that you can stay up to date with eyebrow trends.

Finally, laser tattoo removal is the standard for any type of semi-permanent or permanent tattoo. While possible to use laser tattoo removal to fade or remove microbladed brows, many clinics will not do it because it is so close to the eyes. Also, it does come with a slightly higher risk because of this. The laser may also target the hair instead of the pigment which could damage your natural brows. While possible, it is usually saved only for dire situations.


Permanent makeup comes with many benefits. It is one of the hottest permanent cosmetic and esthetic procedures right now because of the desire for a long term enhancement of the eyebrows. Some of the benefits include:

  • Uses the golden ratio for customized, symmetrical brows that fit your unique facial features
  • Enhances brow shape and arch
  • Improve brow thickness
  • May help stimulate hair growth of naturally thin brows
  • Natural looking
  • Saves money in the long run due to no longer needing to purchase makeup or other brow products
  • Safe
  • Little to no pain
  • Long lasting results
  • Little to no maintenance is required beyond occasional touch-ups
  • After the initial healing period, it is safe to swim

Permanent Makeup vs. Brow Lamination

Shorter term brow enhancements do exist. With less commitment and risk involved, some people may find it beneficial to start off with a brow tint or brow lamination procedure. This can help identify the exact shape you like and somewhat preview the results before committing to the longer term microblading results.

Brow lamination is ideal for those who have bushy or averagely dense eyebrows. The procedure can help neaten them up and disguise any patchiness that exists. For those who have sparse eyebrows, brow lamination may not be ideal. However, there are multiple options that your permanent makeup artist or master esthetician can review with you.

Permanent Makeup

  • A type of tattooing that enhances the look of the brows with hair-like strokes of ink
  • Numbing cream applied
  • May feel some discomfort
  • Lasts 2-3 years on average
  • Costs more
  • Does not require a large amount of brow hair
  • Takes 2-3 hours to perform
  • Performed by a certified tattoo artist

Brow Lamination

  • Applies various lotions and solutions to perm the brow hairs in the desired direction
  • Numbing not needed
  • No associated pain
  • Lasts 6-8 weeks on average
  • More cost effective
  • Requires a good amount of existing brow hair
  • Takes around 30 minutes
  • Performed by a master esthetician

Permanent Makeup For The Brows From Start To Finish

Consultation & Preparation

Before undergoing a permanent makeup session in Bellevue at Northwest Face & Body, your permanent makeup artist will need to meet with you for a consultation to ensure you are a good candidate. This may take place on the same day as your permanent makeup treatment, or on a separate day. During this appointment, your microblading artist will ask about your goals for the procedure, medical history, aspects of your lifestyle, and other relevant information. They may also perform a brief examination of the brow area.

If they conclude you are a good candidate for Bellevue permanent makeup, they will discuss the specifics of your procedure. This may include the brow shape you want, coloration, and provide some basic instructions for how to prepare and care for your treated brows.

Some preparation steps that your artist might give you include:

  • Avoid caffeine the day of your session
  • Do not wear makeup to your appointment
  • Discontinue any unnecessary use of blood thinning medications or supplements such as ibuprofen and fish oil for a day before and after treatment
  • No cosmetic injections, chemical peels, or retinol use for 3-4 weeks before
  • Limit sun exposure before and after
  • Other instructions depending on your skin type


To begin your permanent makeup treatment, your artist will first clean and disinfect your brows. This limits the risk of infection. After this, they will apply numbing cream which will sit for ten to twenty minutes. During this time, your permanent makeup artist will review the plan with you and prepare their equipment.

Your permanent makeup artist will also make marks to identify the golden ratio based on your features. This will help them create the ideal brows for your facial features as well as keep the brows symmetrical. They will often do this while you numb.

Upon finishing their markings and you have become numb enough, they will begin applying the permanent makeup to the eyebrows. Also known as microblading, this will involve making fine hair strokes throughout the eyebrow as well as potentially in the skin around it to fill out the shape. Following this intricate process, they clean up around the brow and present your new eyebrows to you.


Permanent makeup does not require a major recovery. However, there are some aftercare instructions you should follow for the best results and healing. Some common permanent makeup aftercare directions include:

  • Avoid getting the area wet and submerging it
  • Do not pick at any scabs that form or the healing area
  • Avoid wearing makeup and applying skincare too close to the brows
  • Be careful of sun exposure and avoid it when possible
  • Do not touch the brows

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Permanent Makeup Appointment Take?

Microblading takes around two hours to complete. The process could take more or less time depending on the size of your brows and the specifics of the treatment. Overall, you can expect the microblading process to take two to two and a half hours.

What Can I Expect From The Healing Process?

The healing process of microbladed brows will look similar to a tattoo. You may experience some soreness and even scabbing within the first one to two days. It is possible to bruise or see some swelling, but this is less likely and usually not severe. After about three to four days, your brows will likely have settled down in appearance, but precautions should be taken for at least one week to promote the best healing. After about one month, some clients will come back for a touch-up appointment

Will I Need A Touch-Up?

It is standard practice to have a follow-up appointment four to six weeks after your initial session to put on the finishing touches and make sure everything healed properly. This is only needed after an initial permanent makeup session, subsequent touch-ups are usually done once or twice a year, potentially less.

If you decide to completely change the shape or look of your brows, your permanent makeup artist may recommend another four to six week checkup.

How Painful Is Permanent Makeup?

When compared to other brow enhancement procedures, permanent makeup for the eyebrows does have a higher level of discomfort. However, the brow area is numbed before treatment and most patients remain fairly comfortable. You may feel some light pressure and occasional pain, but it is usually minimal, inconsistent, and bearable.

How Much Does Bellevue Permanent Makeup For The Brows Cost?

The cost of permanent eyebrow makeup at Northwest Face & Body varies depending on the technique you choose and other specifics. The treatment starts at $300 with a four to six week touch-up starting at $175. You can find more about our pricing on our price list and our Price Simulator app.

Get Beautiful, Shapely Brows With The Top Permanent Makeup Artists At Northwest Face & Body

The permanent makeup artists at Northwest Face & Body have years of experience and are skilled at creating customized eyebrows using different permanent makeup techniques. Specializing in permanent makeup for eyebrows, powder brows, and combo brows, our permanent makeup artists can achieve the shape and volume of brows you wanted. Using the newest and most advanced techniques, our permanent makeup artists offer the best permanent makeup for the eyebrows Bellevue and Kirkland provide.

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