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Breast Augmentation: Saline

Throughout history, women have tried many methods to enlarge their breasts. From wearing tailored clothing to paraffin wax injections to sponges, breast augmentation has come a long way. The 1960s brought the creation of the first modern breast implant and since then the procedure is consistently one of the most popular among women. Saline breast implants have been used regularly since the 1980s and remain a popular choice for women seeking breast augmentation. Northwest Face & Body performs the best saline breast augmentation Bellevue and Kirkland offers.

What Is Saline Breast Augmentation?

Saline breast augmentation is the enlargement of the breasts using saline breast implants. Saline breast implants are a type of breast implant that features a silicone shell that is then filled with sterile saline during surgery. This provides a significant surgical advantage that allows the implant to be inserted through a smaller incision. It also offers more incision location options.

Breast augmentation increases breast size but may also enhance the shape of the breasts, treat deformities, or reconstruct the breasts. Saline breast implants can achieve all of these goals and are FDA approved for implantation in patients 18 or over.


Advantages Of Saline Breast Implants

Enhancing the breasts can offer many physical and mental benefits to patients. Saline breast implants also provide many advantages to Bellevue breast augmentation patients. Among some of the benefits and advantages of saline implants include:

  • Smaller incision
  • Compatible with every breast augmentation surgical technique
  • Size adjustable after implantation (to a limited extent)
  • Available to patients under 22
  • Rupture or leaks evident soon after the occurrence (although rupture is rare)
  • May work well for patients who have a significant amount of breast tissue already
  • Firmer feel
  • Saline poses little to no risk to the body
  • May offer a slightly rounder shape than some silicone implants

Many women who choose saline breast implants do so to accommodate a specific technique, limit the incision, or for the assurance that rupture would be rapidly visible. Some patients believe that saline implants provide a less natural look or feel than silicone implants. This mainly comes down to preference and each breast implant type can create natural looking and feeling results.

Types Of Breast Augmentation

Northwest Face & Body offers many options for your breast augmentation surgery in Bellevue. The most popular type of breast augmentation uses breast implants to create a larger, shapelier breast. Our talented Bellevue plastic surgeons also offer breast augmentation options that do not use traditional breast implants.

Only a consultation at Northwest Face & Body where your plastic surgeon can evaluate your goals and anatomy can determine if you are a good fit for your preferred breast augmentation method. Your plastic surgeon will also discuss the options you have and the one which will best meet your goals.


As discussed, saline breast augmentation uses saline breast implants to produce larger breasts. Unlike silicone breast implants, saline breast implants come empty and filled as part of a Bellevue breast augmentation surgery.


Silicone breast augmentation uses a pre-filled breast implant to augment the breasts. Compared to saline breast implants, this kind of breast implant is filled with silicone gel that some women prefer.

Gummy Bear:

Gummy bear breast implants are a type of silicone implant that contains a firmer, more cohesive silicone gel. This cohesive gel is designed to stick to itself and hold its shape which may reduce the risk of rupture and other possible complications. It is among the newest generation of silicone breast implants.

Fat Transfer:

Fat transfer to the breasts is a breast augmentation method that does not require the use of a traditional breast implant. While this surgery does not offer the same dramatic results that implants can, it is a good option for women who are not candidates for breast implants or who only want a mild increase in breast size.

Bellevue Saline Breast Augmentation Timeline

The journey to breast augmentation surgery in Bellevue can take months or years to come to fruition. In this time you may spend many hours researching, attending multiple consultations, and decide on the breast implant you want. At Northwest Face & Body, we aim to provide a comfortable and seamless experience for your saline breast augmentation in Bellevue.

Consultation With A Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

At a consultation with a plastic surgeon at Northwest Face & Body, they will first want to understand your goals and expectations. Every patient has different goals for their body and knowing what you want will allow them to make the best recommendations. Your Bellevue plastic surgeon will likely ask about medical history and lifestyle that could impact surgery.

Next, they may physically examine your breasts and chest area. This examination can help them determine if you are a good candidate for your desired incision and breast augmentation technique. It may also lead them to recommend a specific breast implant type.

After this, your plastic surgeon will use Vectra 3D imaging to scan your body and create a 3D recreation. This takes seconds and does not add time to your consultation. They can show you how your desired implant will enhance your features. Your plastic surgeon can then cycle through various options and sizes. This lets you choose the best breast implant and size to meet your goals.

Once you choose the saline breast implants that suit you, you will receive a custom price quote and more information. At this point, you can decide whether or not to proceed with Bellevue saline breast augmentation.

Saline Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you choose saline breast augmentation at Northwest Face & Body, you will attend a pre-operative appointment before surgery. At this appointment, you will receive instructions for the weeks and days leading up to surgery, as well as the day of surgery.

On surgery day, you will come to our Medicare-certified facility in Kirkland. Your plastic surgeon will make pre-operative marks and discuss the surgery with you. Following preparation, a licensed anesthesia provider will place you under general anesthesia.

Most saline breast augmentation surgeries do not take more than two hours to complete. If you are undergoing another procedure at the same time, like a breast lift, surgical time may increase. Your Kirkland plastic surgeon will begin by making an incision in the pre-determined location. Breast augmentation incision locations include the inframammary fold, areola, armpit, and belly button.

Through this incision, your plastic surgeon will create a pocket of space either below or above the pectoralis muscle. They will then insert and fill the saline breast implant. Once filled to meet your goals, your plastic surgeon will carefully close the incisions using techniques to minimize future scarring.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Waking up from surgery, you will rest comfortably until you are awake from general anesthesia and cleared to go home. Your caregiver will then take you home where you can spend the rest of your recovery.

Your Kirkland plastic surgeon’s instructions may vary depending on your specific procedure and healing process. However, general saline breast augmentation instructions often include:

  • Refraining from exercise for at least two weeks and lifting over ten pounds for six weeks or more
  • Take medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon
  • Get up and walk every few hours to promote good circulation
  • Avoid NSAID painkillers like ibuprofen and Aspirin as they can worsen or prolong bruising
  • Know that some side effects like pain, bruising, swelling, discomfort, and redness are normal and should subside with time
  • Attend post-operative appointments
  • Massage as instructed by your plastic surgeon

Your plastic surgeon and Northwest Face & Body are happy to answer any questions you may have during recovery. At post-operative appointments, your plastic surgeon in Kirkland can also more accurately gauge your healing. This allows them to clear you for work and activities as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saline Breast Augmentation

Should I Put My Breast Implants Over Or Under The Muscle?

Today, a good majority of breast implants–both saline and silicone–are placed under the muscle. This involves lifting the pectoralis muscle and partially covering the breast implant. Placing breast implants in this position does increase recovery time. However, under the chest muscle breast implant placement has been shown to decrease the risk of many breast implant complications like capsular contracture, rupture, and rippling. This reduces the possibility of implant removal in the future.

Ultimately, the decision to place your implant above or below the muscle is up to you. Many women believe that under the muscle placement results in more natural results, especially with saline implants which are more prone to wrinkling when placed above the muscle. Overall, the under muscle placement is largely preferred by plastic surgeons and patients.

What Happens If A Saline Breast Implant Breaks?

While breast implant leaking and ruptures are relatively rare, what happens if a saline breast implant breaks? One of the major advantages of saline breast implants is that they will simply deflate. The saline filling poses little to no risk to the body and is absorbed naturally. This will cause the breast to change in size and shape. Normally, there are no major medical risks at this point.

In the event this occurs, your plastic surgeon can remove the breast implant and replace it. There may be some cases where it is possible to repair a saline breast implant, but almost always your Kirkland plastic surgeon will recommend replacing one or both breast implants.

Is Breast Augmentation Painful?

Breast augmentation is a major surgery. This means it comes with some post-operative pain. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication to manage this and most patients switch to over-the-counter options in about three to four days. If unmanageable pain lasts more than a week, you should discuss it with your plastic surgeon.

Are Saline Breast Implants Safe?

The FDA approved saline breast implants and has never removed them from the market. They are largely considered a safe option for breast augmentation surgery.

What Is The Average Cost Of Breast Augmentation?

The cost of breast augmentation in Kirkland varies based on breast implant choice and the specifics of the surgery. To get a starting price for your saline breast augmentation, use our Price Simulator™ app. Price Simulator™ will allow you to explore the breast augmentation options at Northwest Face & Body and receive a good idea of the cost of breast augmentation.

The Best Saline Breast Augmentation Bellevue And Kirkland Offers At Northwest Face & Body

Northwest Face & Body has served the Bellevue and Kirkland areas since 1983. Providing the gold standard in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, our Bellevue and Kirkland plastic surgeons are breast surgery experts. With decades of combined experience and hundreds of surgeries performed every year, we offer the best breast augmentation in Bellevue and Kirkland.

Located conveniently in Kirkland, minutes away from downtown Kirkland and Bellevue, Northwest Face & Body is accessible from both major Eastside cities. To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-576-1700. You can also contact us online via the contact form or Price Simulator™.