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Procedure Time
30 mins

Recovery Time
24 hrs


A person’s facial appearance dictates much of their life. It influences how they feel about themselves, expresses their emotions, and impacts how others perceive them. Therefore, it is no wonder that people are often overly critical of their faces or worried about changes due to aging, injury, or other factors. Some may decide to undergo cosmetic procedures and enhancements to alter their facial appearance. Among the most common are cosmetic injections such as dermal fillers. While the majority of fillers address only mild signs of aging, others can enhance more pronounced tissue loss. An example is Radiesse. Northwest Face & Body provides the best Radiesse Bellevue and Kirkland have to offer.

Overview: Radiesse And Its Uses‍

Radiesse belongs to a category of dermal fillers known as semi-permanent fillers. While the fillers themselves are not permanent, they often do leave behind lasting (sometimes permanent) enhancements in the treated area. On average, the filler tends to last longer than other hyaluronic acid fillers. However, unlike hyaluronic acid based fillers, Radiesse and semi-permanent fillers cannot be dissolved.

There are several indications for the use of Radiesse. Unless treating severe tissue loss or a similar condition, Radiesse is typically only recommended for experience filler users. This is because it does come with more risk. After all, it cannot be dissolved in the event of an adverse reaction or event. While rare, the patient should understand what dermal fillers can and do achieve.

A few uses of Radiesse include:

  • Plump the cheeks
  • Fill in the nasolabial folds and marionette lines
  • Disguise and fill in deep scars
  • Restore volume on the back of the hands
  • Address fat loss due to autoimmune disease (commonly used to treat patients with HIV)
  • Fill in chin wrinkles
  • Address wrinkles around the lips

One difference between semi-permanent fillers and hyaluronic acid fillers is that most semi-permanent fillers are not safe to use for lip augmentation. There are many reasons for this, but beyond the safety risks, they often make the lips too hard and do not provide natural results. Some providers also advise against using Radiesse under the eyes, though there are times when it may be recommended.‍

The Science Behind Radiesse

Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxylapatite, which is essentially a combination of calcium and phosphate placed in a gel for smooth application. The calcium microspheres stimulate collagen production to add volume. Essentially, Radiesse forces your body to naturally plump the area via the healing process. The amount of collagen produced depends on several factors.

Like other dermal fillers, your body will slowly metabolize the filler. However, instead of the results going away, you may notice that the treatment area remains somewhat enhanced. Though, you may still need subsequent injections occasionally to achieve the desired anti-aging results.‍


Radiesse injections come with many benefits and advantages. Your injector will discuss these with you during your consultation. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Restoration of lost facial volume
  • Contour the jaw, cheeks, or chin
  • Disguise the signs of aging
  • Fill in acne scars and other scars
  • Induces and increases collagen production
  • Requires fewer touch-ups than other fillers
  • Injections take around fifteen to thirty minutes
  • Lower risk of surgery
  • Often lasts more than a year
  • Little to no downtime

Before & After Radiesse Injections


Before undergoing Radiesse injections in Bellevue, you will meet with a master injector at Northwest Face & Body. At this appointment, they will want to know about your desired results, relevant medical history, and aspects of your lifestyle. They may also briefly examine the treatment areas to determine if Radiesse is the right option for you.

Your master injection will then present all of your options and together you will determine if Radiesse is the right choice for your needs. At this point, they will describe the results you can expect and the basics of the treatment and aftercare.

Injection Technique

Before performing your injections, they will use alcohol to disinfect the injection sites. They will also offer and apply topical numbing cream. This will set for about ten to twenty minutes and during this time your injector will prepare the syringes of Radiesse.

Once adequately numb, your injector will begin injecting. Radiesse requires precision and tends to treat larger areas. Therefore, it can take longer to inject than hyaluronic acid fillers. For most patients, the injections themselves do not take longer than about twenty minutes.

Your injector may massage the areas to move the Radiesse into the proper positioning and help it settle. Following this, the injections themselves are complete. You will be given aftercare instructions and monitored for a few minutes before you return to your day.


Patients are free to return to work after their injections. Though, you should refrain from strenuous or unnecessary exercise for the first 24 to 48 hours. This will help prevent swelling and allow the filler to settle optimally. Beyond this, your injector may give you instructions like:

  • Avoid alcohol for a day or two
  • Refrain from touching the area
  • Stay out of the sun
  • Do not apply makeup or skincare for 24 hours
  • Know what side effects to expect
  • Do not take ibuprofen, replace it with Tylenol if needed

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Radiesse Last?

Radiesse lasts for about one year. In certain areas or patients, it can last up to 18 months. The results can be maintained with maintenance injections. Additionally, because Radiesse stimulates collagen production, it may activate some permanent results.

Movement, your biology, the treatment area, and several other factors all influence how long Radiesse lasts. You can promote longer lasting results, but there is no guaranteed way to make Radiesse or any dermal filler last longer. Some tips for promoting the longest lasting results include:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat well
  • Implement a good skincare routine
  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce stress
  • Avoid overexercising, but still take part in a healthy amount of exercise

Is It Reversible?

Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, Radiesse is not reversible. Therefore, Radiesse is generally only recommended for those with experience with fillers, or those with specific concerns that Radiesse is ideal for. Also, this is why seeking a qualified provider is vital when interested in Bellevue Radiesse.

Does Radiesse Look Natural?

Radiesse is designed to mimic your natural bone structure. After about two weeks, the filler should settle into a natural looking and feeling position. In addition, like Sculptra, Radiesse promotes collagen production which also creates organic volume that is completely natural.

Even after your Radiesse wears off, this natural volume often stays behind. Repeat Radiesse treatments can increase the amount of natural volume created to improve the look of the treatment area. That said, overall, Radiesse is not permanent.

Can Radiesse Cause Lumps?

Most dermal fillers have the ability and potential to create lumps. Most of the time, lumps soften out over the weeks following treatment and generally do not cause major issues. However, if you develop a nodule, your master injector can help you treat it. It should be noted that nodule formation is rare.

The first line of defense is prevention. Your master injector will likely not use Radiesse in areas where the skin is particularly thin, such as the under eyes. If you have thin skin otherwise, they may recommend an alternative filler or only treat strategic areas.

If a nodule develops, possible treatment can include:

  • Massage
  • Laser treatments
  • Steroid injections
  • Injections of hyaluronic acid fillers (in rare cases this can smooth the area)
  • Surgical excision (an absolute last resort not normally necessary)

How Much Does Radiesse Cost?

The exact cost of Radiesse injections will vary depending on the provider, the number of syringes you need, and other factors of treatment. The starting cost for one syringe with a master injector is $800.

Northwest Face & Body does work with outside financing companies including Care Credit to make Radiesse injections in Kirkland fit your budget. You can find more information about financing options, links to apply, and full pricing information on our price list.

The Gold Standard Of Radiesse Injections In Bellevue & Kirkland

The master injectors at Northwest Face & Body are a team of experienced experts with a diverse range of experience, backgrounds, and expertise. Understanding the aesthetics of the face and the science behind medicine, they bring them together to offer the best Radiesse Bellevue and Kirkland provide.

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