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2-3 hours

Recovery Time

1 week of modified routine

Powder Brows Bellevue & Kirkland

Microblading started as the best (and only) semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement treatment available. However, in the last decade, new microblading techniques have emerged to offer variety and make the procedure work for nearly everyone. The original microblading technique is not viable for everyone or does not fit certain people’s goals. Therefore, new methods were created. One of these options is known as powder brows. The microblading artists at Northwest Face & Body offer the best powder brows Bellevue and Kirkland provide.

Overview: Powder Brows

Powder brows, often called ombré brows, are a form of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo and microblading. Instead of creating hair-like strokes, the powder brows technique utilizes smaller dots and shading. Similar to the artistic technique of pointillism, it results in a brow that takes on an ombré effect with lighter pigments towards the inner brow and darker pigments towards the tail. To many, this resembles the look of brow powder hence the name “powder brows”.

The powder effect is subtle but does tend to look slightly less natural than traditional microblading or combo brows. However, it often just takes on the appearance of brow makeup. This technique is often recommended for patients who draw on their eyebrows every morning, or those who have particularly sparse brows. Our microblading providers combine a high level of brow artistry and scientific symmetry to create that perfect brow of your dreams.

Causes Of Sparse Eyebrows

Sparse eyebrows can happen for many reasons. Regardless, the most recent decade values thick, natural looking brows. Therefore, many with thin or patchy eyebrows feel like they cannot live up to these standards without caking on a large amount of makeup that takes a long time to apply.

Among the most common causes of sparse eyebrows include:

  • Genetics
  • Overplucking/waxing
  • Alopecia
  • Poor diet or malnutrition
  • Thyroid issues
  • Eczema
  • Fluctuating hormones
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Injuries or scars
  • Chemotherapy or similar treatments/medications
  • Infections of the skin
  • Fungal infections such as ringworm

Treatments for sparse eyebrows largely depend on the cause. If treatable, your eyebrows will likely grow back over time. With that said, powder brows and other forms of microblading can help create a natural brow appearance and help promote growth in the area. Since the blades penetrate just enough layers of skin, this can cause the manual repair of hair follicles.


Powder brows come with many benefits, especially to those used to using a large amount of makeup every morning. While powder brows are not for everyone, they are extremely advantageous for those who are interested in a semi-permanent brow enhancement and are good candidates. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fuller, more defined brows
  • More dramatic than traditional microblading
  • Creates a soft makeup look without overdoing it
  • Brows always ready for the day
  • Highlight the shape of the eyes
  • Enhance facial symmetry
  • Lift emotional expression for more awake and younger look
  • May last longer than traditional microblading for some people
  • Fuller coverage
  • Precise color match for optimal fading, no green brows appearing during healing or fading
  • Disguise scars, gaps, and hair loss
  • Follows the rules of the golden ratio
  • Viable for oily skin and all skin types
  • May be better for aged skin
  • Ink is vegan and cruelty free
  • Little to no pain
  • Safe treatment
  • Semi-permanent
  • Requires fewer touch-ups
  • Looks more natural for those with little to no brow hair

Traditional Microblading vs. Powder Brows

Traditional microblading and powder brows use similar techniques and have the same philosophy behind them. They are both semi-permanent tattoos to enhance the brows. However, the two do have some notable differences that can help clients determine the right microblading technique for them. The most basic differences are in the actual artistic form each technique utilizes to create beautiful, denser eyebrows. The table below details some of these differences.

Powder Brows

  • Uses a pattern of fine dots
  • Works for all skin types and tones
  • May up to three to four years
  • Takes about two to three hours to complete
  • Requires fewer touch-ups
  • Sometimes uses a motorized tattoo machine
  • Tends to cost more
  • Great for covering old microblading

Traditional Microblading

  • Uses hair-like strokes
  • Not recommended for oily, sensitive, or some aged skin
  • Lasts around two to three years
  • Treatment takes about two hours
  • Yearly touch-ups recommended
  • Single blade normally used, rarely uses motorized machine
  • Most cost effective microblading
  • May repair previous microblading

Traditional microblading and ombré brows can be combined in a microblading technique known as combination brows. Usually, this involves using hair-like strokes on the inner and widest part of the brow and slowly fading to a more ombré shading effect towards the tail. Many clients are beginning to prefer this method.

Powder Brows Before & After


Before performing powder brows, your microblading artist will want to meet with you for an initial consultation. At this appointment, they will ask about your goals for the procedure, medical history, lifestyle, and other factors. They may also examine the brows and surrounding skin to determine your skin type and what is necessary to achieve your goal look.

If they believe you are a good candidate for powder brows, your microblading artist will discuss the treatment with you. They may also provide information on the other microblading techniques and if you may benefit from those as well. If you and your artist decide to move forward with powder brows, you will receive a customized price quote and preparation instructions.

Creation Of Ombré Brows

When you come in for your powder brows application appointment, it is recommended that you are bare-faced and have nothing on your brows. Once you are taken back to one of our treatment rooms, your microblading artist will start by cleaning and disinfecting the brows and nearby skin.

Following this, they will then apply numbing cream and allow it to sit for ten to twenty minutes. During this time, they may make their markings to identify your golden ratio and perfect brows. They can also customize the exact shape based on your preferences. By the time they finish this and prepare the equipment, you should be adequately numb.

Your microblading artist will then begin the treatment. While you should not feel any immense pain, you may still feel some mild discomfort and pressure. Most patients remain perfectly comfortable during the creation of their ombré brows. The entire procedure takes around two to three hours depending on the size and existing condition of your eyebrows.


Properly caring for your powder brows is vital for maintaining your results and ideal healing. You will receive aftercare instructions at the end of your appointment and your artist is happy to answer any questions after you leave the office. Some of the frequently given instructions include:

  • Limit and avoid direct sunlight
  • Do not pick off any scabs that form
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and any medications or supplements that may increase bruising
  • Do not apply makeup or skincare for about a week
  • Avoid sweating and working out before the skin heals (usually one to two weeks)
  • Do not submerge the brows or get them wet (even in the shower) for between two and four weeks

Once your brows have fully healed and any initial touch-ups are completed and healed, you can return to your entire routine including working out and swimming. However, excessive sun exposure or water submersion may cause your brows to not last as long, or to need more frequent touch-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Get Powder Brows?

Unlike traditional microblading, powder brows are ideal for all skin types, tones, and ages. Therefore, adult patients who are not candidates for traditional microblading for one of the above reasons may benefit from powder brows instead. Additionally, some may want a more dramatic, makeup look. For these clients, ombré brows are also often recommended.

Do Ombré Brows Look Natural?

Yes, it just looks like you are wearing makeup. If you do not typically wear fairly heavy brow makeup, it may create a more dramatic contrast. If you value the most natural result possible and do not want your microblading to be noticeable, traditional microblading or combo brows may be a better fit for you. Ultimately, during a consultation, your artist will use the scientific and artistic concept of the golden ratio to complement your facial symmetry and features. Therefore, if you are looking for the most natural result possible, they can calculate the ideal positioning and shape of your brows using a combination of art and science.

Are There Side Effects?

Immediately after your microblading session finishes, you may experience some side effects during the healing process. Most are mild and resolve within one to two weeks. Among the side effects, some clients experience may include:

  • Scabbing
  • Swelling
  • Bruising (rare and usually mild if it occurs)
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Soreness
  • Itchiness

Can Powder Brows Help Brow Alopecia?

Yes, though it depends on the cause. If eyebrow alopecia is caused by a medication or medical condition until that medication is discontinued, or the condition adequately treated, microblading will likely not have a major effect on hair growth in the area. However, if the alopecia is genetic or not caused by an underlying condition, powder brows can help promote a collagen response in the small hair follicles and this can repair them and promote new hair growth.

On a more basic level, microblading and powder brows can help cover hair loss. Whether it be a scar running through the eyebrow, gaps due to aging, or larger loss due to alopecia, microblading is a great option for people wanting to address these concerns. Like an artist will change their brushstrokes depending on the canvas, your brow artist will change their technique or approach given the texture and anatomy of your brows and surrounding skin.

How Much Are Ombré Brows In Bellevue?

The cost of powder brows starts at $450. This accounts for your initial session and follow-up. Subsequent touch-ups will be an additional charge. Northwest Face & Body does work with outside financing companies including Care Credit to help make your ombré brows fit your budget. You can also find more information about pricing on our price list.

The Best Bellevue & Kirkland Powder Brows At Northwest Face & Body

The microblading artists at Northwest Face & Body have years of experience in performing various microblading techniques. With a careful and gentle approach, they prioritize patient comfort and results. Understanding each individual patient will have varying goals and anatomy, they customize each powder brows treatment to fit their unique needs. They have a unique brand of brow artistry that allows them to cater each treatment to the individual. Northwest Face & Body provides the best powder brows Bellevue and Kirkland offer.

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