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Say Goodbye to Lax Skin with ThermiTight®

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

July 14, 2023

Many of our patients here at Northwest Face & Body come to us with complaints about loose, lax, and sagging skin. Until we introduced ThermiTight® to our practice, the only way to achieve truly tighter and more lifted skin was through surgical procedures like a facelift. Fortunately, with ThermiTight, we are able to help our patients tighten, smooth, and sculpt the skin—all in a minimally invasive fashion.

ThermiTight Stimulates Collagen to Tighten Skin

Collagen is responsible for keeping our skin looking youthful. Sadly, our skin produces less and less collagen beginning as early as in our 20s. As the levels of collagen within our skin starts to dwindle—and, without the natural production of more—our skin quickly loses volume. With less collagen and thus less volume to keep it supple, the skin becomes lax and starts to sag. ThermiTight takes advantage of selective radio frequency energy to promote the skin’s natural production of collagen. Thus making the skin in the treatment area tighter and more supple.

ThermiTight Targets Tightening Deep Within the Skin

ThermiTight is unique in that it actually goes under the skin to better reach the targeted area. ThermiTight takes advantage of a small cannula that is gently placed just below the skin’s surface. Once inserted, ThermiTight is able to melt fat, tighten the sub-cutaneous tissue, and also tighten skin to give lift and shape to the treated area.

ThermiTight Is a Short & Minimally Invasive Treatment

With ThermiTight, we have seen surgery-like results without the downtime, expense, and potential risks of more invasive surgical procedures. Patients have enjoyed skin tightening all over the body, including:

  • Face and neck
  • Abdomen and stomach
  • Arms
  • Thighs and around the knees

Remarkably, ThermiTight offers stellar results after only a single treatment! While you are likely to notice some improvement immediate following ThermiTight, more noticeable results are typically seen over the next six weeks. As more and more collagen is produced, it is not rare for some men and women to continue to see improvement for the next six to twelve months.It is important to note that results with ThermiTight depend much on the technique of the practitioner, and thus, it is important to find a provider that is both familiar and experienced with this minimally invasive treatment.

ThermiTight at NW Face & Body

Say goodbye to lax skin and hello to tighter and smoother skin when you schedule your ThermiTight consultation at NW Face & Body.


Dr. Ludwig Allegra

Dr. Ludwig Allegra has provided Bellevue, Kirkland, and the surrounding areas with premier plastic surgery procedures for over two decades.