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Recovery Time

2 to 3 weeks

Tummy Tuck Revision Bellevue & Kirkland

Needing revision surgery following plastic surgery can be disheartening and stressful, especially if you do not want to, cannot, or do not feel comfortable returning to your original surgeon. At Northwest Face & Body, Dr. Ludwig Allegra can see patients who have had previously botched results and create a personalized treatment plan to correct it. Some of the revisions Dr. Allegra can perform include facelift revisions, breast revisions, and tummy tuck revisions. Northwest Face & Body offers the best tummy tuck revision Bellevue and Kirkland provide.

Overview: Abdominoplasty Surgery

An abdominoplasty surgery carries two main goals. The first is to remove excess skin and tissue from the abdomen. The second is to correct a condition called diastasis recti that is present in many tummy tuck patients. This is the separation of the abdominal muscles often due to pregnancy. While these goals are usually achieved and patients enjoy their results for years to come, unfortunately sometimes complications or poor results happen.

The causes of a botched tummy tuck result or a complication can range from surgeon inexperience to not following aftercare practices to simply bad luck. If you do not already know the cause of your botched tummy tuck, Dr. Allegra may ask you questions to help determine the cause. This can impact his recommended treatment plan.


Unless there is a major complication, patients usually do not need to undergo a tummy tuck revision. It is purely elective surgery. However, it is also a procedure that comes with a high satisfaction rate from patients all around the world. Choosing to seek out revision tummy tuck surgery is a very personal decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Though, it does also offer a suite of benefits for patients. Some of these benefits can include:

  • Improve previous results
  • Correct lumps and bumps
  • Remove additional skin and fat
  • Reposition, reshape, or resize the belly button
  • Fix separated abdominal muscles
  • Promote a flatter, more toned abdomen
  • Reduced recovery time (in some, but not all, cases)
  • Move the scar to a preferred location below the panty line

Possible Reasons For A Tummy Tuck Revision

As mentioned earlier, there are several possible reasons why a patient wants to or needs to undergo a tummy tuck revision. Every patient will likely have a different reason or situation. This makes a tummy tuck revision—and any revisional surgery in general—much more specialized. It requires a skilled and knowledgeable surgeon, if not the original surgeon who performed the tummy tuck.

Below are some of the possible reasons for a tummy tuck revision and what the surgery may look like to address them.

Dog Ear Corrections

“Dog ears” are a way to refer to a surgical complication where skin bulges over the incision, usually towards the ends of the incision, on either side. This is what gives it the “dog ear” name. This complication is not only seen in tummy tuck surgery, but can also occur due to other procedures such as arm lifts, breast reductions, and FTM top surgery.

A dog ear forms due to inadequate skin removal. Thus, Dr. Allegra will need to remove more skin to resolve the dog ears. This often means extending the original incision. In the most severe cases, Dr. Allegra may opt to completely reperform the tummy tuck and/or turn it into an extended abdominoplasty.

Belly Button Revision

During a standard tummy tuck, the belly button is repositioned higher on the abdomen to better match the patient’s new body contours. However, making the belly button look natural is not a skill every surgeon possesses. Additionally, there are cases where the belly button simply does not heal properly. It is possible for the belly button to be misshapen, too big or small, or positioned incorrectly.

Often, Dr. Allegra does not need to fully redo a tummy tuck to fix this. In many cases, it can be addressed via an in-office, local anesthesia procedure. Occasionally, it may require a small surgery. Rarely does this ever necessitate a major surgical revision.

Failure Of Muscle Repair

Muscle repair—or muscle plication—involves stitching the abdominal muscles back together. The sutures serve as the fibers between abdominal muscles that have become loosened due to diastasis recti. This procedure rarely fails, but it can become undone due to pregnancy or extreme weight gain. Usually, to repair the muscles, Dr. Allegra will reperform the tummy tuck altogether. Not only is this necessary to surgically address the muscles, but in these cases, the skin has often become stretched again.

Scar Revision

Scars may occasionally heal poorly. Whether this means it healed thickly or was simply misplaced by the surgeon, it is possible to surgically address the skin with a scar revision surgery. Depending on the issue, there are a few surgical techniques. To fix a thick scar, Dr. Allegra will cut out the previous tummy tuck scar and use specialized suturing techniques that minimize external scarring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Tummy Tuck Revision Consist Of?

A tummy tuck revision surgery is largely a customized procedure. It can entirely different for two patients. Some of the possible surgical techniques or procedures that could be included in a tummy tuck revision include:

After a consultation at Northwest Face & Body, Dr. Allegra will put together a personalized treatment plan for your revision tummy tuck surgery.

How Common Is It To Have Muscles Become Separated After A Tummy Tuck?

Without outside factors such as pregnancy or major weight gain, it is exceptionally rare for muscle plication to fail. It is possible, but rarely seen when the original procedure was performed correctly.

What Are Limitations After Tummy Tuck Revision?

The recovery of a tummy tuck revision will vary based on the specifics of your procedure. However, it does often look like your original tummy tuck. Though, many patients find it shorter and easier since they often underwent less invasive and shorter surgery. Some of the possible limitations after an abdominoplasty revision include:

  • No strenuous activity for at least two to three weeks
  • Avoid heavy lifting for six to eight weeks
  • Take time off work (often one to two weeks)
  • Wear compression garments if necessary
  • Avoid getting incisions wet
  • Do not massage or touch the area unnecessarily
  • Do not smoke
  • Limit alcohol consumption

How Do I Maintain My Figure After A Tummy Tuck?

The way you prepare for your tummy tuck is imperative for maintaining your figure after a tummy tuck. First, if you are working on losing weight, you should wait until you are within about ten to fifteen pounds of your goal weight. Second, do not seek a tummy tuck until you no longer want to have any children. Future pregnancies are a sure way to ruin tummy tuck results. Finally, consult with a qualified surgeon to ensure that you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck.

Beyond these initial preparations, after your tummy tuck, there are ways to promote long lasting results. Some of these include:

  • Maintain a stable weight
  • Eat a healthy, varied diet
  • Stay hydrated
  • Exercise regularly
  • Make sure not to put too much stress or tension on your incision until fully healed
  • Follow your post-operative instructions
  • Continue to manage any medical conditions you may have

What Does A Tummy Tuck Revision Cost?

The cost range for a tummy tuck revision is wider than most other plastic surgeries. This is because the exact procedure performed depends on the individual patient. You will pay more when consulting with a surgeon other than the original one that performed your tummy tuck. However, if it is only a minor revision such as a belly button revision or scar revision, the cost will likely be less than the original surgery. To get a full understanding of the cost of a tummy tuck revision, we recommend scheduling a consultation where you will receive a price quote after an examination.

Insurance normally will not cover a tummy tuck revision, even if they covered the first one. Also, Northwest Face & Body does not work with insurance when it comes to tummy tuck surgery. We do work with outside financing companies such as Care Credit to help you find affordable financing for your surgery.

You can also use our tools including the price list and Price Simulator app to get a rough idea of what your revision may cost based on what you believe you may need.

The Best Tummy Tuck Revision Surgery By Dr. Ludwig Allegra

Northwest Face & Body is a top-rated plastic surgery practice in Kirkland, Washington. Having served the Eastside for over three decades, it is conveniently located minutes away from downtown Bellevue and Kirkland. Our Medicare-certified surgical center meets the highest standards and takes advantage of the newest technology. Northwest Face & Body’s facility allows them to provide the best tummy tuck revision Bellevue and Kirkland offer.

Dr. Ludwig Allegra is a board-certified surgeon who bridges the gap between aesthetics and medicine. Not only is Dr. Allegra a talented and capable surgeon, but he also has a deep understanding of bodily aesthetics and symmetry. He utilizes this knowledge and skill as one of the best Bellevue plastic surgeons.

To schedule a consultation at Northwest Face & Body, call us at 425-576-1700. You can also connect with us online via our contact page, Price Simulator, or chat.